Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak (10465)

72 Sq. Ft. (6.6 meters) 9 Pieces 24" x 48" of Sound Damping Material

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• Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak
• 9 Pieces 24" x 48" of Sound Damping Material
• Creates a Solid, Quiet Ride
• Enhances the Sound of the Music
• For use on the Rear Decks, Doors, Floors, and the Trunk

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Product Highlights

• Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak
• 9 Pieces 24" x 48" of Sound Damping Material
• Creates a Solid, Quiet Ride
• Enhances the Sound of the Music
• For use on the Rear Decks, Doors, Floors, and the Trunk


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Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak

Dynamat Xtreme is a patented, lightweight elastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibrational damper. The Xtreme Series adapts and conforms easily to sheet metal and other hard metals vehicles are made of. This material works best for temperature ranges between 14° – 140° but can withstand ranges between -65° - 300°.

Xtreme Applications

The Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pack is great for improving the overall sound quality in your vehicle by cutting out unwanted road noise. It is typically used on vehicles to reduce vibrations and rattles on rear decks, doors, floors, trunk floors, trunk lids, roofs, quarter panels and under-hood installations. This kit comes in nine 24" x 48" sheets combining for a total of 72 square feet which should be plenty for any of the trouble areas in your vehicle.

Easy to Install

Use scissors, a knife or a die to cut the Xtreme to the desired size and shape before removing the release liner. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. Now it’s time to peel off the release liner and start applying. The easiest way to apply is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge. Using a roller, press the mat tightly into place, the roller will help eliminate unwanted air pockets. There is no need for heating the material, for best results the application surface should not be below room temperature.

Product Features
  • Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak
  • Use on rear decks, doors, floors, trunk floors, trunk lids, roofs, quarter panels and under-hood installations
  • Kit includes nine 24" x 48" sheets
  • Reduces and lowers noise caused by road, engine, or any other unwanted sound
  • Enhances the sound of the music
  • Generates greater bass
  • Results in overall better sound
  • Perfect for creating a solid, quiet ride
  • Total of 72 square feet
  • Thickness: 0.085"
  • Easy self-adhesive application

Specifications & Details

Sound Damping Specifications
Installation Location
Entire Car
Material Thickness
Total Amount of Material
72 square feet
Material Use
Vibration Dampener
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
Not warranted
Labor Warranty Duration
Not warranted
Warranty Provider

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Customer Reviews

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Super product from a super seller!

Very easy to order, sales rep was efficient and had ability to offer discount and savings on shipping. Best deal anywhere on this product, quick shipping.
Could not be more pleased and have recommended them to many!

If you have never used this product, you cannot imagine what you are missing! Used to reduce noise, used on auto floor, inner doors, even the roof, now sounds much richer and more "high end"

I even lined the back side of my new stainless steel kitchen sink and now it sounds solid and rich when puting something down in it.

By Bill C on July 13, 2012


found this helpful.

easy to use

Good value to do the whole car. Adheres easily to the car

By steve on September 21, 2013


found this helpful.

When you can, it often pays to buy the best.

I bought Dynamat because of the long term reputation of the Dynamat product but also when it first came out, I worked for a shop that used it extensively and have been a huge fan ever since. I know there are competitive products out there but Dynamat continues to innovate and improve the product. I'm sure the other brands do well and there is room for competitive products but if you're wanting the best adhesion, top product performance, quality product with no foil separation or hardening and flaking of the deadening material, stick with Dynamat. The Xtreme product is outstanding and makes a huge difference when you're looking for maximum sound deadening. Sonic Eletronix package was a very good price comparatively speaking and I couldn't pass it up. I will be buying more from Sonic again.

By JimN on April 17, 2013


found this helpful.

Great value

The Dynamat Xtreme (10465) mega Pak was more than expected. Has enough to do a car totally. Trunk sides, quarter panel side, doors and firewall plus the floor area. Very well priced. Shipping was great and timely. I will do business with this vendor again.

By 69 Mustang S on May 10, 2013


found this helpful.

Great Investment!

I purchased Dynamat Xtreme Mega Paks to completely sound dampen every square inch of the inside of my '03 Ford Excursion. Although Dynamat is pretty pricey, you get what you pay for. As long as you prep the surface before you apply it, you'll never have any issues. I prefer using a blow dryer to heat up the Dynamat before I apply it, then use a non-rolling wide based tool to squeeze out any air bubbles and to be certain its tightly applied. I would recomend this product to anyone wanting to increase SPL and dBs with a stereo, quiet any outside noises (tires, exhaust) and/or have a vehicle that doesnt sounds like a tin can down a dirt road.

By Sean on November 11, 2012


found this helpful.

D'ont know yet

I can not give you an honest answer yet, I am redoing an 89 Kenworth. Have stripped the inside of sleeper and cab and installed the Dynamat everywhere!!

By L J on June 1, 2011


found this helpful.

Awsome Product!!!

I purchased this kit for 86 Buick Grand National and it covered "Every Square Inch" of the inside of my car. Easy to cut and install, overall a great product. Made a huge difference in sound quality. Sonic's shipping was easy and arrived on time and yes i would recommend this product to everyone..

By Ivan on September 26, 2010


found this helpful.

Dynamat X-treme 72 sq. ft

I did quite a bit of internet research and found Sonic Electronic to be the best price by far for this product...1/2 the cost of local retailers. I have an older Dodge Cummins and did not realize how noisy it was until my upholsterer applied this product to floor, ceiling, doors and cab back panel. It doesn't make the cab soundproof, but it does knock down the high frequencies and some of the lower rumble. We drove across the country this summer and was actually able to hear books on tape with our new stereo. I would highly recommend this product from this company. Also, the product was recommended by my upholsterer, who regularly installs this in hot rods that are brought to him by local hot rod enthusists. It is heavy, so if weight is a problem, take that into consideration. The upholsterer applied it in one foot squares. It is gooey (which helps to absorb the high frequency "white noise" and really sticky, so could be tough to apply accurately in larger, less managable, pieces.

By on August 24, 2012


found this helpful.

Great Product Buy gloves

Product was easy to use and install I would recommend buying some work gloves and shears to cut and work with the stuff

By Dustin on January 3, 2011


found this helpful.

Great Product

Really like this stuff, it's made a big difference in the sound of my car. It makes my car sound more solid and quite, with less road noise.

By Rube on July 29, 2012


found this helpful.


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