Whistler CR85

Radar & Laser / LIDAR Detector w/ Audible Voice Alerts 360-degree Protection and Blue OLED Display

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• 360° Radar and Laser Detector
• Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth® Mode, Laser Ally® and the New LTI Truspeed® S
• Real Voice° Alerts
• Stay Alert™ Emits a Tone on Long Trips to Keep You Awake and Alert
• Blue OLED Text Display
• Radar Signature ID (RSID) Displays Most Commonly Used Speed Radar Frequencies

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The Whistler CR85 - It Just Makes Sense

It's the age old question... Do I keep getting speeding tickets, or do I not keep getting speeding tickets? It can be kind of hard to decide sometimes. There are only a handful of ways to better spend your money than on a speeding ticket. I don't know, like a new video game, a fancy dinner, new shoes, go see a movie, a down payment on a new car... Yeah, but only a few things that are better than a speeding ticket. 9 out of 10 of the people here at Sonic Electronix agree, after heavy debate, that speeding tickets aren't a good thing. As for that 1 person who disagreed, they weren't even there for the vote. But you know, it's up to you to decide really. The average cost of a speeding ticket is $200 plus the increase on your insurance... Or you know, there's always this CR85 radar detector that can help prevent all of that. It really is a tough choice; speeding tickets... Or nice things... But we'll let you decide, we know you'll make the right choice.

CR85 360 Degree Radar Protection

360° Total Band Protection

  • On the contrary to marketing gimmicks by competitors, only the following bands are used for radar enforcement:
    • X-band (rarely, more commonly seen in rural areas)
    • K-band (also used by traffic signals)
    • SuperWide Ka-band (most commonly used by police)
    • Laser
      • Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth® mode, Laser Ally® and the new LTI Truspeed® S
  • Don't fall for gimmicks claiming they cover 9 or 12, or more bands
  • POP™ Mode Detection allows the CR85 to respond to brief bursts of radar
  • High Gain Lens provides an increased field of view and longer range of detection
  • Safety Warning System™ keeps you informed of highway safety where transmitters are located

CR85 Technology Prevents False Alerts

Packed with Technology to Reduce False Alerts

  • Ka Max Mode provides improved Ka band sensitivity
    • Most commonly used band by police
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) eliminates alerts from traffic flow sensors
  • 3 Filter Modes to eliminate false alerts
  • Selectable Bands allow you to shut off specific bands
    • Some bands like the X-band aren't used in certain areas for radar enforcement - Turn off the band if it's not needed so you don't get alerted
  • Alert Priority displays the most important signal when multiple signals are detected
  • 3 City Modes/Highway Modes

CR85 OLED Display

Alert Periscope Provides a Visual Alert

  • Radar Signature ID (RSID) Ka band identifier
    • Displays Ka 33.8, 34.0, 34.3, 34.7 and 35.5
    • Most commonly used speed radar frequencies
  • Laser Signature ID (LSID) indicates Pulses Per Second (PPS) transmitted by Speed Laser or other laser sources
  • Blue OLED Text Display is bright and crisp so you get the information you need
    • Auto Dim/Dark Mode automatically adjusts brightness to optimal levels

CR85 Voice Alerts

Audible Alerts For Verbal Identification

  • Real Voice® Alerts provide verbal alerts for modes selected and bands received
  • Selectable Tone Alerts allow you to select certain tones for certain bands
    • Allows you to easily identify important bands
  • Mute function will silence audible alerts
  • Stay Alert™ is a Whistler exclusive that will emit a tone on long trips to keep you awake and alert
  • Intellicord® ready to control volume and other functions

CR85 Customizable Features

The Icing On the Cake

  • Low Emission Design is more difficult to detect by radar detector detectors such as VG-2 and Spectre
  • Setting Saver stores personalized settings
  • Automatic Shutdown will automatically turn off the radar detector under certain conditions
  • Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver allows you to adjust the automatic shutdown feature
  • Includes hardwire accessory for a permanent install
  • Installs on the windshield, or dashboard

Whistler CR85 Specifications:

  • Operating frequencies:
    • X band (10.500 - 10.550 GHz)
    • K band (24.050 - 24.250 GHz)
    • Ka band (33.400 - 36.000 GHz)
  • Power Requirements:
    • 12.0-15.0 Volts DC negative ground
    • 250 mA typical standby
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +70°C (-41°F to +158°F)
  • Weight: .39 oz.
  • Dimensions: 3"W x 5"D x 1.5"H
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty


Due to state laws, Sonic Electronix, Inc can not ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Sonic Electronix does not endorse or condone speeding or any kind of reckless driving. Please drive responsibly and obey the law.

Specifications & Details

Product Features
Dark Mode
Voice Alerts
Auto Mute
Auto Shut Off
Product Specifications
Radar Display
Signal Strength Meter
Brightness Control
Turn-on/off Select Bands
Unit Mounting
Suction cups
Power Source
12V DC Car Adapter
Direct Power Accessory
Travel Case Included
Number of Detected Bands
X Band
K Band
Ka Band
Pop Alert
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Good value as a city driving companion

This detector has frequency display and selectable bands. It's price makes it a good value considering those features above. I use this as my everyday city radar/laser detector. Would recommend a escort redline or V1 for extreme highway driving tho.

By Radar nut on December 12, 2013


found this helpful.


comes out real handy when I'm traveling on the interstate. never have to worry about speed traps again

By Mr Sinister on January 5, 2015


found this helpful.

great price !

It has worked great around the state police ! Also works great around the town sheriff department here in Arizona !

By Boots Mckoy on January 22, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase

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