Viper 4103XV

4-Button 1-way Remote Start System with Keyless Entry

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Two Miniature 4-Button Remote Transmitters • Built-in Turbo Timer • Dedicated One Button Start • Defroster Activation Output • XCR Extreme Capacity Relays Built-in • Parking Light Flash

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Viper 4105V

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Product Highlights

Two Miniature 4-Button Remote Transmitters • Built-in Turbo Timer • Dedicated One Button Start • Defroster Activation Output • XCR Extreme Capacity Relays Built-in • Parking Light Flash



Once Upon A Time...

There was a sweet little remote start who magically started your car with the push of a button, and all throughout the land the people "ooOOooohhh'ed" and they "aaAAAaahh'ed." The people were astonished and thought you to a be sorcerer with mighty powers and wondered if they could get a Viper 4103XV remote start system too. You knew that if you told them your secret you'd lose your mighty reputation but with your kind heart you told them, "I got my magic Viper remote car starter from Sonic Electronix." The people then realized you were no sorcerer; instead, you were a technologically savvy cool person who understood that a remote start system can chill your car before you get in during summer, and warm your car up before you get in during the winter. All the people then looked to you as their leader and trend setter and everyone lived happily ever after.

Viper 4103XV Features:

  • 1-Way Remote Engine Start with Keyless Entry
  • Not sure which model is right for you? Click Here to compare different Viper models
  • Built-in turbo timer
  • Outputs for optional horn honk and starter kill/anti-grind relays
  • 2000 Foot operating range
  • Defroster activation output
  • Lock, unlock, trunk release and remote start
  • D2D serial data port allows for easy connection to Xpresskit (sold separately)
  • XCR Extreme capacity relays built-in
  • Dedicated one button start for quick and easy system start up
  • Two remotes feature dedicated auxiliary outputs to operate additional features
  • Xtreme Capacity Relays built-in for perfect operation in every weather condition
  • Auxiliary output for additional remote control convenience
  • Viper SmartStart Compatible:
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix warranty

Replacement / Additional Remote Options:

Viper Model Comparison

Model Security Remote Start Keyless Entry 2-Way Main Remote Type Range Secondary Remote Trunk Pop SmartStart Compatible
VSS5000 Phone USA None Included
VSS3001 Phone USA None Included
5906v/5904v LED Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
5706v/5704v LCD Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
5806v 5 Button LEDs 1-Mile 5-Button, 2-Way
5606v/5104v 5-Button 1/2-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
4706v/4704v LCD Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
4806v 5-Button LEDs 1-Mile 5-Button
4606v 5-Button 1/2-Mile 5-Button
4105v/4103v 4-Button 1500 Feet 4-Button
4115v Unlock ONLY 1-Button 2000 Feet 1-Button, 1-Way
4205v 1-Button LED 2000 Feet 1-Button LED
3305v LCD Screen 1500 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way
3606v 5-Button 1/2-Mile 5-Button
3102v 4-Button, 1-Way 1/4-Mile 4-Button, 1-Way
3105v 4-Button, 1-Way 1500 Feet 4-Button, 1-Way
3203v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way
Also Found As: 4103v

Product history:

Viper 4105V thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Viper 4103XV thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Viper 4105V)

Specifications & Details

General Features
Security System Type
Keyless Entry with Remote Start
Car Alarm
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
2-way Paging
Number of Remotes
Number of Buttons on Primary Remote
Main Transmitter Type
Button(s)-only with LED Lights
Sidekick Remote Transmitter Type
LED/Display Color
Number of Vehicles Supported
Number of Auxiliary Outputs
PC Programmable
Smartphone Compatibility
Professional Installation Recommended
Built-in Bypass Module
Replacement Remote Transmitter
Convenient Features
Panic Mode
Trunk Release
Valet Mode
Remote Start Features
Cold Start Timer
Turbo Timer
Compatible with Diesel Engines
Engine Start Intervals
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix

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Works well. Love the robust keyfobs.

The following review is for 4105V, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

A solid remote start/keyless offering from Viper. The thing I love most about this model is the keyfobs. Their higher-end models use these thin oval shaped fobs that people sit on/crush and have the battery door break off them all the time (I install them professionally). Though Viper's newest models correct the battery door issue, they still feel a little too flimsy for long-term daily pocket carrying. But these.... these keyfobs are solid!

Onto the system. It has just about all the features any higher-end remote start has minus 2-way communication and manual transmission mode. AUX channel is there for trunk pop or anything else you want to trigger. Virtual Tach works decent, but I recommend running a hardwire tach for increased dependability in all climates and age vehicles. Antenna range is pretty darn solid. It don't think you'll EVER get the 1,500ft advertised, even on an open field, but it's pretty darn long.

Improvements I'd like to see. Putting the valet button the antenna, as it is in the higher-end models. Having all wire connections on one side of the brain!! And think about the dock-able bypass module idea, like Compustar does with their Blade. Sure make for a nice clean install.

By Kenneth on January 14, 2014


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Good Product

The following review is for 4105V, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

The Viper 4105V works great. There are several options for settings and can be coustomized for the users requirements.

By James on January 13, 2014


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Excellent Purchased

The following review is for 4105V, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

The item was ordered and received withing reasonable time. Item was new and met expectations.

By Ron on June 7, 2015


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Viper 4103XV

Like any other viper, the quality is very good. Professional install is required. Easy to use.
I have always used Viper remote starter and alarm for all my vehicles, I find that the remote for this one is very sensitive to the touch. So if in crowded pocket with keys and change and what not, there are chance you start your car without knowing, of course if you re within the described perimeter.

By Andrew b on September 17, 2013


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Love My Remote Starter

I chose this remote starter because I liked the ergonomics of it. I did learn that with remote starters only certain places are allowed to install certain brands. Best Buy installed mine and I am grateful to have it. I did lose the sounds of the remote lock/unlock and also my car alarm. However, I would trade that for having a remote starter, especially during the winter, any day. You do have to make sure that you turn the key in the ignition on otherwise the car will die and you have to restart.

By KA on March 11, 2013


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Good buy

I bought this as a gift for my aunt. She finds it very easy to use and love the control design. She parks far from where she works so the range is good enough for her. I recommend this product to those who want an easy and simple remote starter.

By Jose on February 8, 2012


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By ME on January 15, 2013


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do i need anything else with this product...transponder

i own a 2000 monte carlo lx i purchased a 4103xv viper remote starter what else do i need. i heard you need a bypass module.

By joe bengal on December 2, 2012


found this helpful.

Solid remote starter, but don't expect any help from Directed Electronics Customer Service.

This remote starter is a great value with all the necessary functions that most people desire. Great transmit range on the FOBs.

I installed this remote starter on my 2010 Focus. This was a simple installation on my Focus (once I was able to locate the vehilce's wire locations). That part took me longer than expected since this was my 1st remote starter installation.

I paired this Viper 4103XV with the Omega OL-MDB-ALL bypass module. After performing the 3rd remote start (so that I could verify the safety shutdown operations) the engine shut off and set off the car alarm. I noticed that the LED light on the Omega had gone off. The Viper was no longer communicating with the Omega module.

The customer support for Omega is terrific! They were able to help me determin that the data bus from the Viper remote start was not sending good data to the Omega bypass module. I had to remove the data mode cable and install the hardwire connector.

FYI: If you ever need to know which wire from the Viper 4103XV remote starter is the "grounded while running" ouput: It is the BLUE wire (Pin #1) on the 4-pin satellite harness. It is labeled "(-) 200mA STATUS OUTPUT". You will need to connect this wire to the Omega's "grounded while running" input when using the hardwire mode.

By James on November 13, 2013


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Great basic Remote Start

I purchased this Viper Remote Start for my 2007 Honda Ridgeline. Had it professionally installed with no problems. I've had it since 12/12 and it works every time! Turns off after 12 mins to save fuel, unlocks and locks my doors and the anti-theft devise is a blessing. Several times I have forgotten to turn the key in the ignition and the engine stalls out as it's suppose to do so you don't have to worry about someone stealing your vehicle. I am very pleased with this remote start and the brand is excellent.

By Patricia on June 15, 2013


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