Kicker PK4 (09PK4)

4 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit

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• Single Amplifier 4 Gauge Power Installation Kit
• 1000 Watts Max
• Direct-Connect Engineering
• Twisted-Pair Technology
• Full Spec Wire Is True To Gauge
• Hyper-Flex Technology

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Kicker PK4

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Kicker 4 AWG Amp Kit

Amplifier installation kits can save you time & money when installing an amplifier in your vehicle. Instead of purchasing everything you need separately like power/ground cables, remote turn-on cable, fuse blocks, fuses, and more, you can get an amp kit that already has the cables & accessories in one package. Amplifier wiring kits come in various gauge configurations depending on the wattage of your sound system and include all the necessary components you need to successfully install an amplifier.

This Kicker 4 AWG Power Amplifier Wiring Kit includes all the necessary hardware and wire to power one amplifier and is designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1000 watts. The included premium power/ground cable is made from 100% oxygen-free copper and is true-to-gauge for ultimate power transfer. This 09PK4 power amp kit includes 20-feet of 4 AWG blue power cable, 3-feet of 4 AWG black ground cable, 20-feet of 18 AWG blue remote turn-on wire, AFS Fuse holder, 100 Amp AFS style fuse and more.

Amplifier Kit Features:
  • 4 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
  • Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1000 watts
  • Premium power and ground wire provides optimal power transfer
  • Made from 100% oxygen-free copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power
  • AFS Fuse holder offers ideal protection for high powered systems
  • Hyper-flex cable and wire
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
Kit includes:
  1. 20ft(6.1m) Blue 4AWG power wire
  2. 3ft(0.9m) Black 4AWG ground wire
  3. 20ft(6.1m) Blue 18AWG remote lead wire
  4. 1 Kicker 09FHS Fuse holder with 100 amp AFS fuse
  5. Black rubber firewall grommet
  6. 2 4AWG Spade terminals
  7. 1 18AWG Spade terminal
  8. Black zip ties
  9. Red butt connector
2011 Kicker Authorized Online Dealer and eBay Seller

Product history:

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(newest, current model)
Kicker 09PK4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kicker PK4)

Specifications & Details

Amplifier Kit Specifications
Amp Kit Type
Number of Amplifiers Supported
Power/Ground Wire Size
4 gauge
Power Wire Length
20 feet
Ground Wire Length
3 feet
Speaker Wire Included
Remote Wire Length
20 feet
Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included
Fuse Holder
Fuse Size
Distribution Block Included
Complies to AWG Standards
Wire Material
OFC (100% Oxygen-Free Copper)
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Best Wiring Kit on the Market

This wiring kit is hooked up to my kicker 1000.1dx amp and a kicker solo baric l7 12" and it pumps. Plenty of power and i love the product. Kicker is the way to go with any system!

By Diane on December 8, 2011


found this helpful.

Kicker 09PK4 4 gauge amp wiring kit

Top quality wire, very flexible, long enough with a little left over for other apps. I liked the high quality battery cable ends too. I also liked the small, easy to place/mount fuse housing. Although the cover will have to be zip tied on.

The wire is 100% copper and silver plated.

By Michael on May 21, 2013


found this helpful.

Incorrect kit purchased

It didn't have in any rca cables because you didn't purchase the FULL-SPEC COMPLETE POWER KIT which would have been ZCK4 for 2 channel amps and ZCK44 for 4 channel amps

By Liclemack on July 1, 2011


found this helpful.

Kicker PK4

This wiring kit is outstanding. The wires are so fine, you can literally tie this wire in a knot, the power it delivers is nothing short of amazing. I have it hooked up to a Kicker 750.1 with 2 Kicker 2011 CVX 2 ohm 12 inch subs. I've not been disappointed by a single thing I've bought from Kicker, and this is just another trophy. Amazing kit, I'd recommend this to anyone.

By GoAT on August 5, 2011


found this helpful.

Absolutely Kicker

This wire is typical Kicker, amazingly flexible, the strands are so fine. I will only be purchasing Kicker wiring for all my systems.

By GoAT on June 12, 2011


found this helpful.


Nice kit if buying with kicker amp to get extra year warranty. Price is high would have brought cheaper brand but sold on extra year warranty for buying with kicker amp

By Steven on August 2, 2012


found this helpful.

Good stuff

Good product, provides a bit less resistance than standard copper wire. True to gauge and sturdy in build.

By alex on March 13, 2011


found this helpful.

GREAT KIT but WARNING to buyers!!

I must have not been paying attention while purchasing this kit, but this kit is pretty much just for powering your spears and does not contain any RCA cables. if you were like me you want to purchase the Kicker kit with 2 channel rca cables for your sub! Just so you don't make the same mistake i did haha. But besides all that this kit is awesome. I like it a lot. Its very flexible and carries the power I need. Love it and recommend it!

By Tim on February 21, 2011


found this helpful.

Quality Product

There are cheaper kits out there but this one is top quality. The wire is flexible and easy to install.

By shawn on June 13, 2013


found this helpful.

Great kit

You can't beat it for the price. This is true 4 gauge wire not some small crap thin wire with thick insulation you get from some other companies.

PROS: true 4 gauge size, everything's done for you except running the wires and cutting wire for fuse, more wire then you should need, if you have a pick up truck enough power wire for 2 runs depending on truck

CONS: the hole size on the ring terminals is a bit small (ok for normal size bolts, to small for side mount battery terminals) nothing a drill bit can't fix

OVERALL: great kit, some would say it should come with rcas but I like choosing the right length for my specific install. I don't like having 20' rcas if I only need 8'. I also recommend kicker speaker wire. Wiring is something you don't want to be cheap on. Bigger is better and OFC has the best conductivity. Make sure you don't buy crappy rcas also. QUALITY WIRING IS A MUST FOR BEST POWER TRANSFER AND SIGNAL QUALITY. So don't go cheap on inferior wiring and wonder why your system sounds like DOO DOO.

By Neal on August 23, 2011


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