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I'm Nathaniel Victor, founder and CEO of Sonic Electronix.

I founded Sonic Electronix in 2000 at the young age of 17 after falling victim to the unscrupulous sales tactics of some of our biggest competitors. Since day one, Sonic Electronix's mission has remained the same: to spread audio bliss through thoughtful product curation, accurate information, and expert advice. Over the years, we've faced incredible challenges and obstacles, including billion-dollar marketplaces trying to eliminate us, competitors complaining about our efforts to save you money, and manufacturers evolving their pricing policies that challenge our team's attempts to deliver the best prices possible. Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our journey to deliver the best experience for you.

Many websites and online marketplaces are built on a philosophy of minimal connection with the buyer, treating transactions as one-and-done events; however, that's not our way. We want you to shop with us for life and love the experience. Our customers' loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals are our biggest assets. We are honest people, upfront about all our policies and products. If you have any questions about a product or service we provide, I encourage you to contact one of our friendly representatives.

The future is bright for Sonic Electronix. We are entering an uncharted era of e-commerce, and we are prepared to navigate it by delivering the best shopping experiences based on solutions, vehicles, and your specific needs. Our infrastructure and systems are rapidly expanding as we constantly seek new ideas to make your shopping experience safer, easier, and more informative.

We appreciate you and all of our customers and want you to know that we are committed to providing the best for years to come. If you're not already a Sonic Electronix customer, I invite you to check us out. I truly believe you'll be glad you did.


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Nathaniel J. Victor


Sonic Electronix

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