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Westone In Ear Headphones
Westone's in-ear headphones deliver high fidelity music into the ears of music lovers. Hear what you've been missing and check out some quality ear buds here!

Westone Headphones & Earbuds Information

Since 1959, Westone has been a leading manufacturer of consumer and industrial hearing solutions. The company was founded by Ron Morgan, Sr. in a cabin located in Divine, Colorado. Since the time of its establishment the company has gradually grown into an industry leader of universal and custom fit in-ear products. Westone has pioneered many of the practices and technologies that are used today for the hearing impaired. They got their start in music years ago when they developed the E1 and E5 monitors for Shure, another manufacturer of high-grade audio equipment. From then on they pioneered the development of in-ear monitors for professional musicians and audiophiles.

Westone ear buds are not only popular amongst the professionals; they have in-ear headphones that are designed for the average consumer as well. The company has developed a reputation for creating high quality products that are sure to meet any consumer's audio needs. The Westone series ear buds are designed for music enthusiasts, while the UM series in-ear headphone line offers something for any type of listener. All Westone products boast unique features that separate them from the other brands, making their headphones superior to the others.

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