Universal Blind Spot Detection System w/ LED Indicators

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• Blind Spot Detection System
• Installs In Virtually Any Modern Vehicle
• Four Wire System Hookup For Easy Installation
• Two Rear Bumper Sensors
• Two In-Car LED Indicators
• Alarm Unit For Audible Warnings

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Encore Blind-Spot Detection & Assist System - BSD4B (Black)

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Encore Blind-Spot Detection & Assist System - BSD4B
Installs in Most
12V Electrical Systems
Provides Visual
and Audible Aid
Installation Hole
Saw Included
Anti False
Trigger Logic
Advanced Logic Blind
Spot Detection
(fewer false alarms)
# of
2 Front
2 Rear
2 Rear
Available Colors BSD4W White
BSD4B Black
$89.99 $249.99

Blind Spot Warning System

The BSDS3016 Blind Spot Detection System is the first commercially available aftermarket unit which utilizes radar type sensors which are installed on the rear bumper cover of an automobile. This universal kit can be installed on to virtually any type of vehicle, including commercial trucks, fleet vehicles, standard automobiles and RVs.

It comes with two LED indicators that are installed inside the vehicle on the left and right front door panels for easy viewing by the driver. When a vehicle is in the blind spot, the corresponding LED will light up informing the driver that there is a vehicle in the way. When the turn signal is activated the corresponding LED will light up and an audible beep will sound.

Why You Need This

  • Keep your vehicle and your passengers safe on the road
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are approximately 840,000 side-to-side blind spot collisions in the United States annually
    • Out of these 840,000 collisions there are 300 fatalities
  • Why risk messing up the paint job on your shiny sports car?
  • Why risk messing up ANY kind of vehicle you drive?


With the new popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, Goshers systems cannot be officially recommended for installation in these types of vehicles. The high voltage lines used in these vehicles can sometimes produce electrical interference with certain aftermarket equipment (not only Goshers systems) and cause some functional issues.

General Features:

  • Premium Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System
  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12V electrical system
  • Four wire system hookup for easy installation
  • Two rear bumper sensors (cannot be painted)
  • Two in-car LED indicators for visual alerts
  • Alarm unit for audible warnings when turn signal is activated
  • Custom Hole-saw for sensor installation
  • Includes 3M industrial strength double-sided tape
  • LED Indicator Dimensions: 15/16"W
  • Sensor Dimensions: 7/8"W x 1-1/8"D
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Product history:

Encore BSD4B thumbnail
(newest, current model)
GOSHERS BSDS-003016 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Encore Blind-Spot Detection & Assist System - BSD4B (Black))

Specifications & Details

Parking Sensor Specifications
Radio Mute Output
Video Output
Paintable Sensors
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
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My experience Goshers Blind spot alert device

The Good. Device works perfectly
The not so good. VERY expensive to install

By cflipper on February 23, 2014


found this helpful.

Excellent Unit!

I purchased this unit when it was first released. I assume I received one of the very first units available. The kit came almost exactly as pictured, and seems of very good quality. The build of the controller units and sensors are very good, as are all the connectors and bindings. All the critical connections have heat-shrink to seal them up. Everything looks to be plug and plug for the most part, except for the power and signal wires.

The unit works great. We had it professionally installed and used it on a weekend road trip. We were thrilled at how well it worked, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering it.

It's a must have for all the vehicles we have moving forward. I will be grabbing another kit for my other car soon.

By Jason on September 4, 2012


found this helpful.

Worth the money.

I bought the two sensor system for my Prius C. No real blind spots but with progressing arthritis in my neck, turning to look is getting more difficult. These work very nicely for my needs. It would be nice if they added a feature that activated both rear sensors when backing up. Parking lots are getting scary these days.

I later bought the upgraded front and rear sensor model for my sister's Honda Odessey. The upgraded model is definitely a better product, where real blinds spots are involved.

Can't say more about durability.., except the covers on the indicator lights seem a possible weak spot.

Features... The indicator lights light up when something is in your blind spot and if the turn signal is turned on there is a single beep beep to draw your attention.

Installation time at a local car alarm & stereo store was $90 for an hour and a half labor.

By Satisfied on November 17, 2013


found this helpful.

Nice Product with Less than Reliable Sensitivity

Tested the blind spot device today. Good but Angles need a lot of tweaking. They begin signaling when I can already see the moving objects thru my peripheral. The device is not sensitive enough to my blind spot. I'm thinking this can be adjusted by tilting the angles?

addition, the device seems to be send signal when I drive by concrete such as the lane divider so it was lit all the way on highway.

Overall Nice product but not nearly as good as the Originally manufactured ones.

By Sally on January 24, 2015


found this helpful.

Great but for one problem, still worth the money

I bought two for wife and me. They work fine except neither will "catch" when you want to stop before they are fully wound or unwound. So, to charge my iPhone, I have to pull the wires out and then put a rubber band around the unit to keep it from winding back and pulling the phone off the table. I've tried every way possible to get the unit to lock partway wound, without any luck. So far the springs are holding up.

By Bob on November 1, 2013


found this helpful.

Good Value!

Had the blind spot monitoring system installed back in February in our 2011 Infiniti QX56. Great value for the cost of the product + install (total of both was less than $700 as compared to the technology package of $4k+). We had it professionally installed and they did a great job. While the sensors are black and our other sensors are platinum gray, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. There are 2 modes - 1) signals light up and beep only when the turn signal is on left/right 2) signal light and beeps all the time whenever any objects are within 10'. We have ours set to 1). Only issue we have had so far is that it gets a little oversensitive in very heavy rain, but that's not a horrible thing. If a factory blind spot system is not available at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend this as a viable option.

By Eric on May 9, 2013


found this helpful.

Works well!

I bought this unit for my wife's commuter car, and wasn't sure how it would perform. We gave it to a local install shop, and were pretty happy with the kit when we tried it out. It works well on our roads, and alerts the driver if there is any object on the side of the vehicle. I found this handy in close parking spots, where there might be a short post or bush which is hidden in the blind spot.

It does work well for the intended purposes, as long as you realize it will give some detections even if it isn't another vehicle in your blind spot. We personally love it and would recommend it.

By Michael G. on January 12, 2013


found this helpful.

Caveat Emptor!

The biggest problem I had with buying this is that I didn't have the chance to try it before I bought it. Since the installation costs are significant, simply returning this if you are dissatisfied isn't a viable option. Whether this product will be satisfactory is really going to depend on why you are purchasing this unit. If you are looking for something to replace stick-on blindspot mirrors, this might fit the bill. If you have used OEM blindspot monitors, this will likely be a disappointment..

The good: Prior to this, I tried using stick-on blindspot mirrors. This seems to be a reasonable replacement for them. I prefer having a simple indicator that can easily be seen with peripheral vision over having a small distorted image to look at in addition to the main mirror. Adding another image to look at just slows down my decision making, and these can be particularly troublesome at night when you just see lights instead of vehicles. At night, or in other situations where visibility is compromised (e.g. bright sunlight), the Goshers is a better solution. Even when I don’t plan on changing lanes, I like the added situational awareness of the indicator when someone is pulling alongside me.

The bad: this will detect curbs and objects along the road. If the next lane is oncoming traffic, the light will come on every time a car passes. This isn't really a big deal to me, as there IS something truly there. I also had trouble with it detecting the surface of a particularly rough section of pavement on the highway and had to carefully shim the sensors up slightly to avoid this. This only happened on one highway, so I don’t know how common this problem is.

The worst part about this is the very limited range. The range is listed as 10 feet, however due to the angling it will only be able to detect a car once it is about 3 feet behind you. This is not a good margin of clearance. I would never rely on this, or even an OEM system for that matter, but a longer range on this would have given me more confidence and greatly increased the usefulness.

The ugly: finding a competent installer for this is a must. Goshers offers upgraded LEDs that look much nicer than the surface mount indicators. The wiring on the standard lights looks rather fragile. The upgraded LEDs cannot be surface mounted. I opted to have mine mounted in the A-pillar, but this might not be an option if your vehicle has airbags in the A-pillar. I was able to find a shop experienced with these types of systems to install the 2-sensor system with speed controller (I recommend) and A-pillar lights for about $400. Do not attempt to DIY or find someone to do this on the cheap. You are installing a system in your vehicle that isn't so easy to just take out.

Bottom line: The reviews for this have been overall positive on here, Tom’s Hardware, and even Consumer Reports. However, I cannot recommend this product due to it being an expensive gamble and its limited scope of usefulness. Although I have found the product to be mildly useful and an improvement over stick-on mirrors, the cost is difficult to justify. The only reason I would even consider this is due to the lack of other options. The Boyo Vision VTBSD1 has too few reviews to assess, and the Wistron WNC UMD-RT01 is not available for consumers at this time.

By RJ on October 27, 2016

Works very well!

We had the equipment professionally installed. We found it was responding to houses alongside the road, so I cut the sensitivity down. Now it just responds to nearby traffic . If they can add cross traffic detection I would buy that too!

By Hank on October 23, 2016

A great after-market safety device

We bought this device for my wife's 2012 Kia Optima which has a very bad blind spot and represented a driving and safety problem. This device resolved that issue and she can drive safely with confidence. Consider professional-experienced installation.

By Dr. C on January 7, 2016

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• Eliminate dangerous blind spots
• No permanent modifications to the vehicle
• Made for direct connection to HEIGH10®
• Can be using with any aftermarket radio


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