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Able Planet Over-Ear Headphones
Appreciate each nuanced element of your track with the detailed fidelity of Able Planet's professional headphones. Able Planet delivers an enriched and immaculately defined range of sound, full of dimension and body.
Maintaining the distinguished boldness of the Able Planet sound, on-ear headphones add portability and deliver clear, acute sound quality. Able Planet on-ear headphones ensure exclusive audio and mobility.
For a sound divorced from the clamour of the world, Able Planet's noise canceling headphones offer refuge. Designed to isolate sound, Able Planet noise canceling headphones are an immersing listening experience.

Able Planet Information

Able Planet, Inc. designs and manufactures award winning headphones that enhance sound quality, clarity and speech intelligibility for all people. Over the past 6 years, Able Planet has won over 30 prestigious awards including 27 International Consumer Electronics Awards. During this time, Able Planet has distinguished itself from the crowded field of noise cancelling headphones through its patented technology, LINX Audio. All Able Planet products feature and are embedded with LINX Audio. Able Planet offers products at various price points for every audience. The product line up consists of three series; Clear Harmony, Sound Clarity and True Fidelity

LINX Audio is Able Planet's patented technology and is an award winner that enhances sound quality & speech clarity, filters undesirable sound, and reduces distortion. The technology creates high frequency harmonics which enhance sound quality and speech clarity. This is ideal when listening to music as this increases the perception of loudness without increasing the volume, which may lead individuals to Turn it Down™ to preserve hearing. It creates a live sound experience, as if you were in the crowd of your favorite band performing live!

At Able Planet, every employee believes "i am able" to change the world, and we are! Able Planet's "i am able" campaign focuses on motivating people to lead more active lifestyles. From young ages, kids with hearing impairments are removed from activities that take place in difficult listening environments, primarily because others are unable to find a way to help them participate. The beautiful thing about kids is that they will fight to stay in the game. Unfortunately, as people get older, the struggle to hear in challenging environments often overcomes the fight, and then, they take themselves out. We believe and strive to push the message that regardless of a handicap, disability or simply age, don't hold back; you are able to live an active, healthy life.

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