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Door Lock Pulse Generator DEI 452T

• Door Lock Pulse Generator DEI 452T
• A door lock pulse generator to convert a positive or negative latching input to door lock and unlock pulses



Only 2 Left!

5-Wire High Power Door Lock Actuator

• 5-Wire High Power Door Lock Actuator
• Used with Keyless Entry Vehicles
• Universal Mounting
• Works With Nearly all Vehicles



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Door Lock Voltage Inverter

• Changes Negative Input to 1A Positive Output
• Change Alarm's Door Lock and Unlock Inputs



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Ball Bearing Tilt Switch (Pack of 5)

• Heavy-duty Waterproof Ball Bearing Switch Protects Entry Points
• Perfect for Hoods, Trunks, Camper Shell Doors and Motorcycles



SmartStart Module

• Start and Control Your Vehicle with Your Smartphone
• Remote Start, Keyless Entry and More
• Plug and Play Installation for Many Vehicles
• SmartPark Helps You Find Your Car
• Uses Verizon DCMA 3G Technology



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Siren with Backup Battery

Siren with Backup Battery • Gives the crook a nasty surprise when he disconnects your battery cables-the siren keeps on shouting for help!



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48" Molded Extension Programming Cable for DEI Bitwriter

• ESP Molded Bitwriter Programming Cable
• 3-Pin Ribbon Cable Included
• Extends Bitwriter Port So You Can Mount It In An Easy To Reach Location



OEM Interface Stinger with LED Valet Switch Pod

• OEM Alarm Shock Sensor Upgrade Kit
• Allows factory alarm systems to detect impacts to the vehicle
• Designed to interface for factory alarms extra sensor input



Only 1 Left!

1-Way Passive Keyless Entry System w/ 1 Button Remote

• 1-Way Keyless Entry System
• 1-Button Key Fob
• Valet and Sleep Modes
• SmartLock Feature



Universal Remote Start Immobilizer Bypass Module ( 556U )

• Universal Remote Start Immobilizer Bypass Module ( 556U )
• Replaced 555U



Only 1 Left!

Integration T-Harness for Select Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep Vehicles

• T-Harness for Directed Remote Start Systems
• Plug and Play Installation
• Works as a Standalone or With a Remote Starter



Only 1 Left!

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Additional Directed Audio Information:

Some Directed CD receivers only play audio while other Directed head units include built-in monitors for DVD playback. Many of our Directed CD MP3 Receivers include remote controls and detachable faceplates. If you need help choosing a Directed in-dash CD player, give our friendly Sales team a call at 1-877-289-7664.

Directed component subwoofers are available in 10” size. Directed amplifiers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Check out our Directed Satellite Radio tuners for Sirius and XM Satellite Radio playback. Don’t forget to take a look at our Directed LCD Monitors. We also offer Directed car alarms and security devices that you need to protect your vehicle from theft. Feel free to view our entire Directed catalog, and thank you for choosing Sonic Electronix!

If you need a Directed product that we do not have listed, please let us know! We'll do our best to special order it for you!