80 Amp Relay and Battery Isolator

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• 80 Amp Battery Isolator
• 80 Amps at 12V Continuous
• 150 Amps Surge
• Switching Power: 10 - 16 VDC

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Product Highlights

• 80 Amp Battery Isolator
• 80 Amps at 12V Continuous
• 150 Amps Surge
• Switching Power: 10 - 16 VDC


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Isolate with Confidence

The NXV BIR80 Isolator is the perfect solution when adding a secondary battery to your audio system. It allows the second battery to be fully dedicated to the sound system and does not create a voltage drop like common isolators tend to do. The isolator will draw less than 1 amp when your vehicle is powered on. All of this will ensure that your battery will be isolated with confidence!

Lengthen the Life your Batteries

When two vehicle batteries are wired in parallel they have a tendency to charge and drain one another. Installing a relay that disconnects the batteries when the engine is off prevents excessive wear and lengthens the life of the batteries. Whenever you turn your engine back on, the batteries will be connected without any voltage drop to the second battery.

Product Details:

  • Mobile Audio Relay and Battery Isolator
  • Great for isolating a second batter making it dedicated to the stereo system
  • Does not create a voltage drop to the second battery like conventional isolators
  • 80 Amps at 12V Continuous Power Handling
  • 150 Amps Surge Power Handling
  • Switching Power: 10 - 16 VDC
  • Draws Less Than 1 Amp When On
  • Dimensions: 2-7/8"W x 1-3/8"D x 3"H
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Battery Isolator Relay Wiring Diagram:

Specifications & Details

Battery Isolator Features
Compatible Amperage
80 amps
Surge Amperage
150 amps
Isolator Type
Relay (Solenoid)
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details



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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product but carrier for delivery should be changed

Excellent and performing as expected. However, usage of USPS instead of UPS to ship from US to Canada would save a lot to the Customer. Beside Canadian taxes and Customs fee, UPS charged to me as much as what it cost me for the product is not acceptable.

By Yves on September 17, 2013


found this helpful.

Great product!

I got it from Sonic three weeks ago and had it installed in my car by pros. I'm using it to isolate one Shuriken BT-20 that is powering my music. I started using it with one amplifier configuration. Now I have two amplifiers. I'm listening to music for about 2 hours with the engine off at loud volume and I haven't had a battery discharged yet. I don't recommend using the system with the engine off for extended periods but for the purpose of running a test it'll be fine. The isolator is working. It's pretty small, so it fits almost anywhere. For this application, with one secondary battery powering two amplifiers, it gets the job done. And that's enough for me. If your building a system like mine, then you got to purchase this isolator.

By Ronald on July 25, 2013


found this helpful.


I've had this under my hood during the winter (temps of -20 without windchill) and it keeps working. Easy to use, and small enough to find into a tight engine bay. Just make sure you don't over draw it.

By John on March 5, 2014


found this helpful.

Does what it is supposed to

This item works great to protect your starting battery while playing music with the engine off. I even purposely tested to make sure only the battery hooked to the amps drained down after an extended time of use. No complaints on any NVX product.

By Alex on August 10, 2015


found this helpful.

Works as rated

I bench tested this on load and it holds up perfectly in spec. Would buy again nvx is a very under rated brand and good quality.

By Anthony on August 16, 2015 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.


Although designed for car audio, I purchased this for my Fishing Pontoon boat, I wanted to keep the battery for my trolling motor isolated from the primary battery so I wouldn't get stranded on the lake not being able to start the engine due to draining the primary while also keeping both batteries charged by the alternator while the engine is running. Simple easy to follow instructions, great quality product, and the price is 1/10 what you'd pay for marine-specific isolator that does the exact same job!

By Mike on March 20, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Needed very badly

What a great product, NVX has great products. I have one amp on a toggle switch because the remote switch in the amp is stuck in the on position and sometimes I forget to turn the amp off went I park my car over night and my batteries go dead. I installed this product now my problem is over, I never have to jump start my car again and it was so easy to install. Thank You Sonic Electronic and thank you NVX for making such great products

By Louis on April 19, 2017


found this helpful.

Awesome relay

Have used these several times on various installs and different wiring setups, never disappointed.

By Richard on March 30, 2017


found this helpful.

great value

I recommend this product if you're looking to isolate two batteries from each other. very easy to install you can almost install this anywhere underneath your hood or in your trunk It's relatively small and it does the job very well on isolating the battery.

By Luis on May 14, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

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