NVX EX10S In-Ear Monitors - Earbuds

High-Fidelity In Ear Monitors w/PivoTip Patented Technology, 15 Pairs of Tips including ComfortMax, Tangle-Free Silver Wire, Memory Wire & Ear Hooks

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• In-ear design
• Wired Lightweight (Isolating) Stereo Headphones
• Large 11mm High Fidelity Professional In Ear Monitors
• Coated Cable For Tangle-Free Operation

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Product Highlights

• In-ear design
• Wired Lightweight (Isolating) Stereo Headphones
• Large 11mm High Fidelity Professional In Ear Monitors
• Coated Cable For Tangle-Free Operation


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Professional Grade In-Ear Monitors

The EX10S in-ear monitors by NVX are impressive in sound quality and design. Featuring pivoting eartips and removable ear clips, the EX10S can be contoured to for a personalized and comfortable fit. Apart from their ergonomic design and lightweight construction, the EX10S deliver quality sound in full detail and resolution throughout their broad frequency response. The soft, noise isolating silicone tips virtually eliminate ambient sound. Moreover, the EX10S deliver precise and complex tones through 11mm drivers with the richness expected of professional in-ear monitors.

Apart from their clarity and fidelity, the EX10S exhibit an expansive sound stage with convincing placement. The three-dimensional reproduction creates a fully immersive experience.

General Features:

  • Wired Lightweight (Isolating) Stereo Headphones
  • In-ear design
  • Large 11mm High Fidelity Professional In Ear Monitors with Silver Wire speaker driver produces amazingly clear sound
  • Coated cable for Tangle-free operation
  • Designed with a snug fit for active people
  • Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant stereo jack
  • Includes different size ComfortMax™ tips for added comfort
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 24 Ohms
  • Cord Length: 55-3/16 in.
  • Cable Type: TPU
  • Plug Size: 1/8" (3.5mm)
  • Plug Construction: 24K gold-plated dual-channel plug
  • Speaker Diameter: 11mm
  • Max Input Power: 50mW
  • Max Output: 108dB

Specifications & Details

Sonic Electronix Insights (Scale from 1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Comfort & Ergonomics
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Overall Audio Quality
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5 out of 5 - Any Genre You Want
Build Quality
4 out of 5 - High Quality and Durable Construction
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5 out of 5 - You Can't Find a Better Pair of Headphones for Your Dollar
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Headphone Application
Home Hi-Fi
Acoustic Principle
General Features
Built-In Microphone
Headphone Connection
Volume Adjustment
Jack Size
Jack Angle
Angled Jack
Detachable Cable
Color Shades
Ear Cushion/Earbud Material
Protective Case
Ear Hooks
Audio Features
Driver Type
24 ohms
108 dB
Driver Size
11 mm
Frequency Response
10 - 20000 Hz
What is in the box?
User manual
Main Product
NVX EX10S In-Ear Monitors
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
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  • NVX EX10S Earbuds | Professional Headphones (In-Ear Monitors)
  • NVX EX10S Premium In-Ear Headphones

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Good product

Very good sound, well built and I like all the different size ear pieces that come with it.

By Ford on January 9, 2014


found this helpful.

The way I go through earbuds, I figured this was meant to be.

I may have been wrong ? These are very well made, I have been using them for over a month daily, with out any trouble. The only thing that could use some improvement, would be bass, but that goes for most, unless you spend some money. They are so comfortable, and you never have to put in a earbud that fell out, never. I LIKE THEM !!!

By Todd on August 17, 2014


found this helpful.


These blew me away. I got them for free in a deal with some AT-M50's, and these are much better. The quality is supreme.

By Alexander on December 30, 2013


found this helpful.

Just because it's going doesn't mean that it's bad!

Before I got this product, I have never heard of this brand. Granted that I didn't need to risk anything because the pair came in free worth the purchase of another circumaural headphone I bought, but the quality of this little one matches the quality of the other more famous brands out there like shure and nose. The silver coated finish on the cord is also nice in blocking too much entanglement happening. It takes little getting used to for the East hook thing but over you get it, it will be awesome while traveling because these buds will not really fall off.

By Sion on January 8, 2014


found this helpful.

Don't stay in well

Not wanting to use the harder component that wraps around your ear, they do not stay seated well even with all the various rubber pieces.

Manufacturer Response:
They are made to wrap around your ear. If you use them as direct input with cord hanging down, it is recommended you switch the left and right sides as the design would be more of a natural fit due the curves purposely being made to fit an around the ear style. That being said, you would also reverse the sound stage in that type of a fit.

By TL on September 17, 2013


found this helpful.

best earphones

I have had a lot of good earphones in my past but these are absolutely the best pair I've ever owned it has such clarity on the highs and you can feel the lows. I liked them so much I bought another pair just to have in the house.

By Michael on August 14, 2014


found this helpful.

Best headphones i've ever used.

good lord. Props to both you Sonic Electronix and NVX. these headphones are top notch. i was expecting mid grade sound out of the ES10's but i plugged these babies in and listened to RUN DMT - Curse of The Mummy (plug because it's an excellent bass song for systems) and when the bass finally hit, it gave me goosebumps. FROM HEADPHONES. these things are amazing. it wasn't too loud, or to harsh. but the smooth clarity of my music is honestly amazing. i haven't even plugged in the FiiO yet and i'm blown away.

These things handle the long, strong bass hits of dubstep, trance, and trap flawlessly. it handles the choppy aggressiveness of metal, and it makes rock and indie sound so much more dimensional (clarity of reverb, and balance of instruments). I even threw some Gustav Mahler (classical music) at them at it handles beautifully. these play the range of music beautifully, without any flaws.

That's not to say that all music sounds good on them :) poorly mastered and recorded music shines through as well. clipping and over compression sounds like nails on a chalkboard in these, which is a good thing! i mainly listen to metal, and dubstep, but i have everything from the 50's to Trap in my library. these headphones have made it so i can explore my library all over again :) THANK YOU!

By Evan on February 27, 2013


found this helpful.

The best earbuds under $100

Where do I begin with these? They have so many features for $100. The only feature they do not have that I wish they had is a mic + play/pause button. Here is my breakdown:
I must say I never heard of NVX and was a bit worried about the sound quality before buying, but their over ear had some good reviews so I figured why not. I was incredibly impressed with the sound quality these have. They are so much better than my Klipsch S4i it's not even funny. The response is really balanced and sound staging is excellent. The bass also feels incredibly natural and not overbearing like some others and overall I am just really pleased. I have listened to alternative/rock (Counting Crows, Matchbox 20) and hip hop (Hopsin, Lecrae, Lupe Fiasco) and everything sounded the way it does on my studio monitors. I was left feeling like nothing was missing and that was really important to me in terms of whether I wanted to keep or return... These are keepers!
Quite possibly this is the sturdiest cable I have ever had on earbuds, including much more expensive Shure and Westone. I contacted NVX to find out what they used and it is a pure silver cable. It never gets tangled, is durable as hell, and you can just tell the quality compared to standard plastic or even twisted/flat designs out there. On top of the toughness, it also looks great as it is silver.
The sheer number of eartips included is almost intimidating, but I got over it and got the exact pair that fit me. I really like how there are silicon tips and then also silicon with foam tips included. I went for medium silicon w/ foam and they are extremely comfortable. I also like the comfortmax flexible foam tips when I am traveling in public (airplane, bus, etc) as they offer a bit more noise isolation and I am even tempted to go buy a set of comply tips to compare.
Adjustable Nozzle Sound Port:
This is a really cool feature that is extremely undersold in my opinion. It is my favorite feature on these buds. Maybe it is because my ears are not normal or average, but because of the adjustable port I can fit these better than anything else I have previously owned.
Memory wire and earhooks:
The memory wire and earhooks are pretty cool and I have seen them on other sets, but the memory wire is softer than my Westone and more flexible. I am not a huge fan of the earhooks, but maybe for some people they will like those better. I left them in the box unused. For me, the memory wire works great at the gym or when I go running and really helps when it comes to plopping them out and then leaving them resting on my ears so I can talk with friends at the gym without having to have it hanging from my chest.
I like complyfoam tips as I stated above so that would have been great to get those. I have an Android phone so I am not huge on the Apple 3 button mic thing, but either would have been better than not having that option at all. Even though I am fan of over the ear designs, I still find simple plug and play to be a little easier.
I am pleased with the sound they produce and all the neat things that came with them.

By Jeremy on November 27, 2012


found this helpful.

Excellent sound quality; were several times their price!

The user has to take a lot of care to use the tips that provide a completes seal in the ear cavity. When that happens then the bass quality snaps into focus and the entire soundfield taks on a much more spacious pleasing quality. If a good ear seal is not achieved then the sound can sound Peaky and harsh. A good ear seal is easy to achieve because the unit comes with 15 different tips therefore achieving a good seal is just a matter of finding the right tip for the users ear. The soundfield expands outside the boundaries of your head and avoid the typical boxed in earphone or headphone sound. These should be on any serious listeners short list of earphones for consideration.

By Robert on August 11, 2014


found this helpful.

Great pair of ear buds for the price!

For $*** dollars these are a steal, get loud than beats by Dr.Dre with less distortion! Crisp mids and highs, and the bass pounds, can't listen to very long due to west coast tweeters at very high levels atleast.

By Dan on February 14, 2013


found this helpful.

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