Sony 12" Car Subwoofers

Sony 12" car subwoofers will provide your vehicle with the bass and lows that you desire.

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Refers to the diameter of the subwoofer, measured in inches.
This means that the subwoofer/speaker is designed to be installed in areas that do not have a lot of space. Shallow mount subwoofers are typically found under a seat or behind the seat in some trucks.

Shallow mount speakers will typically have a mounting depth of 2" or less, while shallow mount subwoofers will typically have a mounting depth of 3" or less.

Dual voice coil subs have more wiring flexibility than single voice coils subs; however, single voice coil subwoofers provide easier hookup options for wiring multiple subwoofers in parallel or series. You may also run a dual voice coil (DVC) sub in parallel, series, or combination. A quad voice coil has four voice coils and is equal to two dual voice coil subwoofers as far as wiring goes.
The load value (in ohms) that the speakers present to the amplifier per voice coil - the amount of resistance to the current flow. This is a key specification as subs wired in parallel or low impedances can create problems with your amplifier and potentially void all warranties. We encourage you to ask our support department prior to purchase if you do not understand which impedance level will suit your application best.
This is the design of the subwoofer or the opening of the subwoofer enclosure. Each design has it's own benefits, whether it is a square, circle, or oval.

Round/Circle: This is the typical and common subwoofer design. They have a round cone and are a circle in design.

Square: These woofers are able to achieve a greater cone area in a smaller space. Because of the greater surface area, some square subwoofers will be louder than a round subwoofer of the same size.

This is the color of the speaker's or subwoofer's cone.
This is the recommended type of enclosure that the subwoofer should be installed into. Some subwoofers are specially designed for particular enclosures.

Sealed: These enclosures completely enclose the air inside the box. These boxes produce a tight bass.

Ported/Vented: These enclosures have a slot of air to escape from the box. The result is a sound that has more "boom".

Bandpass: These are a combination of both sealed and ported enclosures. They can be very efficient, but require tuning for the best response.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions in Sony 12" Car Subwoofers

12" Car Subwoofers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A 12’‘ car subwoofer is a specialized speaker designed to reproduce low-frequency bass sounds in a car audio system. It measures 12 inches in diameter and is one of the most popular sizes among car audio enthusiasts. The 12’‘ subwoofer offers a balanced combination of deep bass response and overall audio performance, making it suitable for a wide range of music genres. Its larger size allows it to move more air, producing powerful and impactful bass. If you enjoy music genres like hip-hop, EDM, or rock, a 12’‘ subwoofer will enhance your listening experience by adding depth and realism to the low frequencies, creating a more immersive soundstage in your vehicle.
Before purchasing a 12’‘ car subwoofer, it's crucial to ensure that it will fit in your car's available space. The first step is to measure the area where you plan to install the subwoofer. Measure the width, height, and depth of the available space, and compare it with the dimensions of the subwoofer you intend to buy. Keep in mind that some subwoofers require enclosures, so consider the total space required for both the subwoofer and enclosure. Additionally, consider the mounting depth of the subwoofer to ensure it won't interfere with other components in your vehicle. If you're unsure about the compatibility, consult with a car audio professional who can help you find the best 12’‘ subwoofer that fits your car and audio preferences.
Most car audio systems' built-in amplifiers are not powerful enough to properly drive a 12’‘ car subwoofer. Subwoofers typically require more power to produce deep and impactful bass. For a 12’‘ subwoofer, you will need a dedicated external amplifier that can deliver sufficient power to the subwoofer for optimal performance. The power rating of the subwoofer, measured in watts RMS, will give you an idea of the amplifier power needed. It's essential to match the subwoofer's RMS power handling with the amplifier's output to prevent underpowering or overpowering the subwoofer, both of which can affect sound quality and potentially damage the equipment. A compatible external amplifier will ensure that your 12’‘ car subwoofer delivers the best bass performance possible.
The type of enclosure significantly impacts the performance of a 12’‘ car subwoofer. There are three main types of enclosures: sealed, ported, and bandpass. Each enclosure type has its characteristics, and the choice depends on your audio preferences and the desired bass response. A sealed enclosure provides tight and accurate bass, ideal for music genres that require precise bass reproduction. Ported enclosures deliver louder and more boomy bass, suitable for genres like hip-hop and electronic music. Bandpass enclosures offer a combination of both sealed and ported characteristics, providing the most powerful bass output. To determine the best enclosure for your 12’‘ subwoofer, consider your music preferences, available space, and desired bass response. Consulting with a car audio professional will help you select the ideal enclosure type for your specific subwoofer and vehicle.
Installing a 12’‘ car subwoofer involves more than just connecting wires, so professional installation is often recommended. Properly installing the subwoofer, selecting the right enclosure, and tuning the audio system for the best sound quality can be challenging for those without experience in car audio installation. A professional installer has the expertise and tools to ensure that the subwoofer is mounted securely and tuned correctly to provide the desired bass performance. They can also help integrate the subwoofer into your car's interior seamlessly, giving your audio system a polished and professional look. Additionally, professional installation reduces the risk of damaging your vehicle or audio equipment during the installation process. Investing in professional installation guarantees that your 12’‘ car subwoofer performs at its best and provides an exceptional bass experience.

Sony 12" Car Subwoofers Information

Sony carries a range of 12" car subwoofers for the bass you've been looking for. Sony engineers competition grade subwoofers that will both satisfy and last. Great for subwoofer boxes and other installations, these 12" Sony subs are an easy choice.

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