Axxess AX-AGL610

Digital RCA Ground Loop Isolator

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• 2-Channel RCA Ground Loop Isolator
• Eliminates Engine Noise
• Reversible Input and Output Installation

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  • RCA Ground Loop Isolator
  • Eliminates engine noise by isolating ground loops
  • Inputs and outputs can be reversed for installation at radio or amplifier
  • Two channel RCA connection
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

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Ground Loop Isolator
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1 year
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1 year
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Works as expected

Purchased this item to reduce electronic whine in my car speakers while listening to my iPod. Worked as expected and was easy to install. A con would be the quality of the cables to the isolator box. After a while where the cables connected to the quick connectors started failing and would periodically cut out. This, in part, was due to how I installed it but would like to see these connections be made a little more sturdy.

By Kyle on April 12, 2013


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Works well, low cost solution.

I have a pioneer HU which is prone to blowing a pico fuse if you hot swap RCA's. Noise gets picked up through the RCA's these noise filters are cheap and work perfectly for eliminating alternator whine.

By Donald on March 26, 2013


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Did the Job

After installing a new head unit, there was a buzz in the speakers from the engine. I installed this product and the buzz was eliminated.

By Ronald on February 6, 2013


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Axxess AX-AGL610

worked well. took the noise right out of the sound.

By MICHAEL on November 25, 2014


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this was the first noise filter that i have ever bought. i got it because i had an whine that increased with the RPM of the motor and there was a hiss coming from the sub par head unit i have. this took care of about 75 % of the sound but when it is played at high volumes you can still hear the unwanted noises

By Tim on November 10, 2012


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Axxess AX-AGL610

I bought these noise filters do to a buzzing in speakers and alternator whine. I've never owned any b4 and these are my first. Had them hooked up and alternator whine was gone and buzzing wasn't as noticeable. After a month i think i cooked the inside of them because everything came back. I have two for each amp. 4 ch powerbass600w and 1 ch planetaudio 4000w. I like my music loud so maybe they couldn't handle it.

By bdavey313 on October 14, 2012


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Works as advertised, must locate accordingly for features.

Worked perfect and very easy to install! Make sure to move the unit away from the chassis and the whining noise should go away as it did for me.

By George on March 13, 2015


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It works!!!!!

After installing a new head unit amp and 4 speakers on my Harley Davidson ultra classic, I had a terrible whine when the engine was running. Thinking that it was a ground loop I bought 2 of these for the 4 channel amp. Super easy to install and now I have zero whining noise. Problem solved Thanks!!!

By JOSEPH on June 13, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Just what I needed

Had no problems with it. It was great to be able to switch the RCA inputs from female to male or vice versa.Got rid of my background noise and popping.

By Matthew on August 23, 2017


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Axxess AX-AGL610

its a good product, did what it was supposed to do. Not to sure how the light weight connectors will stand up, but they should be fine as bolted in place and not something you will be unplugging and plugging in all the time. All in all very satisfied with the product and would buy again

By Allpoints on November 21, 2016


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