Performance Teknique ICBM-9939 TAN

12.2" TFT-LCD Overhead Flip-Down Monitor with Built-In IR Transmitter


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Performance Teknique ICBM-9939 TAN Features

  • 12.2" TFT-LCD Overhead Flip-Down Monitor
  • TFT active matrix display system
  • 16:9 high resolution wide screen display
  • PAL/NTSC system compatible
  • 170° swivel rotating screen
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 R.G.B
  • 2 video inputs
  • IR transmitter for wireless headphones
  • Dome lights
  • Front panel control
  • Brightness, contrast, color, tint and sharpness control
  • Full function wireless remote control
  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Actual viable screen: 12.2-inch
  • Also available in: Black, Gray
  • Dimensions (Closed): 12-1/8"D x 15-1/2"W x 1-1/4"H
  • Dimensions (Open): 12-1/8"D x 15-1/2"W x 10-1/2"H
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Overhead Monitor Specifications

Screen Type
The type of technology used to produce the screen images. LCD, DLP, Plasma, LCoS, and CRT are the most common. 2 newer technologies include LED and OLED which use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a backlight, as opposed to conventional LCD TVs, which use cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) for a backlight.
Screen Size
This is the size of the monitor on the unit. It is measured diagonally and in inches. The bigger the number the larger the screen.
Resolution (pixels)
A display's pixel resolution defines its ability to resolve fine details. Digital TVs and projectors measure screen resolution in pixels. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture will be.
800 x 600 
Remote Control
Allows control of specific features and functions from a remote control. Typically they are used to prevent button wear on your radio, or to allow easier navigation of menus.
If a unit is touchscreen capable, you can control a majority of it's functions by touching the screen.
HDMI Input
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed digital streams. HDMI output means that the player has the capability to output this type of data. An HDMI input will allow you to connect game consoles, Bluray players, smart phones and other high definition devices (if compatible)
Additional Audio/Video Inputs
These inputs enable the unit to receive an audio or video signal from a separate source. There are many different types of connections and ways to accomplish this. Most common are RCA Composite cables and 3.5mm mini-jack plugs.

RCA Composite Inputs
These are your typical red, white, and yellow RCA composite cables that are common among devices with audio and video inputs. The red and white cables are dedicated for audio. The red cable is for the right channel and the white is for the left channel. The yellow cable is specifically for the video signal. Because this type of auxiliary cable contains 2 channels of audio, it will support stereo sound.

This is commonly referred to as a mini-jack or a headphone jack. It is a 3.5mm plug that transfers audio only. There is a right and left audio channel on the plug which allows for stereo sound playback.

3.5mm AV Input
These plugs look similar to the common 3.5mm mini-jack, however they carry a third channel dedicated for video.

This means that an auxiliary input is possible, but only with the use of an optional accessory. These optional adapters will sometimes use the CD Changer port or other port on the back of a unit that might restrict the use of other expandability features. These accessories are typically sold separately.

2 Sets of Rear Audio RCA Inputs
Built-in IR Transmitter
An IR transmitter allows the unit to transmit audio signal to IR wireless headphones.
Built-in DVD Player
Indicates whether or not the unit features a built-in DVD player.
Headphone Input
Indicates the availability of wired headphone jacks featured on the unit.
OSD (On Screen Display)
Indicates that the unit has menus and features that display on the screen. Typically, on-screen menus allow users to adjust audio and video settings easier.
OSD Languages
Indicates the languages featured in the OSD (On Screen Display).

"Multilingual" includes three of the major European languages (English/Spanish/French) plus many others such as German, Italian, and more.

Multilingual (3+ Languages)
USB Input
This feature refers to whether or not the receiver features an input to connect a USB device via standard USB or mini-USB. The USB input may be a connection on the front or rear of the unit with an extension cable for connecting devices to the receiver. Some units have an optional input that allows for a USB adapter to be purchased separately and used with the unit.
Memory Card Reader
Whether or not the receiver has a built-in input for removable memory cards such as SD (Secure Digital) cards or MMC (Multimedia) cards.
Swivel Mount
Swivel mount allows the screen to be rotated or turned to a much more comfortable viewing position.
Primary Color
This is the main color of the item.
Additional Trim Covers
These are the colors of additional trim rings that are sometimes included with the purchase of a overhead monitor, headrest monitor, or other screen.

If no additional trim rings are included, this will show "none".


Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Average Attribution Rating


Stroudsburg, PA


September 19, 2013

Great product, fast shipping! I highly recommend and will do business again!

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Wytheville, VA

Very good value for the money

March 25, 2013

I purchased one of these for my Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, for use with a Pioneer AVH-X1500 DVD head unit. I gave this unit 4 out of 5 stars because of the value. You get a nice big screen for not a lot of money. Had I paid more (say $150+) I would have expected more and would have only given this screen a 3 out of 5.

Quick summary:
* Very good value for the price.
* Hinges are firm and stay where put.
* Nice and thin when closed. Looks like an OEM screen (I used tan to match the interior of my vehicle).

* No auto power off of any kind (including when closing the screen - it will stay on).
* Transmits engine noise very loud though wireless headphone IR emitters - a power line noise filter is needed.

Installation is really vehicle-specific. The screen has a thin metal plate that you mount to the ceiling, then there are 4 screws that attach the plastic housing of the screen to the plate. There are two video inputs that you can switch back and forth between, a single audio left and right input for the IR transmitter (used for wireless IR headphones which are not included), and a bare positive (fused) and negative lead for power. There is not independent wiring to power the lights. They are tied directly to the display power.

The hinge is good and stiff, and the display stays where you put it. It can be laid back so far that screen literally faces straight down. Thus it would be possible to mount this screen on a vertical surface (a wall) and flip it all the way down 180 degrees for normal viewing (I may install one in this manner in my camper). The screen rotates to the left somewhere around 45 degrees, but it will rotate to the right a full 90 degrees.

The brightness is good enough for viewing in daylight, although of course if the sun were to shine directly on the screen it would be difficult to see. The backlighting is pretty even, but when the brightness is turned up high you can see some unevenness in the backlighting wherever there are large black areas on the screen. The resolution seems good, as it is hard to see the individual pixels of the display itself. However, the huge limiting factor with this screen, and basically any other standard screen too, is it is limited to the quality of a standard composite video signal. Just know in advance that the picture will look fuzzy compared most modern electronics because of that. In my case that is the best my head unit can output (it doesn't have HDMI, etc, output), so no matter what I'm limited to that quality. The larger the screen, the more noticeable the fuzzy quality of the composite video will be. I'm glad I did not go with a 15" display for that very reason - the fuzziness would be blown up that much more and be that much more obvious.

The backlight does show through the back cover of the screen, especially on the passenger side. Thus at night, when the screen is down and on, you can see it glowing through the back in the rear view mirror. Perhaps this is only an issue with the tan colored screen and is not as bad with the black housing. It is not a big problem, but at night you will be able to see the glow in your rear view mirror, however I got used to it quickly.

Color reproduction is decent. Viewing angle is also decent, but the picture does fade a bit as you increase the viewing angle.

The audio portion is the IR transmitter which allows listening with compatible wireless IR headphones. I used a pair from my Nissan Quest and they were compatible. The screen has two frequency settings for IR, as apparently there are (at least) two different standards for that. The default is what worked with the headphones I have. However, there is a significant issue that you will have to address if you want to use wireless headphones with this screen. It picks up engine noise really, really bad. There must not be any filtering at all in the display audio circuit, because it picks up noise like crazy (the faster the engine RPMs, the higher pitched the noise, etc). Thus if you do want to use this capability you will almost certainly have to put a noise filter on the power line to the display. That is something you may want to plan for up front while you're installing.

I wired the screen so power is switched with my head unit. Thus when the car is turned off the screen automatically goes off. The good news is the screen properly "remembers" whether it was last on or off. If the screen was on when you turned off the car, then when you turn the car back on it will automatically come on too. If the screen was off when the vehicle was shut off, then the screen stays off when you turn the car back on. That's the way I feel it should work. HOWEVER, there are two big negatives related to powering the unit on and off. First, it does not automatically power off when you close it. It will happily stay on while closed, possibly running down your battery, without you knowing it. In the daytime it's not possible to know whether the screen is on when closed since there isn't an indicator light. That's a major negative in my opinion. Second, it will not automatically power off when there isn't a video signal. In other words it doesn't have any kind of "power saving" mode (at least not in the 10 minutes or so I've left it on to check). Thus it is pretty much a must to wire the screen so it is turned off along with your head unit, otherwise it's going to get left on unintentionally from time to time.

Power consumption
I measured power consumption at 1.1 amps (12V) on, and .04 amps off. That's pretty conservative - a deep cell battery like in my camper would run the screen for 100 hours continuous. However, it still draws too much power to be directly powered by a head unit's amp power output. You will have to use a relay if you want your radio to switch the screen on and off. In my case I simply wired the screen power to the ignition as I had plenty of amperage to spare. Same end result since my radio isn't smart enough to tell the screen to only come on when the video output is in use.

I don't have much to say about the lights. There is one LED in each of the two lights, and they have to be turned on and off manually. There is not separate wiring to allow them to be automatically powered when your vehicle dome light comes on. I did not check to see how easily they could be modified to be powered independently of the screen itself for use as a dome light replacement. Just keep that in mind if you wish to use it in that way. Also, I don't know that they would be a good dome light replacement - they certainly are not as bright as the OEM incandescent dome light in my explorer (which I retained as it is further back).


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Dahlgren, VA


January 5, 2014

Almost completely covers up the hole left by the factory screen in the Honda Odyssey. There's just a small crack between the edge of the screen assembly and the opening in the head liner. It does partially block my view from my rear view mirror so I may have to move the mirror down a little but it is nice to have a screen twice as large as the factory garbage. works great with the avh-x3500bhs. I'm thinking about adding a ps3 or something to the system now...

11 of 13 found this helpful

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How can I check compatibility?
Charles on Sep 18, 2014
Best Answer: Hello Charles,

Monitors like the 9939 are not vehicle specific, they are universal. Therefore, there is no way to 'check compatibility'. You will want to take note of the monitor's dimensions and compare that to the location you wish to make the install.
Reply · Report · Customer SStaff on Sep 22, 2014
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Product Name: Performance Teknique ICBM-9939 TAN

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Performance Teknique ICBM-9939 TAN

12.2" TFT-LCD Overhead Flip-Down Monitor with Built-In IR Transmitter


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Farenheit HP-11S Wireless Headphones

This single channel wireless IR headphones are universally compatible with any video screen with an IR transmitter.



Infrared repeater extends the Infrared signal from any wireless remote to control products that are hidden.


Car Stereo and Speaker Installation Tool Kit

Includes Test Light, Crimp/Splice Tool, Multi-bit Screwdriver and more.



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