Double DIN 7" TFT-LCD Touchscreen Monitor and DVD, DivX, CD, MP3 Multimedia Receiver with USB, SD Card Slot, and Remote

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In-dash DVD, DivX, CD, MP3 Multimedia Receiver with USB, SD Card Slot, and Remote • 50W x 4 chan. Max • 20W x 4 chan. RMS • Playback of DVD, DivX, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, AAC, MP3, and WMA • SAT, HD, Bluetooth Ready • iPod connection through USB

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In-dash DVD, DivX, CD, MP3 Multimedia Receiver with USB, SD Card Slot, and Remote • 50W x 4 chan. Max • 20W x 4 chan. RMS • Playback of DVD, DivX, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, AAC, MP3, and WMA • SAT, HD, Bluetooth Ready • iPod connection through USB



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If you have been thinking of upgrading your sound system but haven’t had enough time to research all of the options that are out there, you can stop looking because the JVC KW-AVX810 is just the right head unit for you! It is a Double DIN In-Dash receiver with DVD, DivX, JPEG, CD and MP3 Playback and a full 7" touchscreen monitor. You will never have to worry about converting your DVD’s or DivX files again. You can enjoy music and movies from a variety of different options and still have enough space for more. Not only do you have a great selection of playback features to choose from, the 7-band parametric equalizer will enhance all your sounds with amazing customization.

This car stereo offers numerous expandability options for adding different formats of music. The list includes a front SD Card slot to view pictures and a rear USB Input to play music. Did I mention you can control everything with the touchscreen? No more fumbling around with a remote control with buttons that are too small to see while driving. Not only are there multiple options for playback, there are also ways to expand your head unit to get the most out of it. Bluetooth, HD, Sirius and XM, and iPod are just a few of the possibilities that can be added to the JVC KW-AVX810. The list doesn’t end there. You can even add a steering wheel remote control adapter to the unit and control all your favorite features with the buttons on your steering wheel.

The 7” TFT Active Matrix, 16:9 Widescreen monitor has adjustable viewing angles and is very responsive when switching tracks, playlists and radio stations. The wallpaper colors on the screen can even be changed to 7 different colors. The LCD screen serves as a video monitor, system information display and control panel for your music and movies. If the screen needs to be adjusted, you can use the brightness, contrast, color and tint to help you achieve your goal for an optimum picture. The touchscreen is unique because instead of pressing the arrows to move to the next selection you can slide your finger from the left to the right to change tracks. It’s not every day that you see a double DIN receiver that has proximity sensors. The proximity sensors allow the screen to be dimmed when not in use, but when your hand approaches the screen the menu will then display. If the unit has been idle for an extended period of time, the unit will hide the menu unless a video or other media is being played. And don’t be nervous about leaving your new head unit in your vehicle, the faceplate actually detaches so you can take it with you wherever you go with the included case.

General Features:

  • In-dash DVD, DivX, CD, MP3 Multimedia Receiver with USB, SD Card Slot, and Remote
  • Proximity sensor: a feature that allows menus to be dimmed or hide when your hand is not near the unit
  • iPod USB direct connectivity via your standard iPod-to-USB connection cable allows you to charge, control, and playback your iPod through the receiver and stereo system
  • Motorized, detachable face
  • 7" Wide touchscreen display
  • Four background wallpapers
  • Wireless remote control included
  • Switchable blue and red button lighting
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Power Output:
    • Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels
    • RMS: 20 watts x 4 channels
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Playback and Audio Features:

  • Playback of DVD, DivX, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, AAC, MP3, and WMA
  • HS-IVi tuner with 18FM/6AM presets
  • 192kHz / 24-Bit D/A audio converter
  • 108MHz / 12-Bit D/A video converter
  • 7-Band parametric equalizer with 8 EQ presets
  • Dolby Digital sound capable

Expandability Options:

  • 2 Sets of 5V preamp outputs (front and rear) and 1 5V Preamp mono-subwoofer output
  • Gold plated preamp and video outputs
  • Gold plated inputs
  • SIRIUS or XM Satellite Radio Ready: A subscription is required for service as well as either the JVC SIRIUS Satellite Radio Package or JVC XM Radio Package
  • HD Radio Ready: JVC KT-HD300 HD Radio add-on module is required and sold separately
  • Bluetooth Ready: JVC KS-BTA200 module is required and sold separately
  • iPod/iPhone Ready: USB-to-iPod cable will work with most iPods. The following adapters may be required for select iPods or if you want video playback:
  • Steering Wheel Control Ready: PAC SWI-JACKv1 required and sold separately
  • CD Changer controls (compatible with the JVC CH-X1500 CD/MP3 changer)
  • Front-panel auxiliary input: SD Card
  • Rear auxiliary input: USB and RCA Audio/Video Inputs
  • Steering wheel remote ready
  • CD Changer controls
  • Rear view camera input
Learn more about the KW-AVX810 at our blog!

Any iPods/iPhones released after March 11, 2008 have not been tested by the manufacturer and/or Sonic Electronix for compatibility. Therefore we do not guarantee compatibility in regards to, but not limited to: playback, video, charging, and response time.

Product history:

JVC KW-AVX840 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
JVC KW-AVX830 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by JVC KW-AVX840)
JVC KW-AVX820 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by JVC KW-AVX830)
JVC KW-AVX810 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by JVC KW-AVX820)
JVC KW-AVX800 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by JVC KW-AVX810)
JVC KW-AVX706 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by JVC KW-AVX800)

Specifications & Details

Key Features
Key Features
In-Dash Receiver Specifications
Receiver Size
Double DIN
Bluetooth Features
Volume Control Type
Anti-Theft Security
Detachable Faceplate
Wireless Remote
Peak Power Output
50 watts x 4 channel
RMS Power Output
20 watts x 4 channel
Preamp RCA Outputs
3 Sets (6-channel)
Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output
Preamp Voltage
5 volts
Built-In Equalizer
7 Band Parametric
Display Type
TFT-LCD Display
Touchscreen Size
Display Color
Smartphone Integration
Compatible Smartphones
iPhone Control
Android Control
Expandability Features
Audio/Video (Rear)
Backup Camera
Memory Card Slot
Steering Wheel Control Compatible
Yes (Accessory required and sold separately)
AM/FM Tuner
FM Presets
AM Presets
Radio Data System (RDS)
Music File Playback Type
Navigation Features
Navigation Features
What is in the box?
Product and accessories
Other Accessory #1
Other Accessory #2
Other Accessory #3
Other Accessory #4
Other Accessory #5
Other Accessory #6
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Product and How-to Videos

  • JVC Bluetooth Stereo Control Receivers | CES 2014
  • How To Install a Car Stereo (Single & Double DIN) | Car Audio 101

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Cool H/U

This is a powerhouse of a radio which is not just a radio but media center would make any A/V system complete with style and I do recommend this to anyone looking for H/U this one has all and I do mean all you'll need and will look good doing it.

By Ezee Money on January 29, 2010


found this helpful.

Amazing Value!!

I recently installed this in my 2004 Subaru Forester XT. I swapped out a factory 6 disk in dash for this. The install was straight forward. I haven't used all the features yet, so here is what I know: The tuner is a standard tuner, you get radio. The DVD player is awesome! Screen quality is great and the unit powers my stock speakers very well. It almost feels like you're in the middle of the movie you're watching. My Ipod (30G Video) plugged right in to the USB port and sounded great, but I can only control it through the deck. It displays song info on screen and you can navigate through Album, Artist, Genre, etc like on the Ipod, but it takes forever. It's faster to unplug the Ipod, change artists, and plug it back in; but just skipping songs works fine. You could just use the audio in (headphone to rca) plug if you want to get around that. All other navigation is quick. You can adjust the color to match you car. The backgrounds are limited, but I'm either watching the road or a movie so it's not a big deal. The proximity sensor is cool and works well. Taking the screen off is tricky untill you do it a few times but is really easy afterward. In Summary: For somebody who doesn't have a 5,000 watt stereo system and just wants to add a little style to you ride, this is the unit. My buddy has a super fancy $1000+ unit and was very impressed with this. Just looking at it when it's off really changes the look of the interior. I highly recommend it. I'd buy the exact same unit for my other vehicle when the time comes.

By Adam on August 27, 2009


found this helpful.

great deck better then kenwood, i think

I purchased this deck a while ago, but it's a good deck for audiofiles. but not for people who like all the blinking lights and crap. this deck has really great specs, and pretty much only dvd deck with such good quality at this price range. this a really good buy and recommend over kenwood anytime.

By kyle on July 7, 2009


found this helpful.

Total Satisfaction

i swapped out the Clarion VRX785BT in favor of this unit.

There are only 2 "not so good" (i wouldn't say bad,) things about this unit.
1) bluetooth needs the separate adapter
2) 10 sec. load times (ONLY when switching between sources)

EVERYTHING else is perfect!!!!!!

I can guarantee that you won't regret adding this to your system if you have a double din space.

By Dean on March 27, 2009


found this helpful.

Great touch screen

The service was great with a complimentary upgrade due to back order issues. This deck it totally awesome electronics. MP3 feature is great....no more tons of CD's.

By Dean on August 27, 2009


found this helpful.

JVC KW-AVX810 in a 2005 Ford F150

Just installed this head unit in my truck. Love it!!! Got it on SE on eBay. Super deal!!!

The scosche dash kit SE sent takes a bit of fine tuning to make work in the stock dash opening, but easily remedied with a bit of creativity. SE sent a scosche wiring kit for an audiophile truck, but it works fine in non audiophile trucks.

This HU does protrude from the dash a bit and looks fine that way, but with the slotted design of the dash kit it can be easily adjusted back to fit better.

This HU is a gem! I currently have it hooked up to the stock speakers and they are now officially alive! I am currently in the process of upgrading my entire sound stage in the truck from stock, and this HU is the kingpin to the system. With 5 volts of pre-amp output my amps will get clean and clear signal. I can't wait until I am finished with my upgrade, it will look and sound even better!!!

This HU gets 5 stars!!!

BTW, if you're looking to bypass the parking brake switch on this HU, just hook the light green parking brake switch wire with the ground wire.

By Will on November 21, 2009


found this helpful.


I'v had this for about 6 months now. And have not had one problem. Screen is clear and made my stock speakers sound as clear as can be.

By Daniel on June 23, 2009


found this helpful.

great value for lots of features!

i've had this in my 04 altima for about a year now and it's nice. agree with the other reviews before me. things to add=
-direct ipod control is slow(more songs, more delays). the same with the sd slot and usb. but what deck doesn't delay on any of these sources? i control my ipod touch from itself and it satisfies just enough.
+it has multiple screen colors, to match your dash illumination!
-wish the button lighting had other colors like the screen colors.
+love the auto dimness feature when headlights are turned on!
+while night driving, the screen can be shut off while there's continuous music playback!
definitely worth it for all the features and quality!

By coco on May 20, 2009


found this helpful.

Great unit

For the price and features, it's hard to pass on this head unit. Pros: 5v amp output, easy to navigate, works well with add-ons. I've owned mine for almost a year. I can't see switching units anytime soon.

By Kerry on February 24, 2009


found this helpful.

Great buy!

For this deck id give it 7 out of 10. The features it has are great, you can play just about anything you want with it and it sounds great, the 7 band equalizer is a nice feature and the built in high pass filter is great. the only real problems i have had are the loading times are sometimes unbearably slow, and the interface is just plain boring. theres only 5 backgrounds to choose from and they're all just about the same. This is a great all around in dash, its not super fancy and flashy, it has great sound, but not the best, but it gets the job done and its probably the best deal you'll find on an in dash around $400

By Brett on October 28, 2009


found this helpful.


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