Stinger SK4641

4 Gauge 100% Oxygen-Free Copper Tru Spec 4000 Series Power + Signal Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit for Amplifiers Up to 1500W RMS

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• 4 Gauge 4000 Series Power & Signal Amplifier Wiring Kit
• Designed Specifically for Car Audio Systems up to 1500 Watts
• 2-Channel RCA Interconnect Cables
• Pre-Terminated Power Connections
• Tru-Spec Wires

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• 4 Gauge 4000 Series Power & Signal Amplifier Wiring Kit
• Designed Specifically for Car Audio Systems up to 1500 Watts
• 2-Channel RCA Interconnect Cables
• Pre-Terminated Power Connections
• Tru-Spec Wires



Authorized dealer

Stinger 4000 Series 4 AWG Amp Kit

Amplifier installation kits can save you time & money when installing an amplifier in your vehicle. Instead of purchasing everything you need separately like power/ground cables, remote turn-on cable, fuse blocks, fuses, and more, you can get an amp kit that already has the cables & accessories in one package. Amplifier wiring kits come in various gauge configurations depending on the wattage of your sound system and include all the necessary components you need to successfully install an amplifier.

This Stinger 4 AWG 4000 Series Power Amplifier Wiring Kit includes all the necessary hardware and wire to power one amplifier and is designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1500 watts. The included premium power/ground cable is made from 100% oxygen-free copper and is true-to-gauge for ultimate power transfer. This SK4641 power amp kit includes 17-feet of 4 AWG translucent red power cable, 3-feet of 4 AWG translucent black ground cable, 17-feet of 18 AWG blue remote turn-on wire, 2 Channel Twisted-pair interconnect cables, Mini-ANL Fuse holder, 150 Amp Mini-ANL style fuse and more.

Product Features:

  • 4 Gauge 4000 Series Power & Signal Amplifier Wiring Kit
  • Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1500 watts
  • Premium power and ground wire provides optimal power transfer
  • Made from 100% oxygen-free copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power
  • Includes 2-channel RCA interconnect cables for the audio signal connection from the receiver to the amplifier
  • RCA Interconnects are made with twisted-pair technology for noise reduction
  • Mini-ANL style fuse holder offers ideal protection
  • Pre-Terminated power connections for reliable performance
  • Wire is true to spec for optimal current delivery
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
Package Includes:
  1. 17 ft. 4 Gauge translucent red power wire
  2. 3 ft. 4 Gauge translucent black ground wire
  3. 17 ft. 2 Channel Twisted-pair interconnect cables
  4. 17 ft. 18 Gauge blue remote wire
  5. Mini-ANL Style fuse holder
  6. 150A Mini-ANL Style fuse
  7. Includes installation hardware

Product history:

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(newest, current model)
Stinger SPK5641R thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Stinger SK4641)

Specifications & Details

Amplifier Kit Specifications
Amp Kit Type
Number of Amplifiers Supported
Maximum Recommended Power Handling
Power/Ground Wire Size
4 gauge
Power Wire Length
17 feet
Power Wire Color
Ground Wire Length
3 feet
Ground Wire Color
Speaker Wire Included
Speaker Wire Gauge
Speaker Wire Color
Remote Wire Gauge
Remote Wire Length
17 feet
Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included
2 Channel
RCA Cable Length
Fuse Holder
Mini ANL
Fuse Size
Distribution Block Included
Complies to AWG Standards
Wire Material
OFC (100% Oxygen-Free Copper)
Specials with this Item
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details


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Initially I was a bit skeptical about ordering from a new site other than amazon but I must say the product and shipping was very pleasant! I was recommended by a coworker and took a chance and loved it! Great products with fast shipping

By Michelle86 on October 28, 2014


found this helpful.

Good Stuff!

This wire is great quality, true 4G and 100% OFC !!! I would recommend this kit if you want to get good quality wire with out the Kicker or JL Audio price.

By Mike on August 27, 2012


found this helpful.

Rad wiring kit

First ordered 2 wiring kits through JL for 2 amps. JL recommended the kit for the amps. F JL cuz the stuff was not as advertised. Back it went and I called sonic. Guy on the phone was totally pleasant and knew his stuff. My kits showed up very fast. Wire is plenty thick, flexible and already terminated, which was dope. Couldn't figure out how to mount in line fuse but my battery is under back seat so no worry. Anyway, Go for it. I would order through Sonic again mos def.

By Gettothechopper on May 6, 2014


found this helpful.

Awsome Product

This is a very nice setup.. Cea compliant meaning it is what it says it is.
Wire is a little stiff but after soldering the ring terminal to one end it loosened up. Basically this is a very nice kit for any begnner to advanced installers. I wish they had more colors though, that would be the ony con for me.

By Steve on February 19, 2013


found this helpful.

Very nice kit

The gauge appears to be accurate. I like the fact that many audio shops actually use this power and ground wire as their bulk supply. The price is right. RCA's are good enough for my needs and don't look like they'll end up falling apart. Very flexible wire.

By Tyler on December 21, 2011


found this helpful.

Very Thick and Flexible Cable! Highly Recommended!

I used this kit to upgrade my current no name brand 8 gauge power and ground wire. It made my system noticably louder. My windshield is flexing now!! It was also very flexible and easy to install with the ring terminals already crimped on. The ground wire could have been just a little longer for my application but the shorter the ground the better so I guess thats not really a problem. I cant say how well the rca cables work because I just reused my current rca's since they work fine. The Rca's included in this kit look very nice and I cant see that there would be a problem with them. I think this is the best 4 gauge kit you can get for the money.

By Andrew on July 20, 2012


found this helpful.


I have got 4 of the kits and I love them I will con to this site agen and tell friends

By jhony 5 on April 11, 2014


found this helpful.

Great! Excellent Quality

I just got these today in the mail, and my woofers are coming in 2 days. So i'm waiting for my woofers before I can test the wire, but the gauges are true gauge.. meaning the gauge doesn't include the diameter of the outside casing of the wire. So they're FAT wires, VERY nice, and pure copper.
Very flexible and durable. Probably the best you can get at this price!
Great kit, the interconnect (RCA) cables seem thin themselves... but that's one of the features, the package claims they reduce noise and interference and provide superb sound quality, so i'll be testing them out in 2 days when I get my woofers. But the RCA cables seem to be good quality (other than being really thin), but if they work as claimed, this kit is PERFECT! If not... then i'd recommend buying other RCA cables. But everything else is absolutely incredible! I LOVE IT! Everything is great quality.

By Kcewow on October 19, 2011


found this helpful.

Buy It

By far the nicest wiring kit that I've owned. Very flexible and durable. The only complaint I have is the mounting holes for the fuse. It is impossible to get a screw through there and mount it to the body. Either I am missing something or there is a major design flaw. Regardless, I let the fuse hang behind the firewall. I have got it pushing a Hifonics amp that is powering 2 JL 15's at 1,000 at 2 ohms. No headlight dim, the amp is getting plenty of power. I did not even run a secondary battery or capacitor for this project. Just replaced the stock battery with an XS Power 975, not even a high powered alternator. I highly recommend this kit.

By Andrew on August 18, 2014


found this helpful.

good deal

i used this to install my amp and was happy with the kit it had everthing i needed

By rick on February 23, 2013


found this helpful.


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