Kenwood KVT-516

In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/USB Flip-Out Touchscreen Car Stereo Receiver Bluetooth, Sirius/XM and HD Radio Ready

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• iPod/iPhone Direct Connectivity
• 50W x 4 Chan. Max, 22W x 4 Chan. RMS
• 7" Full Color LCD Display
• 3 Sets of 2V Preamp Outputs
• Audio/Video Output
• Dual Zone
• Dolby Digital
• DTS 2.0

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Product Highlights

• iPod/iPhone Direct Connectivity
• 50W x 4 Chan. Max, 22W x 4 Chan. RMS
• 7" Full Color LCD Display
• 3 Sets of 2V Preamp Outputs
• Audio/Video Output
• Dual Zone
• Dolby Digital
• DTS 2.0



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First-Class Audio Playback

Kenwood’s KVT-516 is a 7” Touchscreen TFT LCD Receiver with built-in DVD, CD, and MP3. However, those are not the only options of playback; it is compatible with CD-ROM, MPEG, VCD, JPEG, AAC and WMA. The built-in CR-2 tuner features 18 FM presets and 6 AM presets with RDS (Radio Data System) for enhanced radio features. Other great audio features are the 3 band parametric equalizer with 8 preset tone curves, 24 bit digital to analog converter which provides superior audio quality, built-in decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0 DVD’s, and custom high-pass and low-pass filters. The dual zone capability feature allows you to play 2 separate sources to the front of the car and the rear of the car. With a widescreen touch sensitive panel display, 800 x 480 high resolution, variable color button illumination, and interactive video graphics, it makes it simple to navigate through the menu while giving you superior video quality.

The Kenwood KVT516 has plenty of expandability to suit your needs as well. Sirius or XM Satellite radio has two packages available if you are interested in these services. Bluetooth is another option that this receiver is compatible with, this is a handsfree device that keeps your commute safe and allows you to make and receive phone calls without ever taking your eyes off the road. Equipped with a rear video input, you can easily add a rear view camera to your system with little or no hassle. Other awesome expandability options include HD Radio ready, Navigation ready, and is compatible with your steering wheel controls. This Kenwood in-dash receiver is loaded with features and options that will keep you satisfied if you decide to purchase.


General Features:

  • In-dash DVD, AM/FM, CD, MP3, WMA, and AAC car stereo
  • iPod USB direct connectivity via your standard iPod-to-USB connection cable allows you to charge, control, and playback your iPod through the receiver and stereo system
  • Z-Action motorized face for 12 different viewing angles
  • 7" Full color LCD display
  • Dual illumination on the front panel buttons
  • Widescreen high resolution display
  • Programmable automatic open and close feature
  • Selectable wallpaper and customizable backgrounds
  • Four selectable screen modes for the perfect DVD viewing
  • Optional wireless remote control (Kenwood KNA-RCDV331 sold separately)
  • Variable color illumination to match your vehicle's interior
  • Power Output:
    • Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels
    • RMS: 22 watts x 4 channels
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix warranty

Playback and Audio Features:

  • CR-2 Tuner with 18FM/6AM presets
  • Built-in RDS (Radio Data System) for enhanced radio features
  • System Q-EX/System E's+ Sound shaper
  • 3-Band parametric equalizer with 8 preset tone curves
  • Custom high-pass and low-pass filters for enhanced acoustic tuning
  • 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter for superior audio quality
  • Built-in decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0 DVDs
  • Loudness feature
  • Dual zone capability allows the playing of separate sources to the front of the car and the rear of the car
  • Zoom feature for viewing images and videos

Expandability Options:

Product history:

Kenwood KVT-516 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Kenwood KVT-514 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kenwood KVT-516)
Kenwood KVT-512 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kenwood KVT-514)
Kenwood KVT-617DVD thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kenwood KVT-512)

Specifications & Details

In-Dash Receiver Specifications
Receiver Size
Single DIN
Anti-Theft Security
Detachable Controls
Wireless Remote
Optional (Accessory and sold separately)
Peak Power Output
50 watts x 4 channel
RMS Power Output
22 watts x 4 channel
Preamp RCA Outputs
3 Sets (6-channel)
Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output
Preamp Voltage
2 volts
Built-In Equalizer
3-band parametric equalizer with 8 preset tone curves
Display Type
TFT-LCD Display
Screen Size
Display Adjustment
Black Level
Expandability Features
Backup Camera
USB (Rear)
Audio/Video (RCA)
Steering Wheel Control Compatible
Yes (Accessory required and sold separately)
AM/FM Tuner
FM Presets
AM Presets
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix

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By HOYAL on August 4, 2011


found this helpful.

Great Unit-Great Price

I want a unit with GPS and good sound but this one had so much more.
The flip up screen works so well. And cool looking. I thought I would would be trying to install this all day but 2 hours is all it took.
The only thing I do not like is when you add the wall paper you can't get it to come to the front of the screen. Maybe that will be on Kenwoods next Ver. Can not mark Durability as I just installed it.

By David on December 7, 2010


found this helpful.


I luv my head unite Kenwood is great

By Albert on March 17, 2011


found this helpful.

Great Product! Great Value! Lives up to th Kenwood name !

Bought this deck about a week week and a half ago. Installed it my self . wiring was not bad at all but does have many wires that need crammed back there as it has so many options. This is the best quality deck out the for the money. Better than many 600-1000 dollar units. Very easy to use interface. It is a solid unit and performs flawlessly. I use it in conjunction with a 1000 watt 4 channel and some polk door speakers, sounds great. Love the way it opens and closes very solid not glitchy like other units. only problem is every once and awhile the kenwood cable I bought for the iPod says that the video has disconnected and the screen goes blue. Has only happened twice, and is the ONLY issue I have ever had with a kenwood radio. overall i would recomend this radio to anyone and everyone. Only advice if you watch movies on the go , purchase the remote and if you have an iPod buy the cable. definatly worth it in the end. best deck on the market in its price range!

By pat on March 6, 2011


found this helpful.


Installed my deck as soon as I got and its great. Kenwood makes quality items. The USB connection has to be my favorite. No need for iPods when a flash drive is cheaper

By MrKenWood on March 4, 2011


found this helpful.


Got my deck in the mail today and installed it in my vehicle without any trouble. Sound is impeccable and the features are great. does not come with remote but it is still a great deck.

By Diamond in the Back on March 3, 2011


found this helpful.


I owned the Kenwood Kvt-696 and I'm sure this will have very little difference if any. The options are great and the features are well thought out. if you get the navigation its a good choice Garmin is one of the best out there and this deck works great with the options. Recommended to anyone. Just another well built product from Kenwood!

By David on July 18, 2013


found this helpful.

Great product

Kenwood is always solid, most features for the price. Better than Pioneer and Eclipse

By Josh on January 15, 2013


found this helpful.

An awesome product.

I've had this unit for over a year now. I made a major mistake cleaning the screen which rendered the touch screen inoperable so I replaced it with this one from Sonicelectronix. I have the Garmin GPS installed plus a rearview camera and my IPod. The IPod controls work like a charm for both music and videos although it took some time for me to figure out how to watch video. DVDs play very well with a great picture coming from a small screen. Sound quality from this unit is amazing. This is my first experience with a GPS unit and I find the Kenwood KNA-G610 Garmin add on unit easy to use. I love having this GPS unit. I purchased the Kenwood cmos-200 rearview camera and this camera gives me a clear and detailed view when backing up. There are numerous settings in the setup menu and does take some time, trial and error to set things up to your liking. I am extremely satisfied with this unit and I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to purchase a single din multi media unit.

By dmengdon on March 1, 2014


found this helpful.

The Best!!

Just get it!! You will be happy with all the features!!! Just installed mine!!

By Chris on September 24, 2010


found this helpful.


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