Rockford Fosgate P3SD410 (P3SD4-10) 10" Punch Stage 3 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410)

10" Dual 4 ohm Shallow-Mount Punch Stage 3 Series Car Subwoofer

10" Dual 4 ohm Shallow-Mount Punch Stage 3 Series Car Subwoofer

10" Dual 4 Ohm Rockford Fosgate Punch Series Shallow-mount Subwoofer • 300W RMS • 600W Peak • Kevlar reinforced semi-pressed paper cone • Poly-foam surround • Tear and fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider

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Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD4-10

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Rockford Fosgate

Authorized dealer

  • 10" Dual 4 Ohm Rockford Fosgate Punch Series Shallow-mount Subwoofer
  • Power Handling:
    • Peak: 600 watts
    • RMS: 300 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  • Kevlar Fiber Semi-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Compressed Sealed Poly-foam Surround
  • ABS/Acrylic Dustcap Assembly
  • Tear and fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider
  • 2.5" Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil with spun-laced Nomex insulating collar
  • Frequency response: 45-250 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 83 dB
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix

Product history:

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Rockford Fosgate P3SD410 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD4-10)
(previous model, replaced by Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410))
Subwoofer Specifications
Subwoofer Series
Punch P3 Shallow Mount (Rockford Fosgate)
Subwoofer Size
Peak Power Handling
600 watts
RMS Power Handling
300 watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
4 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter
Frequency Response
45 - 250 Hz
83 dB
Xmax (millimeters)
10-13/16 mm
Subwoofer Design
Round / Circle
Main Cone Color
Woofer Composition
Kevlar Fiber
Woofer Surround
Magnet Structure
Single Stacked
Subwoofer Grille
Re-Cone Kit Available
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Recommended Enclosure Type
Ported / Vented
Minimum Sealed Box Volume
0.4 cubic feet
Optimum Sealed Box Volume
Maximum Sealed Box Volume
1.0 cubic feet
Minimum Ported Box Volume
0.75 cubic feet
Optimum Ported Box Volume
Maximum Ported Box Volume
0.75 cubic feet
Top-Mount Depth
Cutout Diameter
Shallow Mount Installation
Electromechanical Parameters
Free-Air Resonance (Fs)
45 Hz
Equivalent Compliance (Vas)
10.4 liters
Total Speaker Q Value (Qts)
Electrical Q Value (Qes)
Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re)
6.80 ohms
Mechanical Q Value (Qms)
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP)
What is in the box?
WITB: Subwoofers
Other Accessory #1
Other Accessory #2
Other Accessory #3
Other Accessory #4
Other Accessory #5
Authorized Dealer
Authorized Dealer
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix
  • 3Sixty3 Aftermarket Setup Wizard Tutorial
  • Car Subwoofer Size Buying Guide | What Size of Sub Should I Get?
Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410  (09P3SD410)

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410)



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May 30, 2011

Fosgate P3 10" Shallow-mount Subs

If you have ever owned Rockford Fosgate subs, then you know the quality and durability these subs have. I built a ported box using the recommended volume and port size/length with Rockford Fosgate 500.4 amp.The rear channel was bridged mono, into 4 ohm speaker load. I wired each sub in a series, then parelled the two subs together.
AND of course, they ROCK!!!


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November 11, 2010

Great value

Outstanding product! Great sound.. I would highly recommend this product!


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May 10, 2010

great bang for your buck

The P3 puts out phenomenal and very crisp bass.


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December 2, 2009

awesome subs

i have 2 of these under the back seat of my extended cab ram. theyre 2 days old and POUND. i have them running off a jackhammer 600. the specs for the rms power on these is underated. they eat up all the power from the amp. these are the best shallows ive had. ive ran pioneer and kenwood shallows and the p3's leave them in the dust.


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March 26, 2009

Great Sub

I mounted this sub in a shallow box under the back seat of a Toyota tundra double cab, in an .50 cubic foot sealed box. I have a Alpine MRP M500 pushing it. I have it wired at 2 ohms, and it sounds amazing. You want break any records with it, but if you want good tight bass at all levels this is the sub for you. A lot of people say that it does not go that low but you really have to let it break in. I have had it for a couple of weeks now, and I listen to it alot and it is still breaking in but I can notice a difference in the way it performs as opposed to day one. I highly recommend this sub if you need a shallow sub. My box is only 4 1/2 inches deep and it fits great.


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December 14, 2012

great product

i had these in my crew cab until they were stolen and they sounded great. recently replAced them with the p3sd210 shallows.


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January 8, 2012

Break in and Polyfill helped mine

I put two of these under the back seat of my F-150 Super Crew and this is my first experience with shallow mount subs as I have always had vehicles with plenty of space for "real" subwoofers and I usually go with Fosgate subs as they never disappoint. I agree that these are more of a midbass woofer than a true subwoofer although they can pick up some low notes, but they just don't have that "growl" of a true sub. I am running these with a Fosgate Power 500.1 at 2 ohms which gives each sub about 250 to 300 watts in a sealed box that allows .6 cubic feet per sub which is within the recommended size range. I didn't want to wait til I drove the truck 24 to 48 hours for the "break in" period so I just hooked up a battery charger to my truck and let it play at about 2/3 volume overnight for about a week to be safe and I could sense a slight difference from day to day. After about two months I decided to put some polyfill in the box to hopefullly add some depth to the bass and surprisingly it did, they are louder, deeper, and sound more like subwoofers now than midbass drivers. I also looked at but have not heard the Kicker shallow mounts, the Powerbass, and some other brands of shallow subs but they require about 1.0 cubic feet per sub and that is just not possible in the F-150 Super Crew so I would have to recommend these if that is your truck.


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May 24, 2010

P3 Shallow Mount

It was a little bit pricey, but most shallow mounts are. It pounds pretty good, I have 200 RMS going to it just fine from a 300 RMS Alpine amp. It was ideal for behind my seat in my standard cab F-150. It's not gonna break your windows but it's a nice clean bass you can feel. Overall I would suggest it.


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January 6, 2011

Rockford Fosgate P3SD410

Solid sub for price and convenience of tight space applications.


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June 29, 2010

Great Bass

I would recommend this shallow subwoofer any day. Like other people have said it does the job! So for you guys that don't have much space. Remember less space more bass!


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April 17, 2009

Rockford Fosgate P3SD410

I drive a Nissan 350z so as you probably know, I have very little room in my car for a sub. With very limited space but craving that deep sound that I missed, I when with the P3SD410. I listened to many of the "Flat" or "Shallow" subs and this was by far my favorite. I have my sub mounted under the rear support in a sealed enclosure. The Diamond sub hit a little bit deeper but costs 3-4 times as much. I highly recommend this sub if you are looking for good bass in a small area.


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January 18, 2011

Great Value!!!

I bought two p3sd410. Talk about a great value. I bought one to add to the one I already had and found out that they were different ohms. The price was so great that I decided to just buy another speaker to match the one I previously purchased. I love the way my subs sound and can't wait to purchase something else from them when I can.


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October 7, 2010

great for the price

i threw two of these bad boys in my single cab Chevy Colorado with a kicker zx 2010 500.1 mono block amp and they no questions asked THUMP there an awesome deal and a great space saver recommend them rather then kickers comp 10 witch is nearly the same price for but can only handle half of what one of my p3s can


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February 18, 2011


I have two of these in a sealed box anddd idk about these for the price. I never used shallow mounts before, but because of space i was forced too. It could be cuz im used to the loud deepness of a 12'' that i was disappointed. Maybe cuz of the price my expectations were higher. nonetheless i really wouldn't get these again


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Wiring Guide to Wire 1 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410) Subwoofer

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410) Subwoofers

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 3 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410) Subwoofers

Mono Amp

4 Channel Amp

Wiring Guide to Wire 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD410 (09P3SD410) Subwoofers

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp


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10" Dual 4 ohm Shallow-Mount Punch Stage 3 Series Car Subwoofer


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