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    Lanzar Audio

    Lanzar Subwoofers
    Bass is essential in an audio system, and nothing delivers more punch for the price than a Lanzar car subwoofer. Click here to add depth to your music and rattle your windows!
    Power up your audio system with a Lanzar car audio amplifier! These powerhouses are available in sizes and channel configurations to suit any system!
    Thousands of consumers rely on Lanzar car audio speakers to deliver consistently clear and accurate acoustic performance. Click here to browse our complete selection!
    Lanzar Marine Audio
    Enjoy your favorite tunes out on the water with Lanzar marine audio gear. These subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers and more are designed to readily withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

    Lanzar Audio Information

    For decades, Lanzar has made a statement in the car audio industry through a diverse and celebrated product catalogue. The powerhouse OptiDrive amplifiers have been perennial favorites of the db Drag & SPL competition circuit for their tremendous output and reliable performance. These monsters range from 400 watts RMS to well over 7000 watts! For the everyday car audio enthusiast, Lanzar offers a wide range of gear to suit any application or budget. Whether you're in the market for new car speakers, car audio amplifiers, or car subwoofers, Lanzar is sure to have the perfect component for you, along with the installation accessories to get it running!

    In addition to great success in car audio, Lanzar is also a leading manufacturer of marine audio gear. Subwoofers aren't just for dry land – nothing completes a day out on the lake quite like enjoying a great audio system. These products are built to withstand the harsh outdoor environment, including resistance to moisture, UV, dirt, and more!