Lasonic i-931BT Ghetto Blaster - Black

Wireless Bluetooth Battery Powered Portable AM/FM Radio Boom-Box w/ USB, SD/MMC, & 3.5 mm Aux Inputs

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High Performance Portable Bluetooth Stereo with USB, SD Card, and MMC Inputs • AM/FM Tuner with 20 Presets • Color: Black • LCD Display • AUX Input • Speakers: 15W x 2 • Operates On AC or Battery Power • Real Time Clock Display

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High Performance Portable Bluetooth Stereo with USB, SD Card, and MMC Inputs • AM/FM Tuner with 20 Presets • Color: Black • LCD Display • AUX Input • Speakers: 15W x 2 • Operates On AC or Battery Power • Real Time Clock Display



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Jam Out in Style

The Lasonic i-931BT/i-931BTQ was born with the ability to turn heads. Primarily, because it just so happens to be a "Spittin' Image of his Old Man", or "Old School" boombox in this case. Since the very beginning of portable audio, and portable speakers, the boombox has been a household favorite. Everybody wanted to have their own, and everyone wanted to have the best. Very rarely are people ever offered a 2-in-1 solution. The i-931(BT) or i-931BTQ was designed to look just like the Lasonic TRC-931, arguably the best boombox of all time. Originally released in 1985/'86, the TRC-931 spread like a wild fire. Til this day, it is certainly one of the most recognizable Boom Boxes ever.

Evolution of the Classic. Enter the "Q"

When the Lasonic "Ghetto Blaster Throw-Back" Boomboxes first came out (Gen 1: i931, Gen 2: i931x), it had some of the same features, but had a 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Dock. By the third generation, Lasonic decided they wanted to step up their game. The i-931BT was born. Bluetooth was a fairly new technology, and it only made sense to equip this legend with the new "Hotness". With built-in Bluetooth technology, the i-931 series no longer needed the dock space which was left as a storage compartment on the i931BT. Today, the Bluetooth Ghetto Blaster Boom Box is equipped with a 5-Band Equalizer or EQ, changing the model from i-931BT to the i-931BTQ. Now, all current Lasonic Stereos (i-931BTQ though many retailers still show the old model, the i-931BT) traded in the 30-Pin dock in order to offer Bluetooth streaming, and a 5-Band EQ. A smart trade, and a no brainer for owners of Android Smartphones, Blackberry, and any Apple products with the Lightning connector (like the iPhone 5). Further adding to its capabilities, the Ghetto Blaster is also capable of reproducing music from USB flash disks, and SD/MMC cards for MP3 playback. An auxiliary input allows the Ghetto Blaster to be paired to virtually any portable music device. If all the modern compatibility isn't enough for you, the Ghetto Blaster really keeps it "Old School" by keeping the equally as classic AM/FM radio tuner with up to 20 radio presets for immediate access to all your favorite radio stations.

Surprisingly, even with all its great features, the Ghetto Blaster with Bluetooth still manages to pump incredibly clear and detailed sound. Powered by two 15 watt speakers delivering the quick, and convenient high-quality sound that is so important to modern listeners. Overall, very few portable stereos today offer the superb combination of iconic style and modern compatibility as the Lasonic i931BT/i931BTQ. Of course, these move quickly so don't hesitate to get yours while you can. Don't forget to check out the Sonic Electronix Exclusive, and VERY Limited Edition models while your deciding.

Product Specifications:

  • High Performance Bluetooth Stereo
  • Supports Bluetooth Streaming
  • Supports USB, SD Card, and MMC Inputs for MP3 playback from various sources
  • Receive AM and FM signals with the built-in radio tuner
  • Allows for the programming of 20 FM and 20 AM stations
  • Shows RBDS(Radio Broadcast Data System) text on the LCD display for up-to-date song information
  • Alarm clock with wake-up and sleep functions
  • Real time clock display keeps accurately tracks time and displays brightly
  • Bass and treble controls for a completely customized reproduction
  • Powerful speaker system (15W x 2) performs efficiently throughout the frequency range
  • 5-band Equalizer adjustment for sound customization
  • Auxiliary input for expanded compatibility with virtually any portable MP3 device
  • Headphone jack output for personal listening sessions
  • Built-in microphone input with volume and echo adjustment
  • Includes a full function remote control for adjustments
  • Runs off of a AC power adapter (included) or batteries (not included)
  • Primary Colors: Black with Blue Decal Accents
    • Sonic Electronix Exclusive!
  • Manufacturer Model Number: Limited Edition i-931BT (i931-BT, i931BT)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: i-931BT-Q, i931-BTQ
  • Note: The USB connection on this unit is not iPod or iPhone compatible.

    ***Exclusive or Sonic Electronix Exclusive models were custom designed by Sonic Electronix and built by Lasonic to the same standards as the best selling classic i931/i-931BT series "Ghetto Blaster". All of Sonic Electronix's Lasonic Original, Limited/Special Edition, & S.E. Exclusive Edition Boombox's include the original Manufacturer Warranty.

    Also Found As: Lasonic i-931xBT, i931xBT, i931-BT, i-931-BT, i-931BTQ, i931BTQ, i931BT-Q, i931-BTQ, i-931BT-Q, i-931BT-EQ, i931BT-EQ, i931BTEQ, Limited Edition i-931BT, i-931BT L.E.

Product history:

Lasonic i-931BT thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Lasonic i-931BT Black thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Lasonic i-931BT Ghetto Blaster - Black)
Lasonic i-931x thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Lasonic i-931BT (Black) Bluetooth Ghetto Blaster)
Lasonic i-931 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Lasonic i-931x (Black) Ghetto Blaster with iPod/iPhone Dock)

Specifications & Details

General Features
AM/FM Tuner
Cassette Playback
CD Player
TV Bands
Weather Bands
World Band
iPod Dockable
Power Requirement
120V AC
Power Source
LCD Display
Bluetooth Connectivity
Number of Microphone Inputs
USB Ports
Auxiliary Input
Wireless Remote
Built-In Equalizer
5 Band EQ
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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This is a great looking unit with many functions and features but it simply lacks the big sound that you would think a boombox like this would have. I mostly play music from my phone on the stereo and it's a good thing that my hand held device has a custom equalizer or I would never get any bass reflection out of the Lasonic. I should have researched this product better.... I'm sure I would not have purchased it if I had. I DO NOT recommend anyone buy this radio.

By Mark on February 28, 2013


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Totally Awesome

The Lasonic i931BT Is Totally Awesome. It Plays Any Mp3, Ipod, Iphone, Usb Portable Music Devices With Super Sound Including Am/Fm Radio. It Was The Talk Of Our Family Reunion. Super Crisp Heavy Bass Sound. A Portable Music Extravaganza. This Is A Must Have For Parties, Outdoor Or Backyard Use. Love It. Would Love To Get 3 More.

By DC Carlton on September 1, 2013


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Great for Events, the Park, Sports games, etc.

I really was a little thrown off when I first got this. I guess I didnt know quite what to expect. It is thinner than I thought it would be, and lighter too. The sound quality is about what I expected it to be, above average, but not so much bass. Its cool that it has the EQ so I can tweak it how I want. But the best part of this by far is the look, the features like Bluetooth, Aux in, SD Card, USB, AM/FM Radio, etc., and the fact that it runs on batteries. I started to get frustrated when I really started reading the reviews (of course after I already bought it) online, so i called and spoke with Brian I think, and he explained what to expect. Its not a home theater system, its not Micro Component Shelf System, its a Lasonic Boombox. like most boomboxes, it is built around the features, as opposed to overall performance. As far as features go, I cant really imagine anything else one would expect. It can do everything. for that alone, its worth the price. The sound I would say is about a 6 to 7 out of 10. Features, would definitely be a 9 or 10. So, overall I would give this about 8 or 9. The price is much cheaper than the Sony I was looking at, almost by $100. So I dont really understand what all these people expect when they start trash talking these types of items. They probably buy a $25 MP3 player and complain its not an iPod touch. I didnt expect a $300 shelf system sound in a device that wasnt just that. I am very pleased overall with this, and I love showing it off no matter where I take it! Oh yeah... word of advice... Take the dog to the park, and play some tunes, CHICK MAGNET!!! that is worth some points in my book, and for that, it goes from an 80-ish % to 90 ish % out of a perfect 100! Thanks for your help Brian, and thanks for hookin me up ;)

By Jason on July 23, 2013


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Great buy

We are from the "jam-box" era, I bought this as a gift for my husband. We love it! The updated version that allows for Bluetooth is a fantastic feature. The price was a fantastic value & the sound quality is an amazing upgrade from the portable speakers we were using with our iPods. The service was excellent & shipping was quick! Love this item & happy about this purchase!!!!

By Kiki on June 14, 2013


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Lasonic BT

I Purchased the radio and when it arrived it was defective... no volume display and the speakers were crackling. I would not recommend this item again.

By Nelson on January 1, 2013


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Freaking dope

I purchased the Lasonic ghetto blaster about a year ago and I am very satisfied. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a loud speaker to jam out with. I'm a bboy and I use this when me and my boys hold sessions and when I just wanna go out and jam.

You can hook up virtually anything to it, and the bluetooth is easy and convenient. The only issue I had was the battery function: you're supposed to be able to pack this thing full of D batteries to get it running without plugging it in, but I tried many times and it didn't work not a big deal if you have an extension cord though!

By Rise on September 19, 2013


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great price. iffy product.

Got it for a great price. Very happy. But the radio has a couple of issues that happen once or twice a day. Still an alright radio tho.

By tonic on April 27, 2014


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Weak Parts in This Product

To whom it may concern,

The Lasonic i-931BTQ you sold me stopped working two weeks and a few days after I used it. Obviously, I can't get my money back but I guess this is why
I do not see many of these so called 'boom boxes' out here. I guess I should have spent my money on the new TDK boombox. Sorry, but I was not pleased with
this product. I might take it apart and see if I can make the product better. Thanks for checking up on this purchase.

By AJ on March 14, 2013


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sound was good on bluetooth but dont know about radio because antenna was broken the first time i tried to use it. cracked at the base where it attached to unit.

By clayton on May 13, 2015


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