Monster Cable MPC S402 2C 15M

50 ft. (15.2 Meters) of 402 XLN+ XTREME Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)

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50 ft. (15.2 Meters) of 402 XLN® XTREME Speaker Cable • Magnetic Flux Tube • MultiTwist™ construction • Precision Time Correct® windings

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For serious audiophiles, ultimate performance speaker cable can make a awesome system sound even better. Featuring patented Monster technologies such as 2-way Time Correct® windings, XLN® Xtreme noise rejection construction and PEX™ dielectric, Monster Performance Car 400 Series Speaker Cables deliver intense audio with maximum sonic clarity. Highs are extended and open while midrange takes on a dimension that brings you closer to the experience. The low frequencies become tighter and more dynamic for sound reproduction so faithful you’ll think it’s the original source recording.

Key Features:

  • Cable Length: 50 ft. (15 meters)
  • Color: Silver/Gray
  • Exclusive Monster Patented Technologies produce the best sound possible
  • 402 XLN Xtreme 2-Conductor Speaker Cable
  • Precision Time Correct® windings for pinpoint imaging and soundstage
  • Low-loss PEX™ dielectric maintains signal integrity for enhanced depth and improved reproduction of inner detail
  • Magnetic Flux Tube® minimizes distortion-producing magnetic fields for extended low frequency bass response
  • MultiTwist™ construction provides excellent noise rejection
  • 2-Way Time Correct® windings provide a separation of high and low frequency wire networks for improved clarity and accurate reproduction of amplitude and phase response
  • Solid core low-frequency conductors provide extended reproduction of bass frequencies
  • Select insulated conductors minimize signal loss for clear reproduction of musical transients
  • PEX Dielectric prevents signal loss and provides faster and more accurate signal transfer
  • Duraflex HexMesh protective jacket offers a low friction design for easy installation, as well as a smooth stylish design

Specifications & Details

Speaker Wire
Wire / Cable Type
Speaker Wire
Twisted Pair Wire
Length (ft.)
50 feet
Primary Color
Wire Material
Complies to AWG Standards
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Only the best speaker cable!

By Christophe on October 8, 2011


found this helpful.

worth the install trouble

spidered this from the amp to all the doos and rear deck speakers. solid, insulated, thick but worth the install trouble as these wires are about the diameter of a dime!

By paul on January 21, 2015


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Best there is

Best cables I have bought yet.

By ididurmom69 on March 12, 2012


found this helpful.

Excellent Quality Product and Sound

I bought this wiring to replace the old factory wire that came in my 1990 Camaro as well as replacing my factory stereo with a Pioneer Premier DEH-P710BT and speakers with Infinity Kappa 692.9i . Only wanted high quality sound from my receiver at high and low frequencies without being distorted by magnetic fields of other wire. Still looking to hook up an amp, which these wire would work great with. These wires perform nicely and give off good deep tones for the bass and the clarity of the highs are crisp even with 2-way rear speakers. Still have about 12ft of extra wire left over after installation. These wires are a bit bulky, a diameter of 7/16, but still can be bent into a radius of around 2 inches, which is all I needed. Speaker wire housing along with outer mesh is hard to cut, used a knife, a bit time consuming for all eight ends. Since wire diameter was relatively big compared to the input wire coming out of receiver had to go the Radio Shack to get closed end connectors to crimp the wires together. Overall wire installation is a time consuming process, but well worth the end result.

Pros: Excellent sound, durability, and visual appearance if needed.

Cons: Thick outer housing to cut, not flexible for tight corners.

By Spencer on March 18, 2010


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Great Product

I use these cables with a pioneer premier head and a rockford fosgate and JL amp. They're amazing. Awesome clarity. And they look great.

By Joshua on February 18, 2009


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Best Deal Out There!

Cable is great. I don't expect this to ever need replacing, it's heavy gauge and there is enough insulation for an overhead power line. It is a little difficult to work with because the mesh protection doesn't cut cleanly when splicing the ends, but it'll make the cable have less interference.

By Chris on December 13, 2007


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Bulky, but top of the line

This is a premium quality speaker cable. That being said, the downsides: bulky line, if you are looking to squeeze this line in tight spots forget it, its hard to bend and is rather cumbersome, you will find that this wire would be great for a custom system where you are tearing out your interior and snaking all new cables to their destinations, or if you are using it for exposed cable applications where you want the wires to be seen by everyone, it is a very good looking wire and you will not be disappointed with any kind of visual assignment you throw at it. This cable also features a protective weave around it which acts as a shield and will not allow chaffing through the insulation. I could go on and on about how nice these wires are, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that these are bulky wires, and if that doesn't bother you than you cant find a better speaker cable on the market. I would highly recomend these to anyone looking for the next big upgrade for their system, whatever their set-up may be, it wont disappointed.

By Nathan on January 20, 2009


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Big Wire

I would recommend this product because it is very nice to have for installations where your wires will be shown. It is a little hard to work with, but the quality of monster cable products never disappoints.

By Scott on January 8, 2012


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Monster Cable MPC-S402-2C-15M

Great product and price. Highly recommend.

By jeff on April 4, 2011


found this helpful.

Top of the Line Product

Expensive or not, this cable does truly make a difference in sound in comparison to factory audio wire. I re-wired and soldered every audio wire in my 04 F150 truck and I was proud to have spent the money.

By Otilia on February 6, 2011


found this helpful.

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