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800 watt Total Output at 2 Ohm • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink w/Sandblast Finish • Copper EE-Core Power Transformer

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800 watt Total Output at 2 Ohm • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink w/Sandblast Finish • Copper EE-Core Power Transformer


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  • Remote Control for Bass Boost
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink: with Sandblast Finish
  • Power Indicator: Blue Logo Triangle
  • Bridged Power Output at 14.4V (1kHz, 0.8% THD): 460 Watts x 1 @ 4 ohms
  • Maximum Output Power: 800 Watts
  • RMS Power Output at 2 Ohms, at 14.4V (1kHz, 0.8% THD): 230 Watts x 2
  • RMS Power Output at 4 Ohms, at 14.4V (20Hz-20kHz, 0.08% THD): 150 Watts x 2
  • Ground Isolation Circuit
  • High-Pass Electronic Crossover: 150Hz, 12dB/oct (Switchable)
  • Quiet Turn-On
  • RCA Audio Inputs: Gold-Plated
  • Speaker Connectors: Screw-Type
  • Speaker Level Input Terminals: Plug-Type
  • Stereo, Mono, or Tri-Mode Operation
  • Variable Low-Pass Electronic Crossover: 50Hz - 200Hz, 18dB per Octave
  • Bass Boost: Off/+6/+9/+12dB (Remotely-Controllable)
  • 2-Ohm Stable
  • Copper EE-Core Power Transformer
  • Noise Supression Filter: Toroidal
  • Power Input Terminals: Gold-Plated, Large Screw-Type
  • Power MOSFET Switching Power Supply
  • Power Supply Fuse: 2 x 30A
  • Secondary Capacitors: 2
  • 1-year warranty

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Great for powering speakers

I own this amp, and there are a couple of things that are great about it and somethings that totally suck!
First off, This amp is great for powering components. makes 150w@4ohms perfect for most 5/1/4 comps. good for powering multiple speakers at 2ohms as long as their total RMS is equal to 230watts. It says 800 max and I doubt very much is would get half that high before blowing. You can bridge it for one sub@460watts at 4 ohms only, do not run bridged a 2 ohms or else severe heat, blown fuses and funky smell will result and of course damage to the amp. The amps features are so-so and so is its performance. This amp is not a very good choice for subwoofers. Like I said earlier its a great value for people looking to power some speakers or a sub!

By Matthew on May 30, 2005


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Bang for the buck

If your looking for a decent amp thats not going to make you broke this is your amp. I had this amp 4 a year with with many subs hooked up to it and it could pound all of them. it blew the crap out of two stage one rockford subs after a month. I had the amp and was happy with it until I decided to upgrade to JL. I had the amp hooked up to two JL w3 for about 3 month and I powered them and they were pretty loud too. But the amp was turned up all of the way and it eventualy fried but its was onyl because I had it hooked up to two subs the demnded about 4 times the amout of wattage it could put out. Great product and best bang for your buck when it comes to amps

By Brandon on April 18, 2005


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Good Amp

If your looking for really dependable amp here it is great power wont shut down has a built in fan and the best thing it's not that expensive like others, not to mention it's a kenwood, I have this one in my wifes car hooked up to 2 10'' audiobahns briged and they hit really nice, she dosent want to much bass so the bass boost controler included helps.

By Ruben on March 15, 2005


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Kenwood 7251

I bought this amp and it pounds like a motha%%*&!!!!! This is a nice amp. Its easy to install and looks good too! The bass boost is tight and and really makes a difference in performance. Bump with the best them with this badboy!

By Vandy on July 30, 2004


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are u guys kidding me

***Edited for content / vulgarity***
are you guys joking on what u rate these amps at. i got the older style, which is diff, but it cant be that much different, and its so f---n' loud. i have it hooked to 2 crossfire BMFs with stinger 4 gauge wire and a 20 farad capacitor. it gets close to beating a blazer with 1/0 power cable, stinger cap,kx1200 amp and 2 L7s. i give this amp a good rating. although i am going to sell my amp and im gonna buy the kenwood7252. i need a lil more watts.

By derrick on June 27, 2005


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ok amp

this amp is far as looks and durability...power output is overrated though...had on 2 memphis subs and it barely moved them...for the money its ok but....spendin this money u'd be better off with boss riot or powerdrive series amps...this amp is ok but i would not purchase another one unless price dropped below that of the new boss amps

By michael on May 9, 2005


found this helpful.

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