BEL Beltronics DWCA-BEL

Direct Wire Smartplug Cord for Beltronics Radar Laser Detectors


• Telephone style connection to Beltronics radar detection system

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BEL Beltronics

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  • Telephone style connection to Beltronics radar detection system
  • Mute function
  • Alert and power indicators

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Best way to install/controll BEL Radar dectector.

I had my BEL Radar Dectector for over a year before I bought the remote wire. With hindsight, I'm not sure why I ever waited so long. Using this remote wire, i now have my dector mounted above my miror, with the remote wire next to my instrument cluster on the dash. This makes it a less visible installation to everyone else and I get my lighter/power outlet back for other uses; charging phone etc.. Well worth the price and easy to install. Install was as easy as tucking the wire into the headliner, down the a-pillar and under the dash. I then came out through the center consul with the control unit. The control unit is now in better reach/view than with the original power cord in the lighter.

By Brian on November 30, 2009


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A must have! Very easy to install, and now with this you dont have to the cable hanging through the dash, very clean installation. Totally recommended!

By Ignacio Corella on September 18, 2012


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BEL 965 Radar Detector

I have owned the BEL 965 for 6 months. With only 1 or 2 exceptions it has always warned me before I have seen a Trooper/Sheriff. I have owned several Cobra detectors & a Passport. I also love the ability to reduce or turn off the X-band. I purchased the remote cable and it allows me to mount the 965 high on my windshield with no wires, no lighter plug (I use it for my GPS without an annoying splitter), and I leave the 965 on dark so it can be silenced with the button within arms reach. In fact I bought a 2nd one for my wife. I highly recommend the BEL 965 and DWCA

By Jerry on August 19, 2009


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Works Perfectly

I ordered the Direct Wire Smartplug Cord because I like my detector high on the windshield, on the passenger side of the vehicle. I'm very tall, and having it on the driver's side means its blocking my view. The problem is that having it on the passenger side means I can't reach the controls as easily, and since the lights aren't right in my face, I could miss an alert. I put the DWCA on top of the steering wheel column so I can reach the mute with either hand and the bright red alert LED on the unit is pointed right at my face. Now I can turn the stereo up on the highway without worrying that I'll miss an alert. I did customize my DWCA a little bit too. The unit has a relatively bright green Power-On LED that seems even brighter at night when its pointed right at your face. The solution was easy, I just cut a very small square of electrical tape and put it over the green LED. Since I can see the detector where it is, I don't really need the green LED. If you were going to remote mount the detector someplace you couldn't see it, the peace-of-mind from the green LED would be a good thing. Over-all, I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with a compatible detector. I'm running a BEL RX65 and loving it.

By Kevin on May 27, 2012


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