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Radar & Laser Jammers

Jammers, shifters and interceptors detect, block and/or jam lasers from picking up your vehicle information. They are not legal in all 50 states, so please check with your state and local government before purchasing.
The type of display that the radar detector has.

LED Displays: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know through a bright LED display.

LED Icon Indicators: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating icons and symbols.

Text Display: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating text on the display.

This feature specifies if the unit will detect lasers.
Many radar detectors can detect many different bands of signal. This feature designates if the user can select what bands he or she has on or off.
This number indicates the number of bands the radar/laser detector protects against. The term band includes different radars, lasers, and safety signals, among others. The higher the number, the greater the protection.
If there is an optional accessory to the unit that will provide power, it will be listed here.
This feature means that the unit displays that strength of the received signal.
The feature designates if the unit uses voice alerts. Voice alerts will audibly alert the driver of various warnings.
Dark mode is a brightness option. Unless there is an alert, the unit will be completely dark.
The auto mute function will conveniently mute the alert tone when the alert lasts for an extended period of time. This is for the drivers convenience during extended encounters.
If the brightness of the unit can be conveniently adjusted and controlled, it will be listed here.

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