EFX RLC Universal Bass Remote Level Control Knob

EFX RLC by Scosche

Universal Bass Remote Level Control Knob

Universal Bass Remote Level Control Knob

• Remote Level Control Add-on Accessory
• Adjusts level through RCA inputs and outputs
• Simply connect your audio source into the RCA inputs and connect your RCA outputs into an amplifier

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Don't let the low price fool you. It retails for more than $30 in many stores. This is a high quality Scosche EFX product and because we buy in very large quantities, we simply pass the savings onto you.

General Features:

  • Remote Level Control Add-on Accessory
  • Adjusts level through RCA inputs and outputs
  • Simply connect your audio source into the RCA inputs and connect your RCA outputs into an amplifier
  • Cord Length: 1 ft.
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
General Features
Primary Color
Connection Type
RCA Interconnect
Dash Mountable
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
EFX RLC by Scosche

EFX RLC by Scosche



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September 11, 2013

This Thing Rocks

Okay, so EVERYONE needs one of these if you have a basic subwoofer. It allows for such a large amount of versatility to play around with how loud that signal is going into your amp on the fly adjustments. So COOL. Plus, super cheap from Sonic Electronix. Nothing but good things to say about this.


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April 25, 2014


worked perfectly, no problems at all, but if you're having gain problems which I did at first just switch your input and output.. very satisfied


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July 4, 2010

Easy to hook up

This bass nob is great because it can fix on any amp, and it work great just like the higher bass nob


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Big O

July 27, 2010

Great Product!!!

Works as it should. Inexpensive and has the feel of a high quality product. The same product has a higher retail cost at other stores. Definitely recommend.


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April 29, 2014

Universal Bass Remote

Remote works like a charm.

The quality is pretty good but not the best. I was going to mount it with double sided tape but the screws help keep the two halves of the case together and would mean less movement. I used a ziptie around the body and through the two screw holes because I can access the space behind its mounting point. The knob has a bit of a notch to catch it in the middle of its range. Unfortunately, it's a little right of center. Doesn't bother me any, but some people may not be able to handle it. The knob has a fair bit of resistance that is great for dialing in. It keeps you from just cranking it on accident if you hit a bump while adjusting.

Installation is easy but you will have to make a hole big enough to get the RCA connector and the 3 other wires next to it (not a big deal). Plug in the RCA's and that's it.

Turn up the sub output all the way or you will be attenuating the signal twice. I have heard no extra noise or diminished output when it is turned all the way up.

Great product, cheap price, fair quality, perfect usability.


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March 28, 2014

GREAT Product! Great Value!

This is a truly excellent product! I purchased and installed it after I realized that an EQ I was using was actually robbing my amplifier of power (I must admit, though, that I bought this EQ used on Ebay). I have this knob inline for my subwoofer amp.
This volume knob has a solid feel and is tight in the rotary turn. To me, this gives it more control so that you don't overshoot your desired level. The actual knob is metal, so there is substance to it's feel and doesn't seem cheaply made. The size is not too big and not too small, so it is easily installed in many locations. Finally, this module passes a clean and strong signal through to the amplifier.

Metal knob
Tight-turn control
Good size
Passes through full undistorted signal (tested using SMD DD-1)

Slightly loose female RCA connections (Can be easily fixed by pinching ground ring of male RCA's or taping the connections).

I HIGHLY recommend this product!

This Volume knob is inline between the sub output of a JVC touchscreen unit (at full undistorted volume) and my Sony XM-GS100 Mono amp.


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January 8, 2014


Worked great, easy to install. Only complaint is that the screws that came with it didn't fit so I had to buy new ones.


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June 17, 2012

Necessary for any sub install! Great Product

Awesome product. I consider it required to have one for any sub install. Works great and great price. Highly recommended.


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October 26, 2014

Great device

After hooking up the remote I was amazed at the control I had over the bass. Turned all the way down you had no bass at all. Turn the knob up slowly and the bass would start to come in. Depending on how your gain and cross over is set you can go from no bass to window rattling chest pounding bass. Pretty cool.


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September 17, 2013


I was a little skeptical with quality considering the price but it works perfectly. Would recommend and will buy again.


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February 7, 2014


I definitely recommend this product to get the control of the bass, good product.


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August 16, 2013

Works great!!

I've had it installed in my 2013 WRX for a few months now and it works great. I mainly listen to music from my iPhone and I have 40 gigs of stuff anywhere from 1950s to modern music. Anything prior to the 90's has almost no bass, so I have to crank up the bass for that stuff and turn it down for the newer stuff. I got tired of going through menus on the stereo to do it. This allows for quick adjustments without taking your eyes off the road. Love it!!


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February 19, 2013

Gain Controller

Works great for a amplifier that doesnt have a remote gain control. I place this under my passenger seat, under my mazda 3 that has bose, since the bose connections allowed me to tap into the wires to use the LOC, makes it very discrete and hidden well. Keep at max however. Its a good tool to turn the bass off if someone doesnt enjoy that type of music style. I broke it in half, so electrical tape makes the finish looks sleek.


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March 4, 2013

Bass remote

Got this today, had to get another rca cable, plugged it in and works perfect. Now i can change the level of bass without having to mess with my head unit. Great product and great price.


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September 6, 2014

definately worth a try

Hello every one, about a month or so ago, I purchased this schoche bass controller, and if was ,100 percent worth it. The installation was a snap, I pulled put my headunit, drilled a hole in the attached shelf below to run the wires through, then screwed it in. Depending on your audio set up, youll need a lengh of red and white audio cable(name slipped my mind), connect said audio cable to the output on the deck, then into the remote, then plug the signal cavle that were going to your amp, and your ready to rock! I use these to control two 12" rockford fosgste subs, and boy does it make a world of difference, from a subtle drum kick, to the booming bass in electronic music, it can help you tune your music, just right! Thanks for your time reading, and I hope this helped you make up your mind, thanks!


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