AudioControl DQDX

6 Channel Performance DSP with 7-Band Equalizer, Crossover and Signal Delay

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• 6-Channel LOC Line Driver w/ 14 Band Equalizer
• Selectable Crossover Frequency: 50-500 Hz
• Frequency Response: 10-22,000Hz
• 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Crossover

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Product Highlights

• 6-Channel LOC Line Driver w/ 14 Band Equalizer
• Selectable Crossover Frequency: 50-500 Hz
• Frequency Response: 10-22,000Hz
• 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Crossover



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For over two decades, AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing award-winning auto sound products at our factory located in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. During this period, countless sound-off winning contestants have chosen AudioControl products to give them the competitive edge. "Can you really win without AudioControl", was part of an article written commenting on competition winning systems? Nothing sounds better than an awesome recording played back on a kick-butt system. Unfortunately, the acoustics of your vehicle can take away from your system's performance. While AudioControl products do not change the laws of physics (although they act as they do), auto sound enthusiasts have long known that AudioControl products "make a good stereo sound better"

DQDX- Digital Signal Processor with EQ, Crossover and Signal Delay

Putting the driver in perfect acoustical alignment definitely has its challenges in a vehicle. In-home audio, it is generally pretty easy to just move a speaker forward or backward or to the left or to the right to help make sure you hear both speakers at the same time. In a vehicle, we are typically stuck with the speaker locations that the vehicle manufactures have supplied us with. This usually creates a whole slew of issues when you add amplifier power, new speakers, and subwoofers. This is why signal delay and equalization are so critical. Equalization helps match all your new components together so they sound great and signal delay helps all that great sound arrive at you, the driver at the same time!

Designed for maximum sound quality and enhanced audio performance, the DQDX is the latest AudioControl processor to incorporate Signal Delay. This process corrects for the varying speaker locations in the vehicle.

The AudioControl DQDX lets music enthusiasts truly "take control" of their sound and receive an amazing experience.

Signal Delay:

Because of speaker placement limitations and the seating positions in a car, it is almost always the case that the driver of the vehicle is in an incorrect acoustic alignment. This exists because the driver is close to the left side speakers and further away from the right side speakers. Thus, the sound from the left side arrives much sooner than the right side. By delaying the appropriate speakers for just a few milliseconds, the DQ-61 is able to allow the signal to arrive at the same time putting the driver in perfect acoustical alignment.

Equalization for Maximum Control and Performance:

Like all of AudioControl's high-performance signal processors, the DQ-61 is designed to offer maximum audio performance and control. All six output channels are equipped with highly accurate graphic equalization filters. This equalization allows for the taming of the most demanding car acoustical challenges or correction of factory radio response curves.

24 dB / octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover:

The AudioControl DQDX uses a 24 dB / octave Linkwitz-Riley alignment crossover to separate the bass frequencies from the midrange and high frequencies. The crossover in the DQDX gives you a flat response without any peak or dip around the crossover frequency. In addition, the 24dB crossover makes the transition without the phase irregularities you get in most other configurations. The crossover selector is exact so it completely eliminates the guesswork during the installation.

High Voltage Line Driver:

The high voltage, low impedance outputs make a huge difference in how your system's amplifiers will perform. First, the high voltage pre-out means your amplifier can reach full power without having to turn up the amplifier's input gain controls. This means you get more volume with less noise and less distortion. At AudioControl they are all about "Making Good Sound Great" and with the built-in Line Driver in the DQDX you will be sending the best possible quality signal into your amplifiers.

General Features:

  • Six input and output channels with level controls
  • Independent Front, Rear, and Subwoofer equalization
  • Fully adjustable 24dB / Octave Linkwitz-Riley selectable crossover
  • High voltage Line Driver
  • Signal Delay to put the speakers in acoustical alignment
  • PFM (Program Frequency Match) Subsonic Filter
  • ACR-3 Dash Control Remote Included
  • Discrete Input and Output level controls with clipping indicators
  • 12-volt Remote Turn On Output
  • Built in Pink Noise for easy Signal Delay and Equalizer tuning and system set-up
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 5 year warranty (*when installed by an authorized AudioControl dealer)

DQDX Specifications:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-22kHz
  • Equalizer Frequencies (front/rear): 125Hz, 175Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 8kHz
  • Equalizer Frequencies (sub): 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100HZ, 125Hz
  • PFM Frequency: 20Hz or 30Hz selectable
  • Crossover Frequency: 50Hz-500Hz selectable
  • Crossover Type: 24dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley
  • Signal Delay Max (Left/Right): 10ms
  • Signal Delay Max (Front/Sub): 35ms
  • Preamp Inputs: 3 (6 channels)
  • Input Impedance: 20kΩ
  • Preamp Outputs: 3 (6 channels)
  • Maximum Output Level: 7.5Vrms
  • Output Gain: ±12dB
  • Output Impedance: 150Ω
  • Power Supply: High Headroom PWM Switching
  • Current Draw: 350mA
  • Recommended Fuse Rating: 2A
  • Weight: 3.0lbs (1.4kg)
  • Dimensions: 5.75"W x 9.25"D x 1.25"H

Check out the AudioControl DQDX Owner's Manual

Product history:

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(newest, current model)
AudioControl DQDX-BLACK thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by AudioControl DQDX)

Specifications & Details

Equalizer Specifications
Type of Equalizer
Equalizer Bands
14 band
Equalizer Frequencies
31.5 - 8000 Hz
Built-in Bass Reconstruction
Line Driver
Speaker Level Inputs
Total Number of Inputs
Total Number of Outputs
Max Output Level
7.5 volts
Frequency Response
10 - 22000 Hz
Input Sensitivity
10 - 22000 volts
Channel Separation
10 dB
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
5 years
Labor Warranty Duration
5 years
Warranty Provider

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Game Changing

The sound processor helped my system. Made it better. It instantly sounded cleaner and clearer. It’s possible using an EQ could give similar results but the unit is almost magic. I found using filters on my amps or head killes some of the dynamics so I end up turning them off but the crossover/filter in this must be exceptionally better. Using the sound app I made changes I may not have considered that improved clarity and removed distortion. My system is louder. The input output controls gave me more bass and helped balance two 15” MTX on different amps. The delay really moves the imaging and moves the subs when is crazy. It was fantastic until I started the car and I had alternator noises for the first time in this system. I moved the internal jumpers and removed it but there is some rumble way down and I had noise once trying to split to different amps. I since added a few filters. It’s hard to accept that mid bass is the downfall of most systems I have tried to build a system to optimize mid bass but the graphs are correct and the processor can dial everything in. Sonic had a nice price and usual there by Thursday shipping but more importantly had it available to consider. Looking for places to install equipment is tough but this worked out well and gives a professional look and sound.

By Charles on February 2, 2018


found this helpful.

Great product

A little costly but worth it if you want great sound

By Anonymous on August 26, 2018


found this helpful.

Best thing ever.

Everything I read about for high quality sound this does. I thought my system was clean and clear but this makes it better. Cuts distortion increases output adjusts for acoustic faults.

By Charles on February 27, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Audio Control

I'm trying to purchase a return label for order #24224933 and just feel like the web site is running me in circles. Can you please send a call tag.

Vocals sound like they're in a bucket, the remote bass knob does not function properly as stated in the user manual. you can't adjust the digital portion of unit or disable it. I'm very unsatisfied with this product "making good sound great" . I have a great sound system and this DQDX makes it sound terrible.

At this point no I would not recommend you! I was told by a women at your company, because I plugged it I can't return it. I'm 60 years old and have been into car audio for 45 years. I know how to plug in 12 RCA cables and a power and ground wire. This is nonsense, installation has nothing to do with my problem. The product does not work properly and even after getting her to issue R/A so your techs can look at it. it's very difficult to figure out how to purchase a shipping label from your web page.

I like to support smaller business, and honestly how the unit function does not reflect on you. but your return policy is not good. I guess I should have used Amazon

there's my review

By Patrick on May 7, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

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