Cerwin-Vega Bass Boosters & Restoration at Sonic Electronix

Cerwin-Vega Bass Boosters & Restoration

Fully control your factory radio with Cerwin Vega bass restoration and expanders.
This is the maximum voltage that the processor is able to output.
If the unit comes with a bass/gain remote you will be able to control the level of your bass from your dashboard. Typically bass remotes also include a 16-20 ft. wire for installation.
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Cerwin-Vega CVM3

Digital Bass Enhancer

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Digital Bass Enhancer

• 2-Channel Preamp Inputs and Outputs
• Built-In Subsonic Filter
• Wired Dash Mount Remote Included
• Small Footprint

Cerwin-Vega CVM3

Digital Bass Enhancer

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Cerwin-Vega Bass Boosters & Restoration Information

Enhance lower frequencies in a car audio system with Cerwin Vega bass restoration processors and expanders. These integrate with your factory or aftermarket radio to give you full control of your bass frequencies. Cerwin Vega knows bass, bass restoration and expanders.
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