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  • Dynamat Xtreme

    Search our immense selection of Dynamat Sound Dampening material including Speaker, Trunk, License Plate, and Door Kits. Find everything you need to stop those irritating vibrations.

  • Dynamat Dynaliner

    Stop all of those annoying rattles and un-wanted noises caused by your audio system. Browse our selection of high performance Dynaliner and achieve the clean sounding system.

  • Tools & Accessories

    Find everything you need to install Dynamat Sound Dampening material including Rubber and Wooden rollers. Make Dynamat installation simple and search our selection of tools and accessories.

What is Dynamat?

Dynamat is used for the doors, floors, roofs, hoods and trunks on your vehicle to reduce road and engine noise. Dynamat products enhance the audio quality of your car stereo with its thin and flexible design and allow your speakers and subwoofers to perform at their full potential. The material is designed to cut to the proper size easily and mold to the shape of your vehicle and eliminate unwanted noise, vibrations and rattles that are caused by your high performance audio system. Dynamat also makes cars feel solid, allows doors and trunks to slam tight and essentially prevents rain and wind from seeping into your vehicles interior for a quiet, relaxing environment. If you want to listen to your music like you never have before, Dynamat your vehicle and get incredible sound and a luxurious ride.

Dynamat Xtreme - Lower road noise!

Dynamat Xtreme is used by the world's top hot rod and custom builders and is the highest performing sound dampening material produced. It will improve the overall performance of your vehicles audio system by eliminating road noise, rattles, and un-wanted vibrations. Dynamat Xtreme will also elevate the sound quality of your speakers and subwoofers allowing you to hear how they were meant to sound. The aluminum constraining layer is flexible and can be molded easily to all interior surfaces of your car. Its extra sticky butyl layer adheres to almost any surface and is formulated with Vector chemistry. Available for specific parts of your vehicle including the Bulk Pack (Entire Car), Wedge Pack, Trunk Kit, Speaker Kit, License Plate Kit and much more.

Dynamat Dynaliner - Specialty Material Solution

Dynamats Dynaliner is a lightweight insulator composed from a polyether, urethane-based, thermo acoustic foam and is ideally used on top of your pre-existing Dynamat. Dynaliner has a combination of open and closed cells to obtain and disperse sound waves; this will ultimately enhance the sound quality of your speakers and subwoofers while assuring maximum sound absorption. This rugged crush and tear resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties possible in a single layer synthetic foam-type material. Dynaliner will not absorb water and is not affected by any type of oil. It also provides ultimate insulation for roofs, firewalls, floors, quarter panels, doors and you can even use it on your hoodliner. Dynaliner is available in 1/8โ€, 1/4โ€, and 1/2โ€ thicknesses, be sure to choose the correct thickness that best suits your needs.

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