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From stereos and amplifiers to speakers and subwoofers, you will find just about everything you need for a mobile audio/video installation here.
For high-powered systems with multiple batteries, a battery isolator will help keep your system working properly. Click here to browse our selection
Get the most out of your Apple iPod or iPhone with these accessories from PAC Audio. Cables, docks, chargers, adapters and more can all be found here.
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For high-powered systems with multiple batteries, a battery isolator will help keep your system working properly. Click here to browse our selection
Experience High-Definition radio in your factory stereo with these HD Radio kits from PAC Audio! Browse our selection of kits to find the one for your vehicle.
Finalize the installation of a car alarm security system with our selection of PAC audio car alarm installation accessories, modules, and relays here.

Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC)

Over the years, PAC Audio has developed the reputation as the installer’s choice for reliable audio integration and interfaces. They specialize in the accessories that make your installation possible. They have an extensive database and knowledge base that they have created to make it possible to bring the best possible product to the consumer. Teaming up with industry partners such as AAMP of America, Stinger Electronics, simple, and more, PAC is able to ensure that their products are equal to the industry standard. They have major industry associations with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA). For a certified and reliable product, be sure to choose PAC Audio!

As an authorized PAC audio dealer, we carry the entire line of PAC harnesses, modules, iPod/iPhone accessories, auxiliary inputs, steering wheel control units, and more! If you need a specific PAC piece, you will be able to find it here. If you can’t find the PAC piece that you need on our site, let one of our customer service representatives know and we will special order it for you!

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Top Sellers in PAC Store

Variable LOC (Line Out Converter)

• Adjustable Line Output Converter
• Utilize Audio Transformer for Noise Isolation
• Compatible with 2 - 40 watts RMS of Radio Output



Universal Remote Level Control with Female RCA Audio Interconnect

• Dash Mounted Amplifier Level Control for Volume Adjustment
• Perfect For Balancing the System to Change Music Styles
• Adjust Amplifier Gain While Driving



Video Lockout Bypass Trigger for Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood and Other Popular Aftermarket Radios

• Video Unlock trigger module
• Unlocks video playback for aftermarket radios while vehicle is in motion
• Works with all popular brand radios like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine and more
• No Programming Required



Steering Wheel Control Interface for Alpine, JVC, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony Radios and More

• Compatible with most Vehicles and Car Stereos 2016 or older
• Control Functions Such as Volume, Mode and Track
• Retains Steering Wheel Controls



L.O.C. PRO Series 2-Channel Line Output Converter with Remote Turn On

• 2-Channel LOC PRO Series
• Remote Turn on Wire
• Single Dial
• Signal-Sensing Circuit
• Surface Mount Construction
• Level Gain Adjustment



Line Out Converter for Adding an Amplifier to a Factory Radio

• Converts 10 to 30 watts per channel with a fixed 10:1 conversion
• Great for getting an additional set of pre-amps outputs from a head unit equipped with only one set



Pair of Bass Blocker / Passive Crossover; Removes 0-300Hz at 4 ohms, 0-150Hz at 8 ohms (BB1PR)

Pair of Bass Blockers for 6" x 9" Speakers • Blocks 0-300Hz @ 4 Ohms • Blocks 0-150Hz @ 8 Ohms • Filters Out Unwanted Frequencies Towards Speakers



RCA Noise Filter

• RCA Noise Filter
• Close to perfect response of +/- .03 dB from 20 Hz - 20kHz
• Eliminates ground loop noise
• Reduces most noise



Interface that Allows Replacement or Addition of an Amplifier in Select 2004 - 2014 Ford Vehicles without Factory Amplified THX/Sony Sound System

• Allows Replacement/Addition Of Amp
• For Select Ford Vehicles Without THX System
• Interface Is Transformer Isolated
• Maintains Phase
• Linear From 20-20,000Hz
• Provides 2:1 Gain



Cross Flow Fan

• 12 VDC brushless crossflow fan
• Perfect for stealth installations



2003 GM Auxiliary Audio Input

• Auxiliary Audio Input Interface For 2003-2005 GM Vehicles
• High Quality Audio Isolation Eliminates Engine Noise
• Inputs Source From Such DVD, VCP, MP3



Radio Replacement Interface for Select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles with CAN-Bus

• Replacement Interface for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles w/CAN-Bus
• Compatible w/Amplified Or Non-Amplified Systems
• RAP 12V Output



Pair of Bass Blockers for Tweeters, Removes 0-5.6kHz at 4 ohms, 0-2.8kHz at 8 ohms

Bass Blockers • Removes Low Frequency Sounds • 0-5.6 kHz @ 4 Ohms • 0-2.8 kHz @ 8 Ohms • Black Wire Color



L.O.C. PRO Series 4-Channel Line Output Converter with Remote Turn On

4-Channel LOC PRO Series • Remote Turn on Wire • Single Dial • Signal-Sensing Circuit • Surface Mount Construction • Level Gain Adjustment



Radio Replacement Interface Kit to Replace Factory Radio and Retain Factory Amplifiers for Select Chrysler Vehicles with Infinity Sound System

• System Interface To Replace Factory Receivers And Factory Amps
• For Chrysler and Dodge Vehicles
• With Factory Installed Infinity Sound System



Only 3 Left!

Amp Upgrade Interface for Select 2007 - 2014 Ford and Lincoln Vehicles with Amplified Sound Systems

• Works with 2007-2014 Ford and Lincoln Vehicles
• Simplifies Amp Installation in Data Bus Controlled Factory Systems
• Tons of Audio Customization
• Sub Level Control Included
• Retains Sync, Bluetooth and Warning Chimes



Only 2 Left!

Interface Module that Allows the Replacement or Addition of an Amplifier in Select 1998-2007 Honda Vehicles

• Interface Module Allows Replacement Or Addition Of Amp
• For Select 1998-2007 Honda Vehicles
• Plug In Installation
• Retains Factory Wiring
• 4 Channel RCA Output
• Trigger Wire



Radio Replacement Interface for Select 2000-2005 General Motors Vehicles without On-Star®

• Interface to replace a factory radio
• Data controlled outputs for connection to your navigation radio: speed, reverse and E-brake status output wires
• Retains factory installed amplifier (if equipped)
• Data controlled RAP accessory output
• Keeps vehicle data-bus intact for service
• Retains Warning Chimes



4.65" Amplifier Cooling Fan (PF2)

• 12VDC Cooling Fan
• Moves 105 CFM
• Ball Bearing Mounted Impeller
• 50,000 Hour Life Expectancy
• Polycarbonate Construction



3.5mm Ground Loop Noise Isolator Works

• Ground Loop Isolator
• Close to Perfect Response of +/- 0.03 dB From 2-20,000 Hz
• Utilizes Proprietary Audio Transformers for a 1.3 dB Gain
• Female 3.5mm Input
• Male 3.5mm Output



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