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Dual 4 Ohms 12" L5 Solo-Baric S12L5 Kicker S12L54

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12" 1200 watt Solo-Baric • Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils • 600W RMS • SoloKön Cone • Stamped Steel Basket • Ultra-Length Voice Coils • Rear Cone Brace

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Kicker Solo-Baric L5 08S12L54

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12" 1200 watt Solo-Baric • Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils • 600W RMS • SoloKön Cone • Stamped Steel Basket • Ultra-Length Voice Coils • Rear Cone Brace



Authorized dealer

  • 12" Solo-Baric Subwoofer
  • SoloKön Cone: One Piece, Ultra High Performance Composite
  • Rear Cone Brace: Offers unmatched strength and resistance to deformation
  • Santoprene Rubber Surround with Ribbed Edges for Linear Cone Motion
  • Stamped Steel Basket
  • Stitched Surround: Ensures the cone and surround won't seperate, even under the highest loads
  • High-temp Polyimide Film Voice Coil Former
  • Dual Ultra-Length Voice Coils
  • T-shaped top plate: Widens the motor’s magnetic field
  • Sleeved High-Power Tinsel Lead Wires
  • Spring Loaded Nickel-Plated Terminals
  • Authorized Internet Dealer

Grilles Not Included

Product history:

Kicker 08S12L54 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Kicker S12L54 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kicker Solo-Baric L5 08S12L54)
Kicker 05S12L54 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kicker 06S12L54 Solo-Baric L5 Series)

Subwoofer Wiring Guide

Wiring Guide to Wire 1 Kicker 05S12L54 Subwoofer

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 2 Kicker 05S12L54 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 3 Kicker 05S12L54 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

4 Channel Amp

Wiring Guide to Wire 4 Kicker 05S12L54 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp

Specifications & Details

Subwoofer Specifications
Subwoofer Size
Peak Power Handling
1200 watts
RMS Power Handling
600 watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
4 ohms
Frequency Response
20 - 100 Hz
87.9 dB
Woofer Surround
Santoprene Rubber
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Top-Mount Depth (Mounting Depth)
Cutout Diameter
11 x 11"
Warranty and Return Policy

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this is a great sub. i did have the 04 L5 and now i bought a 05 L5. they are great for a good one sub system. they hit so hard. make sure you feed them alot of power. must buy

By mitch on April 11, 2005


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holy hell

i have 2 of these in a kicker ported box in a cavalier and my back to doors came open when i was playing them they r sick and they r runing off a mono d-class hifonics titan 1505d competition amp at 1000watts rms at 2ohms could go to 1500 watts rms at 1ohm but dont think the subs could handle it

By Jerry on March 3, 2007


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The following review is for S12L54, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I have 2 of these in a subzone pre-fab box abd boy do they slam. in a custom box these thing do damage!!!

I purchased them just for a little thump until I could get a set of L7's or a solo-x, but I got way more than what I expected. they handle whatever thrown at them with ease.

I'm very pleased with the performance of these woofers and cant wait to upgrade to some even better kickers.

By bill on March 6, 2008


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Plenty of bass at a great price

I have 2 of these in a small sealed box, and these things pound like made. They are in a Firebird (hatchback), and I have the head unit lows set on -3 so I can still hear the fronts. They will make your chest pound like mad if you give it enough power. I have them running off a Viper D1200.1 (600WRMS to each) and they may be able to take a little more.

By Justin on April 20, 2006


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kicker sub

this sub is AMAZING!! nothing pounds harder then a kicker. this sub is great for the price and quality you receive. get one ASAP!

By carl on October 12, 2007


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hard hitters

I've got two of these hooked to a BLX 4000 in my truck, n they hit so hard, in a year ive gone thru three boxes. Ive got the head unit set as low as the bass will go, n it still tries to drown my highs, these things hit so hard. worth the price

By cade on July 12, 2007


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I bought only one of these from this website, and thats all you really need is one. This thing pounds. Since it is a square subwoofer, it has more surface area then a round subwoofer so it moves more air causing more bass. I have this hooked up to a 550 watt RMS Kenwood amp and it is awesome. Definitely recomend getting one, kind of expensive but this website has one of the cheapest prices on the net.

By Cory on February 25, 2006


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OMG these hit so hard. Definately worth the price on the website. These subs need a lot of power so get a big amp.

By Kyle on January 9, 2006


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i got 2 L5 12's and they kick ass with a 800 watt kenwood 2 channel and it hits in bridge mode

By Paul on December 20, 2005


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Hard Bass

I own two of these and i have them hooked up to a Memphis 1100 watt mono amp and these POUND! The subs hit so hard in my 03' Eclipse that the vibration broke my trunk lock. If you have a powerful amp to push these, then buy these subs! They are more expensive than others but well worth the money!

By Ryan on January 26, 2006


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