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    Klipsch Earbuds and Headphones

    Klipsch Earbuds
    Hear more of your music with these Klipsch in-ear headphones. Each is designed to be light and comfortable, while putting high-end audio right in your ear. Browse our selection of Klipsch earbuds here.
    Klipsch on-ear headphones are among the best in the industry. Engineered to be lightweight, isolating, and produce breath-taking audio, these over-ear headphones are just what you need to lose yourself in the music.

    Klipsch Information

    Klipsch was founded in 1946 and was one of the first loudspeaker companies in the United States. Founder Paul W. Klipsch had a vision of bringing live orchestra music to the everyday household. He accomplished this vision by manufacturing the Klipschorn, a fully horn loaded design. This technology established industry standards for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, smooth frequency response and powerful bass and is still being manufactured to this day. From that point on Klipsch became one of the top leading companies in the Home Audio industry, while still garnishing some prestige by becoming the official loudspeaker of the Hard Rock Café. Klipsch has also had a hand in producing products for large cinema chains such as Regal Cinemas, and Harkins Theatres. For the better part of 60 years Klipsch has been developing and excelling in the fields of home audio, professional cinema sound, commercial sound, and personal audio to name a few. Paul Klipsch believed in, high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity, and flat frequency response as the four principles to a good foundation of sound production. These four principles can be seen on every single product that comes out of Klipsch. Everything from their high-end Palladium Home Audio Series, to their Image Series in Personal Audio.

    Klipsch’s Image Series in personal audio was launched in 2007 and is recognized for being the lightest and smallest in-ear headphone design in the world. Two years later Klipsch expands their Image Series by introducing the Image S4 Series deemed the “recession proof” headphones. This series becomes the most successful product lunch in the history of the company. Later that year Image S4i is introduced as the first third-party headphones that offer full control of Apples products such as, iPhone 3GS, iPod and iPod touch. This series is awarded an Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine. Klipsch’s Image Series headphones, ranging from their entry level Image S2 to their high-end Image X10, provide and unsurpassed and unmatched sound production that is not found in your everyday headphones. They offer extreme comfort and with their unique angled nozzle design they also offer a tight fit for proper in-ear alignment and enhanced isolation of ambient noise. Image Series headphones follow the four principles of the company for great sound production, making them a true Klipsch product.

    When looking to take your listening options to the next level, Klipsch are one of the most trusted and established companies in the world. Klipsch will have you covered in any possible scenario you can think of. Whether it be, bookshelf speakers, home theater systems, architectural speakers, or personal audio. Klipsch products will produce high quality, high definition and clarity that will not fade with time or use.

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