Viper 474V Replacement Remote for Viper 160XV Remote Start Module

Viper 474V

Replacement Remote for Viper 160XV Remote Start Module and Other Directed DEI Remote Start Units


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Lost your remote to your Viper remote start system? Or maybe you need to add another remote to the family collection. Either way, the Viper 474V replacement remote is for you!
  • Four button remote
  • Made by Viper specifically for their remote start systems
  • 1-year warranty

Compatibility List:

  • 150 ESP / 552V
  • 160 XV/ 562V
  • 210 HV / 416V
  • 211 HV / 412V
  • 300 HF/ 430V
  • PC 300 HF (ESP) / 429V
  • 300+ HF / 432V
  • 350 HV / 426V
  • Responder 350 / 3305V
  • 350+ / 3105V
  • 500 HF / 438V
  • PC 500 HF (ESP) / 439V
  • 550 HF / 553V
  • 550 HF (ESP) / 553V
  • 560 XV / 563V
  • 571 XV / 572V
  • 600 HF / 448V
  • PC 600 HF (ESP)/ 449V
  • 650 XV / 436V
  • 671 XV / 437V
  • 700 ESP / 379V
  • 771 XV / 567V
  • PC 800 SHF / 381V
  • 800 SHF ESP / 381V
  • 850XV / 446V
  • 1000 / 3101V
  • 1002 / 3102V
  • 3000 / 3201V
  • 3002 / 3202V
  • 7900 / 5501V
  • Viper 330V

Also found as: Viper-474V

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix

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Salt Lake City, UT

A Heads Up

July 28, 2012

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel. At the time of purchase I installed a Viper 560Xv with the Remote Start.
Recently the last of my two transmitters (474V) became unreliable so I ordered two replacements from Sonic Electronix.
We I received was two 474T transmitters. Thinking an error was made I called support. The gentleman told me that the "V" was no longer available but the "T" was the transmitter that replaced it.
I just finished reprogramming the two of them. The instructions on the packaging is vague. Here are the instructions I used successfully:

In order to enter Learn Routine, the Valet/Program push button must be plugged
into the main brain's Blue 2 Pin Port (Look for a small black push button located under
the drivers dash or drivers kick panel somewhere).

1) Open a door and make sure the dome light is on.

2) Turn the ignition on to the RUN position or you may also start car.

3) Within 15 seconds press and release the Valet/Program push button
to select the channel you wish to program. For example, press and release
once for channel 1 (arm/disarm channel).
For Channel 2, press and release twice (trunk release).
For Channel 3, press and release three times (remote start).
(Some DEI systems require different programming for different channels. You
can get specific installation manuals with remote programming instruction Here)

Press and hold the Valet/Program push button once more. You should get a
confirmation chirp/horn-honk or a flashing LED light (If installed).
If you do not get a chirp/horn-honk the alarm may have a jumper in
the alarm that has the programming feature turned OFF (disabled).

4) Once the alarm chirps/horn-honks keep holding the Valet/Program push button.

5) Press the button on the transmitter that you would like to control the selected receiver
channel. A chirp/horn-honk will confirm that the code has been learned. If programming
more than one transmitter repeat step 5. Old transmitter codes will be dropped only
if programming 4 new transmitters.

6) Once the code(s) are learned, the Valet/Program push button can be released.

Learn Routine will be Exited if:

Ignition is turned off
Door is closed
Valet/Program push button is pressed too many times
More than 15 seconds elapses between steps
One long chirp/horn-honk indicates that Learn Routine has been exited.

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Product Name: Viper 474V