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2-Way Command Confirming Car Alarm Vehicle Security System w/ LCD Remote

• Superheterodyne Transceiver Antenna
• Code Hopping Technology
• Starter Disable
• Active or Passive Arming
• Remote Panic In All Modes



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Upgrade Factory Keyless Entry to Vehicle Security w/ Remote Start System

• Accepts Up To 4 Remote Controls
• Dual Stage Shock Sensor
• Factory Keyless Upgrade Inputs
• Start Confirmation Parking Light Flash
• One On-Board Accessory
• Diesel Compatible
• Hybrid Vehicle Compatible



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1-Way Paging Keyless Entry Security System w/ 5 Button Remote & 5 Button Sidekick Remote

• 500 Ft. Range
• Programmable Auto Lock On/Off
• Command Confirmation With Visual Feedback
• Protected Valet Mode
• Remote Panic In All Modes
• Dual Stage Shock Sensor
• Multiple Vehicle Capable



Only 1 Left!

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Additional Prestige Information:

Prestige 2-Way Pager car alarms help safe-guard your vehicle from theft. We also carry remote start modules to help improve your Prestige vehicle alarms.

If you need a Prestige product that we do not have listed, please let us know! We'll do our best to special order it for you!