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Boston Acoustics Car Amps
Find the amplifier that is perfect for your car audio system. Here you can browse our selection of monoblock and multi-channel Boston Acoustic car amplifiers.
Upgrade your car audio system with a pair of Boston Acoustic speakers and experience a whole new level of sound quality. Click here to find the speaker sizes that are right for your car.
No car audio system is complete without a subwoofer. Here you will find our large selection of Boston Acoustic car subwoofers, available in a variety of different sizes.
Boston Acoustics Enclosed Subwoofers
To get the best bass, the enclosure is just as important as the car subwoofer. Boston Acoustics' enclosed subwoofer systems are designed for optimal acoustic performance.
From recone kits to bass knobs, here you will find everything you need to complete your Boston Acoustic car audio installation.

Boston Acoustics Information

For over 25 years, Boston Acoustics has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing legendary sound equipment. From the standard home speaker to car amplifiers, Boston strives for acoustic perfection. Since the company was founded in 1979, they have received countless awards for their revolutionary technologies. In 1989, they were the first company to successfully integrate a neodymium magnet on a tweeter. A few years later, in 1997, they patented the RadialVent cooling system. Separate and dockable tweeters came in 2003. These are just a few of the award winning technologies that the audio engineers at Boston Acoustics are developing. With each new series of products that are released, Boston pushes the industry to the next level.

All Boston Acoustics products are designed and engineered in house. They set strict quality control guidelines to ensure only the highest quality of products are shipped. All of their speakers, drivers, crossovers, tweeters, woofers, and components have specific quality standards set for them. In fact, each woofer, tweeter, subwoofer, and midrange is tested to +/- 0.5dB. This standard is much stricter than the industry standard of +/- 3dB. Meticulous attention to detail is what sets Boston Acoustics apart from the rest and has made Boston famous.

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