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    Orion Car Audio

    Orion Car Subs
    From the notorious HCCA to the tremendous value of the Cobalt series, Orion makes a variety of subwoofers to fit the budget of any basshead. Check out our selection by clicking here!
    Orion car speakers are known for their fantastic sound quality and durability. Click here to view our entire selection, available in sizes to fit any application!
    A beefy Orion subwoofer or set of speakers needs a quality amplifier to supply power. Orion car amplifiers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to match any component!

    Orion Car Audio Information

    For nearly 30 years, Orion has been a leading manufacturer of subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers for SPL competitors and audio enthusiasts. From its humble beginnings in Tempe, Arizona in 1984, Orion has grown into one of the most recognizable brands in the car audio industry. Subwoofer and amplifier series' such as the HCCA have become mainstays of car audio, and the newer XTR and Cobalt series are turning a new generation into Orion fans. 2009 marked Orion's 25th anniversary, which they commemorated by releasing these terrific value-driven product lines. Although they were acquired by Directed Electronics in 2001, Orion has stayed true to their legacy of quality products, exceptional performance, and groundbreaking design. Whether you're just starting off in car audio, or you're an experienced SPL competitor, you can find all the Orion gear you need at Sonic Electronix.com!