LockPick GMX550

The Ultimate Video, Navigation, iPod, and Multimedia Override Kit for Select GM Vehicles (GMX-550)


• Lockpick Updated with iPod/iPad Video Output Compatibility
• Complete Multimedia Override Interface
• Compatible with Select GM Vehicles
• Enables the Override of Video, Navigation, Satellite Radio, and Bluetooth
• Plug and Play
• 12 Volt Output Supply

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Lock Pick

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Product Features:

  • Lockpick Complete Multimedia Override Interface Compatible with select GM vehicles
  • Updated to offer video playback from Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices
  • First override available for seamless integration of iPod graphic output function
  • Steering wheel controls can also control Play/Pause and skip songs on Pandora radio , as well as Track up, Track down, Play, Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind on older iPods that do not have iPod OUT capabilities
  • Enables the override of video, navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and more
  • Two A/V RCA inputs connects DVD headrests, car computers, Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, video games, and other audio/video devices without interference or error
  • Includes an additional third video input for the connection of rear view camera
  • Provides complete control of factory or after market rear view cameras
  • Allows for camera control even while the vehicle is in motion
  • Multi-camera support allows for full 360 degree support
  • Supports the connection of Bluetooth handsfree kits
  • Plays DVDs while the vehicle is in motion
  • Allows the auxiliary input to be used while the vehicle is in motion
  • Enter addresses in the navigation while the vehicle is in motion
  • Search for and find Points-of-Interest (POIs) while the vehicle is moving
  • View all the XM satellite radio text without having to park the vehicle
  • Built-in accessory power output for all accessories of the vehicle
  • Harness come with pre-crimped wires on the harness
  • 12 Volt output supply for aftermarket powered cameras
  • Built-in support for video Bluetooth cell phone kits
  • User programmable makes it easy to disable select functions such as DVD, navigation, and auxiliary
  • Allows you to select which functions you would like the harness to operate
  • Simple plug and play harness uses the factory buttons and switches
  • USB upgradeable to keep it current with Lockpick advances and vehicle changes
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Compatibility List:

  • Chevrolet:
    • 2007-2010 Avalanche
    • 2007-2010 Tahoe
    • 2007-2010 Silverado
    • 2009-2010 Traverse
    • 2007-2010 Suburban
  • Buick:
    • 2008-2009 Enclave
  • Cadillac:
    • 2007-2010 Escalade ESV, EXT
  • GMC:
    • 2008-2009 Acadia
    • 2007-2010 Sierra
    • 2007-2010 Yukon Denali
  • Hummer:
    • 2008-2009 H2
  • Saturn:
    • 2007-2009 Outlook
Please read operating instructions carefully prior to purchase

Product history:

Lock Pick GMX560 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Lock Pick GMX550 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by LockPick GMX560)
Lock Pick GMX-322 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by LockPick GMX550)

Specifications & Details

Bypass Module Features
Override Features
Video Playback
Navigation Functions
Satellite Radio
Factory Rear View Camera
Aftermarket Rear View Camera
AUX Input
Retained Accessory Power Output
Stereo Compatibility
Original Vehicle/Stock Stereo (OEM)
iPod/iPhone Compatible
On-Star Compatible
User Programmable
USB Upgradeable
Compatible Vehicle Make
***DO NOT USE*** Compatible Vehicle Make and Model
Buick Enclave
Cadillac Escalade
Chevy Avalanche
Chevy Silverado
Chevy Suburban
Chevy Tahoe
Chevy Traverse
GMC Acadia
GMC Sierra
GMC Yukon
Hummer H2
Saturn Outlook
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Escalade Lockpick system usage

I highly recommend this Lockpick for the escalade. I own a platinum ESV model and this is a cool feature to have specially with YouTube videos and Pandora playing on the front screen. The only thing that would be nice is that if it would remember the mode instead of punching the mute button every time the car gets turned off.

By ElFather on June 20, 2013


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Waste of Money

I paid over 300.00 dollars for this thing and it worked for about two months. It does not work anymore and I have reported it to the manufacturer with no reply. The LOCKPICK blinks on an off and doesn't work like advertised. Completely wasted my money...

By Louisiana on September 3, 2013


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Excellent Product Great Value

Unit was easy to install. Small and compact so it easily fit behind the navigation unit. Worked as advertised and best of all it did not interfere with normal system operations.

By Ray on June 17, 2012


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Lock Pick in my 07 Escalade

WOW, what a great device. Easy connections. Takes some time to get used to the controls, but well written in the manual.

By Ox on October 14, 2011


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A few more tweaks would make this a nicer unit....

Has some kind of internal circuit breaker that trips out for no reason. It stop at the store and turn off the truck with everything working fine. Get back in and nothing works! black screen on the radio, no power, no sound. I've had to pull the battery cable to reset it.
But i still have it installed and don't want to be without my iPhone in the truck. It is still the best option out there, it just needs a few tweaks to make it better.

By Frank on August 4, 2011


found this helpful.

Purchased the GMX550 Lock Pick for My Escalade

The product worked as advertised. Great product. Very simple to install. One major draw back is the screen now flashes from "Greyed" out to normal. In order to execute one of the unlocked commands you have to push the button when the screen changes to normal. This alternating flashing occurs constantly while the system is in the unlock mode but returns to normal when the unlock mode is taken off. I have search around and no one seems to have a fix for it. I have even returned the Lock Pick for a new one and still have the same problem.

By Bullett on September 14, 2011


found this helpful.

GMX 550 is average at best

I have a 2007 Yukon Denali and I have had nothing but problems with mine. I have had it installed since 3/2009. Coastaletech customer service is horrible!! Carlos, the tech support guy is great though. I ordered mine from a 3rd party and Crappy Coastaltech will not warranty it even though it is their product. The 3rd party said I could send it back and they could test it out? How in the hell are you gonna test it out?

My issues are Navigation is flaky, doesn't work consistently. Lately the navigation doesn't know where I am. Sometimes the Override option in the GMX switches from 3 to 2 and screws it all up. My latest issue is when I connect my iPhone 4s it will play the music but won't display anything on the screen. My other bug is now DVDs won't play on the front screen. I have just about had it with this product.

My firmware version is 1.4 but the site says 1.3. When you check the update link, it takes you to a dead page.

This will be my very last purchase from the USELESS company who only cares with selling and not supporting their product. I had an old GMX 320, and I upgraded to the GMX550. I had less problems with that although it had less functionality.

Sonic Electronix offered an RMA to send it back to Sonic and see if they can replicate the problem. I highly doubt they have a 2007 Denali sitting around to test my issues out on, so I passed on it. Now I am stuck with $320 worth of useless junk. I feel like I am using DOS when using my 550, so clunky and not smooth at all.

I am not frustrated as much with Sonic Electronix as I am with Coastaletech. They (Coastaletech) said since I didn't buy it directly from them, they don't honor the 1 year warranty. Coastaletech is absolute garbage. Stay away if you want a product that works 100% of the time, but if you want a product that works off and on feel free to waste your $$ on the GMX550. Hopefully SonicElectronix will stop carrying this product!!

By Denali Owner on April 10, 2012


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Good product

I would recommend this to others who are wanting to add a camera input or wanting to bypass nav input while driving or bypass DVD input while driving. I would not recommend this to someone who is strictly looking to add iPod functionality to your system. The iPod functionality is sketchy at best when using steering wheel controls.
Pros: Price for options added, Ease of install
Cons: iPod functionality from steering controls works when it wants to, I can start my truck not touch the iPod and steering controls may work press play turn off truck start again steering controls will not work. Next time I start they may or may not work if it works from the beginning it will work 100% until the next time I try.

By Jrdyfocus84 on January 25, 2012


found this helpful.

GMX-550 Work Great!

The GMX-550 does exactly what is advertised. My specific reason was the iPod interface and ability for a front camera. I installed the GMX-550 in my 2010 GMC Sierra and had to place it under the center console, forward of the utility tray and not under the radio as advertised. There is absolutely NO room for the wires and unit under the radio. It is very important to remember that when activate the NAV In-Motion option, your GPS does not work for a little over a minute. It appears that the vehicle speed is disabled or ‘zeroed’ in order for the NAV In-Motion to work while tricking the vehicle that it is stopped. I’ve had problems with the GPS catching up after exiting this function.

Adding a front camera allows very close parking and prevents bumper collisions. I installed a High Resolution 170 degree back-up camera from eBay ($18) under the grill.

Add a blue tooth interface to securely unlock doors, window, and other features associated with the vehicle control bus/protocols.

Pros: * VERY easy to connect matching wiring harnesses and plugs.
* Intuitive interface
* Reliable performance
* iPod, iPhone, iPad controls ported to the vehicle’s touch screen
* 6 feet of iPhone, iPad, iEtc, cable to reach front and back seats
Firmware upgrades
* Multiple video management configurations. Dual back
monitors, Front monitor, Video game input, Camera

Con: * Lack of wiring diagram resources available to connect existing
(factory installed) rear camera functions.
* Intermittent problem not restoring GPS functions after NAV In-
Motion. On rare occasions you must manually return to
normal function.
* Factory “in-motion” warning from top of screen while in video

Bottom-line: I’m very happy with my purchase and the performance of the GMX-550. I am considering installing turn-signal cameras on the side mirrors to compensate for blind spots. I also used the back-up function and installed a mini camera above my trailer hitch and can very quickly land the hitch and ball at any angle with extreme accuracy. I look forward to additional firmware upgrades.

By Maleche on August 23, 2011


found this helpful.

lockpick for my Suburban

I purchased the lock pick and it was very easy to install. It does everything that the sellers say it does. I did notice that the gps doesn't work when its activated. so that's the main thing I dislike about it.

By Kurtis on May 7, 2013


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