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Nuforce Audio is continuously pushing the advancement of mobile and home audio. The Optoma NuForce sound range is designed for people that care about and love audio. They are built from premium quality components to deliver a sleek design and exceptional sound.

As one of the pioneers of class-D amplifiers, NuForce has won numerous awards for their innovative designs and great sounding products including The Absolute Sound Golden Ear, Product of the Year Awards and has received over 100 accolades from around the world. NuForce was also the world´s first manufacturer to introduce portable DACs with a headphone amplifier – the original uDAC, and they have continually perfected this technology with their new uDAC3 and uDAC5. They were also the World´s first manufacturer to launch audiophile quality desktop DACs and headphone amplifiers – The Icon series.

Continuing with their great success, NuForce has introduced the all-new Hi-Res Audio certified HEM Series earphones. Not only are they an innovative audio series with cutting-edge designs, they sound amazing. The four models are all engineered based on the latest Balanced Armature Driver technology and on the attention to the finest details. These luxury high-quality earphones are perfect for those who demand balanced sound with crystal clear highs and explosive bass. Here at Sonic Electronix we are truly proud to offer their full line of audio products.

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Hi-Res In-Ear Headphones w/ Single Balanced Armature Drivers

• Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (1 per each ear)
• Acoustically calculated and vibration free Lexan earpiece
• NuForce Linear-Phase crossover
• Two replaceable cables
• Comply Soft Foam Ear Tips
• Cables are 20% silver-plated OFC copper conductors
• Impedance: 26 Ohms



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