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    Fanny Wang

    Fanny Wang Headphones
    Fanny Wang on-ear headphones offer professional sound reproduction, detailed mids and highs, and deep rich bass. Find the headphone suited for your lifestyle.

    Fanny Wang Information

    Fanny Wang encompasses the merging of fashion and technology in the personal audio world. They were founded under the principles of providing a product with high sound quality and trend setting aesthetics. The Fanny Wang Headphone Company has taken the idea of making headphones fashionable and elevated it to the next level by providing a product that is able to compete with high-end brands at a fraction of the cost. Fanny Wang is headed by a set of engineers, designers and marketing personnel that more than 60 years of experience. These guys are not only masters of their art but also music enthusiasts that know what a great pair of headphones should sound like.

    On-Ear Wangs are the trade mark product of the Fanny Wang Headphone Company. These premium on-ear phones provide a natural sounding bass with clean and clear mids and highs. The headphones feature 40mm titanium-plated drivers for crisp and balanced sound, along with a Duo Jack in-line cable splitter making music sharing easy and convenient. Its tri-fold design makes them easy to store and put away when on the go. True to the Fanny Wang principle, these headphone feature a sleek and astonishing look that make them stand out from the standard on-ear headphones. The classy and modern look makes them an accessory to your listening device, as well as a statement of your personal lifestyle and fashion. Comfortable ear cups and a sturdy design make these headphones a must have for any music enthusiast.

    Wang Shells are a protective cell phone case for the iPhone 4 that are not only durable but also fashionable. Wang Shells come in the same stylish design that is seen on Fanny Wang headphones, making them a perfect accessory to match with your pair of On-Ear Wangs. Made with a light polycarbonate body as to not add any additional weight, these cases feature access to all ports and are compatible with both AT&T and Verizon models. With a sleek, slim and form-fitting design, these Wang Shells are the perfect match for cell phone protection.

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