SMD DD-1 Distortion Detector/Analyzer

Amplifier Signal Distortion Detector

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• Distortion Detector/Analyzer (DD1)
• Distortion Detector's Circuitry Is 100% Analog
• Distortion Detection Trigger Level > 1.0% Harmonic Distortion
• Operating Range of Input Signal is 1.2Vrms – 125Vrms. (15,000 Watts at 1 ohm) Autoranging
• Signal Present LED Trigger Voltage 750mVrms

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Product Highlights

• Distortion Detector/Analyzer (DD1)
• Distortion Detector's Circuitry Is 100% Analog
• Distortion Detection Trigger Level > 1.0% Harmonic Distortion
• Operating Range of Input Signal is 1.2Vrms – 125Vrms. (15,000 Watts at 1 ohm) Autoranging
• Signal Present LED Trigger Voltage 750mVrms


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General Features:

  • Distortion Detector/Analyzer (Patent Pending)(DD1)
  • The Distortion Detector’s circuitry is 100% analog
  • Distortion Detection trigger level > 1.0% Harmonic Distortion
  • Guaranteed operating range of input signal is 1.2Vrms – 125Vrms. (15,000 Watts at 1 ohm) Autoranging
  • Signal Present LED trigger voltage 750mVrms
  • Low Battery LED trigger battery voltage < 5.6Vdc
  • Auto-shut off timer 8 - 10 minutes after ON button is pressed
  • For Systems running at 18 volts or higher check out the SMD DD-1 HV(High Voltage) Distortion Detector
  • To precisely calibrate your crossovers use the SMD CC-1 Crossover Calibrator by Steve Meade Designs
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

What's Included:

  1. The Distortion Detector (DD-1)
  2. Protective silicon rubber boot
  3. Calibrated Test tone CD
  4. Harness
  5. Product manual

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Customer Reviews

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it was good

it came quickly and it was convinient to understand. i tried it on my head unit and thought it didnt work and come to find out thAt the head unit was the one thAt does not reproduce clean sound. i would recommened this product to those who find car audio a pation. i am a a loyal costumer to this site and will continue to be.

By abquiroz on March 31, 2014


found this helpful.

works as advertised

well built though over priced but hey I ordered it and it performed as it should. Setup sounds good

By john on April 10, 2014


found this helpful.

Amazing Tool

This tool is by far the most impressive single purpose tool I have ever purchased. It's sole purpose is to detect distortion, Which it does at an amazing accuracy and with minimal user effort. I set the gains of both my DC3.5k mono and DC175.4 4Channel, in the underground parking of the local mall on my lunch break. This tool also can be perfect for finding your decks max undistorted volume, which is a bonus for any SQ oriented builder. All and all this unit is solid and well worth every single one of the 15,000 pennies you spend on it. A word of warning, although this is often confused as a gain setter. IT DETECTS DISTORTION. You can and will over power your speakers and blow coils if you just crank your amp to max undistorted levels without concern for your speakers power handling rating. a 150 watt channel will decimate a 35w coil with an undistorted signal! Just keep in mind this detects distortion and not your max output and you'll set gains like a pro. ** READ THE MANUAL, not only insanely easy to read and full of useful info. Meade actually managed to pack some humor into his manual..quality you just cant match from the mass producers.

By Sam on November 23, 2013


found this helpful.

Useful tool and quick

I've always set gains using a tpi440. I bought the DD-1 as I'd seen some verification videos of it being right on with the TPI, but looked much faster to use. Well used it quite a bit now and have to say it is quick and effective. Super simple to use and makes setting the gains correctly on your system easy and fast. One note. I watched videos on how to use this tool and then read the instructions when I received it. There is a change to the new tools when it comes to setting amp gains in that you hook the red probe to the + speaker terminal and the black probe to the - speaker terminal. All the videos I'd watched showed the black probe to amp ground. This has changed and I verified with Tony at the manufacturer before using. So, word to the wise, double check your instructions before using to make sure you have it hooked up right. Either way, an excellent tool and worth having.

By Hillingdoner on April 25, 2014


found this helpful.

There's nothing like it!

If you want an undistorted system where you know how loud you can turn it and blow anything up then you need a DD! It comforting to know that when I spin that skinny knob I know everything id tuned right and I have nothing to worry about.

Read the directions and watch the SMD videos on Youtube if your unsure how to use it.

By Pasta Prime on July 16, 2014


found this helpful.

Smd dd-1 Smd cc-1

Easy to use, works just like advertised, best tool on market for the price.

By Nathan on February 7, 2014


found this helpful.

DD-1 is a scam

This thing isn't what people think. It can detect distortion at certain frequencies. I wouldn't put my thousands of dollars of equipment on the line trusting this thing. I wanted a true gain setter like this thing showed on videos. It works with the frequencies your using at that time. People a whole lot smarter than me even said "I wouldn't trust this thing with your life,but it's a guide". If it makes you sleep better at night buy it. I used it once and I just threw it in the tool box.

By Jason on January 18, 2014


found this helpful.

Smd dd-1, great pice of kit

I would recommend this bit of kit as it's easy to use, and great for setting up my amplifiers, and would defiantly buy more stuff from sonicelectronix, I can't get hold of the audio equipment I want in the United Kingdom, and sonicelectronix have got the gear I want, great delivery service.

By James on July 25, 2014


found this helpful.

Excellent Tool

This is a fantastic piece of kit, so underpriced for what it is yet simple and accurate to use, does exactly what it says on the tin and it's built to last. If you intall car audio you NEED this tool!

By Jarad on February 11, 2015


found this helpful.


if you do any car audio you need this .. super easy to use well worth the money

By Chuck daddy on April 26, 2014


found this helpful.

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