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Kleinn Air Horns

Kleinn Horn Air Systems
Get everything you need to install a new air horn in your car! These all-in-one packages include the horns, compressors, and all the accessories you need.
Finding the right sound is simply a matter of finding the right air horn. Browse our large selection of Kleinn air horns and find the perfect horn for your car!
Air horns need to be connected to an air compressor to work properly and produce that deep horn tone. Here you will find our large selection of Kleinn air compressors.
Kleinn Air Horn Accessories
Tubing, switches, fittings, and other accessories will make the installation of your new air horn faster and easier. View Kleinn air horn accessories here.

Kleinn Air Horns Information

Kleinn is the manufacturer of automotive air horns. For years, Kleinn has been an industry leader in designing, creating, and manufacturing quality air horns for 12-volt use. Today, cars and trucks across the country are loaded with a powerful, loud Kleinn air horns. Kleinn considers the purpose of the air horn two fold. First, it is a safety measure by ensuring that the drivers around your car can hear you. Where the standard car horn was not loud enough, Kleinn air horns make sure that you are heard. Second, It is for the joy of having a loud horn. Not just a loud horn, but also a really loud horn. For the cars and trucks that have the space, larger compressors are available to give a longer and more powerful horn burst. For those looking to stand out from the crowd and be heard, Kleinn air horns are the perfect way to add character to your car.
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