(2-Pack) NVX QBUS10P

500W Peak (200W) RMS 10" Amplified and Loaded Under Seat Quick Bass Universal Subwoofer System with Ported Enclosure

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• Low Profile Ported Subwoofer System
• 200 Watts RMS
• Built-In Class D Amplifier
• Variable Bass Boost
• Speaker-Level Inputs
• Wired Remote Bass Level Control

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Ported Enclosure Design

The NVX QBUS10P is a ported subwoofer enclosure design. These specific types of enclosures, ported or vented, redirect sound from the rear of the cone and add it to the sound coming out of the front. This effect results in greater freedom of motion for the cone, making the bass louder than its sealed enclosure counterparts found on the market.

Concealed Installation

The NVX QBUS10P features a uniquely designed box enclosure. The enclosure itself features a compact enclosure design with the subwoofer placed in the center of the enclosure. The design of the enclosure allows for the loaded subwoofer enclosure to easily be installed under the seat of your vehicle. This means that the QBUS10P is easily accessible for on-the-go tuning but concealed in a discreet location inside your vehicle to deter theft. The under-seat-design of the QBUS10P is the perfect solution for 2-door vehicles and older vehicles that may not have been designed with audio system’s in mind.

Class D Efficiency

The NVX QBUS10P is powered by a Class D amplifier. Class D amplifiers are commonly sought after amongst consumers as this class of amplifiers tend to be more efficient than their Class A/B counterparts. Because Class D amplifiers are often found to be more efficient than the Class A/B counterparts, enclosures such as the QBUS10P can be scaled down to a much smaller size resulting in more installation options inside of your vehicle.

Bass Level Control

The NVX QBUS10P also comes equipped with a remote bass knob. Controls the mix level of the frequencies in the lower section of the audio spectrum.

Product Details:

  • 10" Active Enclosed Low Profile Powered Ported Subwoofer System
  • Power Handling:
    • Peak: 500 watts
    • RMS: 200 watts
  • All weather woven fiber glass woofer cone
  • Frequency Response: 20-150Hz
  • S/N Ratio: 91 dB
  • Ported Enclosure Design
  • Output Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Adds crisp, clean bass to any system
  • Built-in Class-D Amplifier
  • Wired remote bass level control included
  • LED power (green) and protect (red) indicators
  • Variable Bass Boost (0 to +12 dB bass boost at 45Hz)
  • Speaker-level (high-level) inputs with signal sensing for automatic turn-on
  • Heavy duty die-cast aluminum alloy heat-sink for extreme heat dissipation
  • Silver-plated RCA level inputs
  • Silver-plated screw terminals
  • Input sensitivity:
    • Low Level Input: 150mV - 6V
    • High Level Input: 1V - 8V
  • Variable low-pass filter (50-150 Hz)
  • Phase Shift: 0-180°
  • Frequency response: 20-150 Hz
  • 8 gauge power and ground wiring is required for installation
  • Dimensions: Length: 13.6” x Width: 10.3” x Height: 3.2”
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Not for everyone

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

First of all, I purchased this with low expectations. I recently got a new truck and wanted to add some extra bass to the factory Bose system it came with without doing a full system build. I chose this one based on price, history with NVX products, reading reviews on other brands, and the fact this one has a port where others do not. I will say I am not surprised that this really didn't add much more bass to my Bose system. I am used to doing the whole sub + box + amp build in my vehicles so compared to that this really lacks. If you are short on space and can fit a shallow sub or a 6.5" you will get more bass from those than with this. HOWEVER, I decided to move it to my daughter's car (Mazda 3) under her seat since she does not have a premium factory system and it did greatly improve what she had. The best way to sum this up is if you have factory premium sound this will not do much, if you're used to running normal sub builds this will disappoint you BUT if you have a basic factory audio and just want bass that compares to a premium factory system and can fit this in the cab of your vehicle then this is the best one for the money. 2 stars for me, 4 stars for my daughter, overall 3 stars.

Erik added a comment:
"Mr. "Seal Team Rick" does not understand that the lack of bass or good sound has nothing to do with the NVX subwoofer, but instead it's because of the automatic equalizer built into the crappy Bose system (or he's a terrible installer). As Mr. Rick turns up his volume, the Bose system rolls off (turns down) the bass, protecting their crappy $2 speakers. Because of that factory EQ, any add-on subwoofer will sound like crap unless a compensation circuit (like an AC LC2i or JL Fix) is put in line with the input signal.
I would suggest you remove this review as it's inaccurate and not fairly representing NVX's capabilities.
Just my 2 cents :)

By SEAL Team Rick on February 28, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Wow! First underseat subwoofer

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I haven't owned an underseat sub before but this one is almost too loud! I turned it down of course, but it definitely gave the rumble and bass i was looking for

By luis on February 10, 2022


found this helpful.

Keep Your Expectations In Check; 2015 Nissan Frontier

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

***Update After A Year Or So***
~Just like the previous generation 8" version that I replaced with this newer version, it has been over a year with absolutely no problems. It has never overheated or caused a single problem. Keep in mind I don't ever expect it to make my roof flex so it rarely gets turned up anywhere near max. It may hit the slightest bit lower but still I think the lower frequency floor is @30 Hz. Still a great sub in the right application and with the right expectations. For the money, a real winner from NVX.~
~An install note, the old bass knob that I used with the previous generation doesn't seem to be compatible with this generation. Hooked up the new, included bass knob and it works great. ~

I owned the previous, sealed, 8", 125 watt version. This 10" version does indeed hit lower and is also a bit louder. The previous version I loved as well but would have liked a bit "more". This solves that and is priced fantastically.

The specs aren't realistic. If this hits 20hz then it's at -16db. No, don't expect much bass in the 20-30 hertz range. But unlike the previous 8" version that didn't like anything below 40hz or so, this will cover the 30hz-40hz range decently. I believe the 200 watt spec because it is significantly louder than the 125 watts of my old one. The size is just a hair bigger than the 8" version so you may as well get the 10". Unfortunately, this version loses the subsonic filter that helped the previous 8"hit more clearly. I think the lack of the subsonic filter contributes to the 10" losing clarity in some lower bass notes.
Bass? Look, keep your expectations in check. It's a shallow fit, ported subwoofer in an incredibly small box. You'll only get but so much out of it and that's a physics thing. If you want/need rearview mirror shaking bass, look elsewhere. This isn't for you. If you want a "fill out your system/bass" type of subwoofer, then you'll be quite happy.

I did have the opportunity to audition Kicker's 10" under-seat version. While it has 20 less watts, that's pretty negligible. What it did do much better is hit lower bass notes (30-40hz)with more authority and hit harder in general. It's not losing any volume at 35hz. But even though it's a better speaker, it also struggled in the 20-30hz range. It's a better speaker but it needs to be at almost $400. Or over twice the money of the NVX. The Kicker's price tag is why I bought the NVX. It's not twice as good as this one but a great sub in it's right.
The picture I included? That's where it's mounted under the front driver seat of a Nissan Frontier. You can't see it well and that's exactly the point.
Very happy with the product because I knew exactly what type of product it was when I was shopping.?ó?

By Owen on August 15, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Not Bad

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Had higher expectations but for a little sub it’s worth the money

By rodney on April 17, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

I was skeptical… but pleasantly impressed

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I am really surprised on the lack of reviews on this product. For such a great price I am really impressed. I was looking for an affordable compact sub for my 01 Vette. I took a shot in the dark with this and I couldn’t be happier.
Let me tell you what you get. An amazing 10” sub that’s so compact it’s impressive. Well balanced lows that will round out your system to create a perfect harmony for almost all music types. From Country, Classic rock and even rap like Dr. Dre.
Want you don’t get, a penetrating boom that can be heard at distance. No mirror shaking either.
I’d recommend this sub for anyone with a hatchback or truck cab.
This sub is just a great value!

By Geoffrey on April 27, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Not bad for the size

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Sounds decent would be great for under a truck seat, car seats may be too low to use this. I liked the internal amplified feature of this. It’s not super hard hitting, but it’s decent for the size.

By Drew on April 24, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.


The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Was a Perfect fit in my single cab hardbody! Sounds great

By Devthedude on March 19, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.
By russell on April 1, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Great Value

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Everything about this sub has been better than what I expected,
I gave it a 3 on durability because the 1st on went bad with in the first 2 weeks, so far the replacement one has been great!
Update 1/5/23 2nd one went bad on the 3rd speaker now, do not buy this thing!
For the value I am more than impressed what you get out of such a small compact sub.

By Jeremy on January 9, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Perfect for limited space

The following review is for QBUS10P, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Made an old 87 BMW convertible's system sound great. Factory speaker locations are very shallow so you're only able to get minimal bass even upgrading to new speakers (ended up with Alpine coaxials in rear, DB Drive coaxials in front kick panels, and NVX tweeters in factory sail panels).

Found this NVX because I didn't want to hear my trunk rattling like I used to do 20 years ago with a huge box, subs, and amp taking up a ton of space. Placed it in the passenger side floorboard up under the dash. Don't expect the same kind of bass from a monster sub in a big box but for a strong presence when you only have a little space available, it works great. This thing surprised me and really rounded out the overall sound quality of my simple setup in my old car.

Might throw one in my son's 530i under a seat. For $149 you'd be hard pressed to find a better value for a sub/amp combo with 200W RMS and 500W Peak Power. The small port is a really nice touch that I hadn't seen on these types of setups.

Just Day 1 with this sub so I can't speak on durability yet but I definitely look forward to cruising in my classic this weekend with the top down as I continue restoring it.

By K. Fair on August 11, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.


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