Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit 10435

Xtreme Door Sound Dampening Kit with Four 12" x 36" Pieces

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• Xtreme Door Sound Dampening Kit
• Contains Four 12" x 36" Pieces
• Self-Adhesive Design
• Includes Enough Material for Two Standard Size Doors
• Adds SPL to your Vehicle
• Reduces Door Panel Vibrations

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Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit 10435

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Product Highlights

• Xtreme Door Sound Dampening Kit
• Contains Four 12" x 36" Pieces
• Self-Adhesive Design
• Includes Enough Material for Two Standard Size Doors
• Adds SPL to your Vehicle
• Reduces Door Panel Vibrations


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Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit

Dynamat Xtreme is a patented, lightweight elastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibrational damper. The Xtreme Series adapts and conforms easily to sheet metal and other hard metals vehicles are made of. This material works best for temperature ranges between 14° – 140° but can withstand ranges between -65° - +300°.

Xtreme Applications

The Xtreme Door Kit is great for improving the overall sound quality in your vehicle by cutting out unwanted road noise. It is typically used on vehicles to reduce vibrations and rattles on the doors of your car. This kit comes in four 12" x 36" sheets combining for a total of 12 square feet which should be plenty cover the doors in your vehicle.

Easy to Install

Use scissors, a knife or a die to cut the Xtreme to the desired size and shape before removing the release liner. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. Now it’s time to peel off the release liner and start applying. The easiest way to apply is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge. Using a roller, press the mat tightly into place, the roller will help eliminate unwanted air pockets. There is no need for heating the material, for best results the application surface should not be below room temperature.

Product Features
  • Xtreme Door Sound Dampening Kit
  • Contains four 12" x 36" pieces
  • Includes enough material for two standard size doors
  • Creates a sonic barrier restoring 3, 6, even 12 dB of lost dynamic range
  • Self-Adhesive design requires no heat for installation
  • For proper installation, use the Heavy Duty Roller Tool
  • Adds SPL to your vehicle
  • Improves bass quality
  • Reduces bass distortion
  • Reduces door panel vibrations
  • Reduces road noise

Specifications & Details

Sound Damping Specifications
Installation Location
Material Thickness
Total Amount of Material
12 square feet
Material Use
Vibration Dampener
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
Not warranted
Labor Warranty Duration
Not warranted
Warranty Provider

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Put it 'IN' the doors as well....

Dynamat Xtreme makes a huge difference in reducing road noise and in keeping the sound within the confines of the vehicle. Don't cheap out either. Buy enough to line the 'inside' pockets of your doors. Before doing so I got a tinny, tip tip tip sound while tapping the outside door whereas after I got a nice heavy THUD! Also, remember to install it on a cool day or at night so if you misplace the sheet you can easily peel it off and re-do. By the next day this stuff holds with a death grip. See it installed on my build here.

By CommercialRig on June 30, 2010


found this helpful.

Good Quality Product.

I used this kit to cover both doors in my S-10 Blazer (its a 2 door) and it went in just fine. This would be a weekend type project, something to just take your time with and work out any air bubbles. It gives my truck that solid door feel. No more rattles.

By Rob on March 8, 2012


found this helpful.

great product.

I highly reccomend you have this professionally works great but if you install improperly you will not get the benifits it offers plus any car repairs can be a lot spendier due to technicians having to work around it.

By todd on January 19, 2007


found this helpful.

good stuff

I've always heard that you need to sound deaden a vehicle for best sound, but I never thought it would make a big difference. Well Now Im a believer. It made the radio louder and cut down on road noise too.

By Jason on October 16, 2011


found this helpful.


Added to front doors and the car is much quieter! Super happy with the difference.

By James on August 23, 2010


found this helpful.

Can't go wrong with dynamat

If your going to put high end speakers in your doors, you need to have sound deadening for optimal sound. I'd recommend any dynamat product as the different kits just provide different options for where you want to apply it. Great product and its at a good price.

By Zach on July 1, 2013


found this helpful.

Dynamat Extreme Stuff

Wear gloves when installing! This product is only worth the money paid for it at Sonic Electronix. I cannot say the difference in the sound quality is even noticeable. I installed Dynamat thoroughly in the front door inner steel panels on my wife's Focus. The back I did not. All 4 speakers installed are identical Alpines. One in each of the 4 doors.
I cannot tell the difference in sound quality. Alpine head unit driving all 4 speakers and no others.

The car as a whole seems a bit quieter and more "solid" with the Dynamat, but I seriously doubt the efficacy of the product for audio reproduction purposes.

If extraneous rattling/vibrating noises are your problem, duct tape and/or chimney roof flashing will be just as effective and cheaper.

By GREGORY on March 25, 2009


found this helpful.

really works

this is a great option to increasing spl sound quality makes a huge difference in my 61/2s im hearing notes from they i didnt before

By juan on October 26, 2010


found this helpful.

Great product but not enough!

Great product! Installed in my 2008 Altima Sedan. It reduced road noise and speakers in doors do not rattle for me to appreciate the details of my music. Only concern is there seems not to be enough product in the kit according to my installer for full coverage. The same for the trunk kit. Definitely a must to complete a good sounding stereo system. Expensive as hell in retail store but Sonic offers it at a good price that I can afford.

By Rick on September 2, 2009


found this helpful.


Dynamatt is still king in my opinion. In my last install I put it up against the hype of Peel n Seal from hardware store being just as good. Its not. Dynamatt much thicker so more effective and zero odor. Peel n seal will not smell as long as its used in a way that all adhesive bitumen is making full contact. If its used to cover door openings as in sealing, it will smell. Dynamatt is expensive but buying from this site is about 40percent cheaper than Worst Buy. I feel its worth the expense.

By Gregory on October 24, 2012


found this helpful.


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